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Gynecomastia Diet To Lose Man Boobs

For a man, his dignity is the most important thing in his life. It gets very stressful when someone hurts your pride. In Gynecomastic condition, man boobs play the role of hurting your dignity and leading you to live a life affected by social embarrassment. Well, you can get your dignity back by eliminating your male breast. Though there are lots of choices for eliminating gynecomastia but its important to find out the most effective and safest solution. One such solution for male breast reduction is gynecomastia diet.

Man boobs and obesity – They are related

Many men think that all gynecomastia cases are due to obesity but it’s not the case. There are primarily two causes of gynecomastia or man boobs, hormonal imbalance, and obesity. Talking about the first one, hormonal imbalance is a medical concern that causes an enlargement in man boobs through a decrease in the production of testosterone and increased production of the female hormone, estrogen.

The second thing that can cause man boobs is obesity. As we all know that obesity is caused due to excess deposition of fat in the body. Similarly, in most men, during obesity, the generation of fatty tissue increases in the chest area that results in man boobs. This type of man boobs is called pseudogynecomastia. This can be easily treated through diet and exercise.

Will chest fat diet to lose man boobs work for me?

If your man boobs are due to obesity then it’s sure that you can get rid of it easily through diet. But if the condition is due to hormonal imbalance, then diet cannot help you enough to eliminate it. In that case, you will need to see a doctor for an examination and then he will guide you for the appropriate solution.

Most doctors suggest you to go with prescribed medication or with surgery because they can cash you for your condition. Where surgery is a costly option, prescribed pills are not safe to consume as they can revert back to you with other health conditions. Therefore if you are suffering from gynecomastia due to hormonal imbalance, it is better to opt for herbal supplements.

How to reduce chest fat by gynecomastia diet

As we know by now that man boobs caused by obesity can be cured through diet, here are some pointers and guideline to follow for a gynecomastia diet.

Limit calorie intake

Limit calorie intake

Calorie count sounds very scary to most of us but its good to limit for healthy wellbeing. It is important to know what the limit of daily calorie intake is and manage your eating habit accordingly. For men, the daily necessity of calorie is around 1200-1600 for proper functioning. Eating within this recommended limit assures that you are going to maintain your weight and live healthily. Taking fewer calories than the recommended scale will make you lose weight or underweight. Therefore it is important to know the calorie value of what are you putting in mouth. This calorie management will help you shed excess fat from your body and even from your chest area.

Avoid packed, deep-fried and processed foods

deep-fried and processed foods

There is no doubt that packed, deep-fried and processed foods contain a very high level of fat and eating these regularly will only help fatty tissues to accommodate in your body. These types of food are also very high in estrogen, the main culprit for developing man boobs. Cutting off these foods from your diet will help you to eliminate male breast from your life.

Avoid excess sugar

Avoid excess sugar

Most of us love including sugar in our daily diet. Though a limited intake of sugar is not harmful but crossing the limit will cost you seriously. Most of us love to eat pasta and white bread regularly and if so is the case with you, no doubt you are going to develop man boobs. Sugar in our food turns into carbohydrates causing the production of fat in the body, most probably in the chest area. Keep yourself away from foods that contain elements with β€œose” extension, such as glucose and fructose. Cutting down sugar intake to very low will surely help you to cut down fat in the chest area.

Protein rich foods

Protein rich foods

Another major cause of fat deposition in the chest area is starch. Starchy foods like rice and wheat are responsible for the development of the male breast. It is important for you to move away from these foods and add protein-rich foods to your diet. Fish, poultry and lean meat are a very good protein source. Protein unlike carbohydrate burn very quickly and does not turn into fat. Protein also helps in improving the metabolic process that boost the burning of excess fat.

Foods that enhance man boobs and the best diet to lose man breasts

By now you might have known that what type of foods is beneficial and what type of foods are ridiculous for gynecomastia. Here is a list of foods that you need to avoid and foods that you need to add to your diet if you are suffering from man boobs.

Which chest fat diet to avoid – Carrots, oats, rice, soybeans, chickpeas, eggplant, eggs, parsley, potatoes, yams, pumpkin, apples, barley, red beans, tomatoes, cherries, olive oil, dates, cucumbers, peppers, wheat, and plums. Please note that avoid these foods doesn’t mean that permanently removing them from your diet; rather you can take them but regulated and less quantity.

Which chest fat diet to add – Watermelon seeds, crab, egg yolks, turkey, brown rice, salmon, lima beans, spinach, dark chocolate, shrimp, beef liver, lobster, peanuts, squash seeds and lean beef. Remember that not to take these foods in an abusive manner as the excess of even good thing can cost you seriously.

Find Out More Options To Eliminate Gynecomastia

If you think that you cannot cope up with these diet tips for gynecomastia and want other treatment options to eliminate it, then you can visit our homepage. Over there you can find out other treatment options for gynecomastia such as man boobs exercises, surgical procedures, supplements, and many more.


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