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How Much Does Gynecomastia Surgery Cost?

Male gynecomastia corresponds to a large breast on one side (unilateral) or both (bilateral). True gynecomastia linked to abnormal development of the mammary gland. The abnormal development of the mammary gland in humans is identifiable by a firm consistency on palpation. More dense, it develops around the areola. Corrective surgery then consists of removing the mammary gland.

False gynecomastia that contains only fat (adipomastia), more common in overweight men. In this case, the corrective surgery involves sucking up the excess fat. Because we often see gynecomastia associated with adipomasties, we talk about adipo-gynecomastia. The corrective surgery then consists of liposuction of the excess fat cells and removal of the mammary gland.

A report will make it possible to precisely research the cause of this problem (hormonal imbalance, taking medication). If this is identified, appropriate treatment will be initiated. But sometimes, the origin remains mysterious, we speak of idiopathic gynecomastia. Restorative surgery can be performed for the correction of gynecomastia if the cause remains unidentified or the medical treatment has not allowed a total regression of the volume of the chest.

Points To Consider For Affordable Gynecomastia Surgery

Your search for finding a good plastic surgeon will probably start on the internet. You can view websites from different clinics. It is often possible to see before and after photos. It is wise to find out how many similar procedures a plastic surgeon has already performed. You can also try to identify the professional groups or labels that a plastic surgeon is affiliated with. In addition, it is useful to read experiences from people who have previously undergone a similar procedure.

Factors Determining Gynecomastia Surgery Cost

The costs for a breast reduction for men are more than between two thousand and four thousand euros. The price for the procedure differs per clinic and per plastic surgeon and depends on various factors. It is advisable to compare the prices of different clinics in advance. However, it is unwise to let the costs for the operation ultimately determine the choice of a plastic surgeon or clinic. When you wonder how the costs of a treatment are structured, you can always inquire about this, for example during a consultation.

Actual Gynecomastia Surgery Cost

Social Security’s management of true gynecomastia (therefore glandular or mixed gynecomastia) is possible under certain conditions: when it is accused gynecomastia after puberty, diagnosed after performing an endocrine assessment when it causes psychological or sexual discomfort (more easily recognized in case of unilateral gynecomastia, pain …). The price for such an operation can vary from 2500 to 5000 euros. If it is supported, the expenses of your remaining costs may nevertheless be reimbursed by the mutual. Ask your surgeon and ask for a quote.

Reimbursement of Gynecomastia Surgery Cost

If there is a medical necessity for this procedure, it will be reimbursed in a number of cases from the (additional) health insurance policy. This must be granted in advance or by permission from the health insurer. In most cases, a referral from a general practitioner or specialist is also required. If you think you can claim a reimbursement, it is important to find out in advance whether this is indeed the case and, if so, under what conditions. To know more about gynecomastia surgical procedure, visit our page.


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