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Best Man Boobs Exercise To Fight Gynecomastia

Most men suffering from gynecomastia frequently ask one common question, what are the best gynecomastia exercises to lose man breasts. This question is the most searched question on the internet for gynecomastia. Many males find it very hard to lose man boobs. They have various options such as pills, creams, surgery, diet, and exercises. But most of them get confused about which one will be best to follow. Either they don’t have enough to invest in the costly surgical procedure or either they want to try no-cost home remedies before they put their money in supplements and creams. No matter what the reason may be, but gynecomastia exercise is the most preferred and initial solution for men suffering from male breast. Here in this article, I will brief you the top 5 best exercises for gynecomastia.

Best Man Boobs Exercise To Fight Gynecomastia

Best Man Boobs Exercise To Fight Gynecomastia

What are the best gynecomastia exercises for man boobs reduction?

We all know that exercises are the best way to keep yourself healthy and fit. Workouts help to increase the metabolism that burns down the excess fat in the body and regulates the blood circulation in cells and muscles to keep our body healthy and fit. Similarly, there are some specific exercises for moobs that are recommended by fitness experts to eliminate gynecomastia caused by deposition of excess fat in the chest area. Here are the top five recommended and approved gynecomastia exercises.


Exercises to lose man boobs #1 – Dumbell Pullover

Dumbell Pullover


Dumbbell pullover, the classic chest exercise, is the most prominent workout for losing chest fat. Even it is recommended and praised by a huge personality, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Let’s find out how to perform it. Lie down yourself flat with back on a bench. Now hold a medium weight (prefer low weight if feeling uncomfortable) dumbbell above the chest and slightly bend your elbows. Slowly low down the dumbbell over your head and perform this slowly to feel the stretch in your chest. Continue this exercise for three weeks in 3 sets with 10-12 reps in each.

Male breast reduction exercise #2 – Incline Bench Dumbbell Press

Incline Bench Dumbbell Press


It is another excellent chest exercise to lose fat from your upper chest. Appropriately performed will lead to enormous pressure on the chest. To accomplish this exercise, position yourself inclined on the bench. Hold low or medium weight dumbbells with a regular grip. Now press the dumbbell upward and breathe in while going up and release while coming down. Perform the process slowly to avoid any jerk or muscle malfunction. Continue this exercise for three weeks in 3 sets with 10-12 reps in each.


Best exercise to lose moobs #3 – Incline Barbell Bench Press

Incline Barbell Bench Press


This is again one of the most prominent chest exercises to eliminate chest fat. While most of you might question what’s different in it from regular bench press. Please note that incline barbell bench press focuses on your upper chest which regular bench press doesn’t do. To perform this, push the barbell upside and let your upper chest feel the pressure. Breathe inside while going up and release while coming down. Perform this in 3 sets of 10-12 reps for three weeks. But make sure to do it slowly.

Exercise to reduce man boobs #4 – Smith Machine Incline Bench Press

Smith Machine Incline Bench Press


Another most excellent chest exercise is the Smith Machine Incline Bench Press. It is specially designed to lose weight, but it is too useful in losing man boobs. Get an adjustable bench and place it under the machine. Hold the barbell slightly wider than your shoulder width. Slowly bring down the barbell without touching your chest. Now push the barbell upward with similar breathing process. The sets of 3 with 10-12 reps are suitable to perform.

Best Gyno Exercise #5 – Decline Push Ups

Decline Push Ups


It is a simple and effective classic exercise for losing chest fat. It is quite similar to regular push-ups; the only thing different is that legs rest on a raised platform. While performing decline push-ups, make sure that your back is straight and flat. Place your hands slightly wider than shoulder width. You can also adjust your width by going more wider for more effect on your chest. Same sets of 3 with 10-12 reps for three weeks is to be done.


Frequently Asked Questions About Exercise To Reduce Man Breast

gynecomastia faqs

One last thing before we look at the specific exercise to reduce moobs. Let’s go through some of the frequently asked questions about doing these exercises to eliminate man boobs including how to do them, about gynecomastia dieting as well as ways to speed up chest fat loss.

Q: Is it essential to diet while going with exercise to remove man breast?

Yes, it is essential because exercise and diet both are relative to each other. Only doing workouts and following your regular eating habit of fatty foods will restrict your workout results. A healthy, protein-rich diet with a regular gynecomastia exercise program will deliver you prominent results.

Q: Will using heavy weights in exercise for man breast deliver quick results?

This is a widespread misconception between most of us. It is irrelevant that using heavyweight will deliver fast results; instead, it may affect you adversely. Use low or medium weight initially to make your body compatible with it. Putting heavyweights initially will strike your muscles causing muscle tear, pain, and uneven shape.

Q: Do I need to work out only for chest?

Most people think that spot special exercises are to reduce the flaws in the affected area but it not right. It is essential also to perform some exercises for another body part. Focus mainly on chest exercises but also consider playing for others. Start your workout with warm-up such as skipping, jogging and cardio.

Other Options To Fight Man Boobs

Though exercises for male breast reduction are a good option, they are extensive and require a lot of effort and hard work. Therefore, if you think that you cannot sweat hard at the gym, then you can check out our homepage where you can find various other treatment options that easy and affordable to follow.


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