Gynexin Review – Get Rid Of Moobs without Costly Surgery

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Hi folks! David here and I am very happy to see you here on my site and this post is on my usage experience and Gynexin review. I am actively involved in the health and fitness industry for five years now. I took Gynexin Alpha Formula for a year and it helped me lose chest fat and developing a masculine chest. When I first came across this gyno pills, I was a little apprehensive of the claims made by the Vendors. But once I started using it and off course coupled it with the proper fat burning workouts for men, the results were surprising for me.


Gynexin review

About Gynexin Male Breast Reduction Pills

A vast Majority of  men, right from puberty are found suffering from man boobs or male breasts in their lifetime. These men are always on the look out of methods that can help them in getting rid of gynecomastia mainly because of the embarrassment it causes. Surgery is a permanent solution for the problem but then most cannot afford due to high cost of gynecomastia surgery and they end up againg thinking of how to get rid of gynecomastia. The good news for these men is that there are options available in the form of Gynexin pills.


According to Gynexin reviews, it is an all-natural supplement available as capsules and is specifically designed to abolish and reduce Gynecomastia and pseudogynecomastia. This product works by targeting the fatty tissues found in the male chest cauing puffy nipples. Several studies carried out on this formula have come up with results showing that this product generally targets the fats or the adipose tissues resulting in reduction of man boobs, both in quantity and size.


The positive Gynexin results can be seen in three weeks time which is actually an impressive timeline. With Gynexin, you can remain assured of getting the best solution to your problem. I myself had been trying several therapies all proving ineffective, only to finally switch to this product and find out its amazing benefits. It is quite powerful but mild at the same time because of its organic content.


Gynexin Possitive Effects Include
Complete reduction in body fat

Elimination of male breasts without undergoing surgery

Decrease in embarrassment and awkwardness with bare upper body

Painless solution

Results without any scars

Complete riddance from health issues which are a result of excess chest fat settlement

Every individual looking to absolve the question, how to burn chest fat, without undergoing a strict diet routine and without exercising extensively can try Gynexin chest fat burner pills.


All those men who sarcastically wonder about the impressive results fetched from the product can go through Gynexin reviews available online. However, my unbiased Gynexin review would prove to be highly beneficial and useful.


Does Gynexin Work?

Does gynexin Work


The results of using Gynexin cannot be expected overnight. However, if you are not sure that does Gynexin really work then I can assure you with one word, Yes. Results differ according to different cases. If my review of the product is taken into consideration then I would suggest this product is for every guy suffering from Gynecomastia. This is because it works effectively towards reducing male breasts provided it is used in the right manner and as per directions of use.


While I cannot deny or confirm the success that comes from using this product, the only evidence that I can provide is that it surely worked for me. The assurance coming from me as a user should be and has been acknowledged amongst clients. Gynexin works and it works effectively only if you consider taking the capsules continuously before dinner and breakfast without any breaks in usage. It will just take three weeks time to find those fatty tissues disappearing without any side effects, scars or harsh therapy.


My Personal Experience with Gynexin

There has been a lot of talk in the recent times about Gynexin alpha formula which is an all-new gynecomastia pills that work on eliminating chest fat. As a fitness enthusiast and as a specialist involved in the health industry, I always recommend my clients to remain aware of the magic pill scams practically taking the market by storm. It is only because of this reason that some of my clients might be a little indecisive when it comes to buying this product.


Being a sufferer of Gynecomastia myself and having gone through the embarrassment and the stress that comes from this condition, I would highly recommend this product as one of the best breast reduction pills for men.


Gynexin review


For the ones who are in the look out of genuine and informative Gynexin reviews, I am here sharing my experiences. This Gynexin review is completely based on the personal experience that I had using the product as someone suffering from Gynecomastia- a condition characterized by male breasts or man boobs. The extra fat that accumulates on the chest is not only embarrassing but it also results in sheer agony, stress, constant nagging thoughts and loss of self-confidence.


I was experiencing every stigma attached with moobs imaginable. I am sure that of all the Gynexin reviews available online, you will find my unbiased review helpful. It would prove to be useful for you when it comes to making the decision of buying this product. My main objective behind writing this review is walking you through the facts about this product including its work procedure, ingredients, advantages, recommended dosage and even the frequently asked questions. Remember that it is just a simple review for the pseudo gynecomastia pills Gynexin based on my usage experience and benefits and has no intentions of making sales.


This product is by no means a kind of magic pill and it never claims to be so. The use of Gynexin requires that you still remain conscious of your diet while implementing an effective workout regime for reducing your male breasts. From my personal experience, I can tell you that it works surprisingly fast and brings out positive results for its users within a time span of three week.


Three weeks into using this product as per the guidelines, my chest fat reduced visibly and I was left with super charged results. Initially, I would see the results directly in the mirror after having a shower. Later, I took note of the huge difference that Gynexin had made into my appearance and my life when I started wearing clingy clothing. Previously, my puffy male breasts would show through but they could hardly be made out anymore. You will not be able to imagine the peace of mind and the relief that I felt. I made good progress and was successful in beating Gynecomastia, all thanks to Gynexin.


Gynexin Pros And Cons

Pros: Why You Should Buy the Product

Some of the most important benefits fetched from the use of Gynexin include:

  • It does not require an individual to go through any medical surgery or invasive procedure for eliminating his chest fat.
  • This product is easy to use. Just have the capsules thrice a day.
  • You can keep using the herbal Gynecomastia pill until you get the desired results
  • There is no strict or special diet routine that you will have to follow when using this product
  • All its ingredients are natural and they do not have any harmful side effects
  • The product is affordable and it costs much less than a surgery for male chest reduction.
  • The use of this product results in complete weight loss. This means that you not only lose your guy breasts but you also lose your body weight especially the fat on your stomach and thighs by using this product on a regular basis.
  • The human body makes use of excessive calories and successfully converts them into usable energy. The use of this product makes way for better productivity at home and at work and even offers extra energy for working out at the gym.
  • This product helps in lowering bad cholesterol significantly and in preventing blockages in the major arteries.


 Cons: Why You Shouldn’t Buy the Product

Despite the fact that there are no apparent drawbacks associated with Gynexin, I have tried summing up some of them just for the readers to get an idea.

  • This product can be ordered online and orders need to be fulfilled through mail. Therefore, it might take a little longer say one or two weeks at the most for the product package to arrive at your place.
  • This product will not result in the development of the muscles in your chest area. It will simply do the work of eliminating fats in this area or below the areola.
  • You need the approval of a doctor if you are thinking of using this product while taking other medicines and supplements for the same purpose.


How does Gynexin Work?

How Does Gynexin Work


Gynexin is an oral medicine for male breast reduction. It is the gyno pills that work in the form of a fat burner or a weight loss product. One of the most important features that make this product exclusive is that it targets the adipose tissue present in the breast specifically. Therefore, the results are quite favorable for the male users. This potent formula is a blend of ingredients like caffeine, green tea extract and cacao that have been chosen carefully for targeting and eradicating fat cells.


The product has been designed to be taken on a regular basis. Gynexin offers a cumulative effect. This means that the users of this product gradually lose their moobs and have their chests reverting to its flat appearance which was the case previously.


Why is this Product so Popular?

Why Is Gynexin Popular


This product has gained huge popularity in the market mainly due to the fact that it is an all-natural magical treatment specifically made by nutritionists and herbalists for helping men in reducing their male breasts. Another reason behind the popularity of Gynexin is its ease of use. The only thing that you need to do is drink eight ounces of water with this pill thrice a day. Yet another reason that has helped this product in gaining huge popularity is its safe work procedure.


Thus, it can rightly be said that it is safe, convenient and easy to use and therefore it is popular among people suffering from Gynecomastia. The fact that it is widely trusted and is available across the world has added to its popularity. The packaging of this product also looks attractive while its shipping is discreet and fast. However, it is the product’s proprietary Gynexin blend that makes it stand out from its competitors.


Is there anything like Gynexin Scam?

Gynexin Scam


The beginners into using Gynexin can remain assured of the fact that it is a genuine product. The rumors associated with Gynexin scam are untrue. There are thousands of Gynexin reviews available online and they will clearly tell you that this is one product that offers amazing benefits and results as far as guy breast reduction is concerned. Nevertheless, there are several unauthentic online sellers coming with the claims of offering this product at affordable rates.


These are sellers that indulge in fake products or re-formulated pills. Therefore, if you are thinking of getting this product then you must always get it from reputable and authorized online sellers and more preferably from the official site. This will help you in safeguarding your money and your health.


What Are Scientists Saying?

Gynexin Clinical Studies


Scientists are of the view that Gynexin male breast reduction pills are undoubtedly one of the best products for reducing male breasts or for Gynecomastia treatment. But the results from using this product cannot be expected overnight. Yes, it surely does work but the results might vary from one person to another. Therefore scientists are not sure whether they can call this product as a 100% guaranteed product for male breast elimination.


There have been major research studies conducted on this product and the results of this study show that it works very quickly serving the purpose that it is designed for. You do not need to wait for months without any results. It just takes a few days to work on the male breasts. Having said that, scientists claim that the product starts working after its very first dose.


Recommended Dosage of the Product

The recommended dosage of Gynexin alpha formula is a total of four pills during a time span of 24 hours. This pill intake should be spaced six hours apart. Nevertheless, the most common dosage requirement is generally two pills every day.


What are the Gynexin Ingredients?

gynexin ingredients


The main ingredients that make up Gynexin herbal breast reduction pills include:

Chromium or Picolinate


Chromium is a naturally occurring trace element that serves to be highly important for the human body. When used in the form of a supplement, it has proved to be highly effective for different medicinal purposes like controlling the levels of blood sugar in diabetics and prediabetics. It is also one of the best supplements used for losing weight and specifically in the reduction of body fat. Nevertheless, it offers double benefit and this is the reason why it is preferred by body builders and athletes. It not only helps in reducing body fat but also increases body muscle.


Theobromine Cacao

Theobromine Cacao

Cacao, the scientific name for which is theobromine is one of the main ingredients used in chocolate. It is rich in its content of antioxidants that have the ability of cleansing the body of unnecessary free radicals. Cacao also stimulates the function of the heart without affecting the nervous system. This ingredient in Gynexin helps in dilating the blood vessels, increasing heart rate and lowering blood pressure. It is also used in the form of a general tonic safeguarding overall wellness.




Also called Guggul, this ingredient is derived from the sap of Commiphora Mukul tree found in India. Guggul has natural anti-inflammatory qualities and is used in healing arthritis. It is also one of the most active ingredients used for lowering triglycerides and cholesterol. It also helps in effectively targeting fat reduction for promoting weight loss.




This is a common stimulant found in different drinks and foods. It boosts the nervous system the heart and the muscle system. Caffeine is also used for reducing headaches and migraines. Caffeine is used intravenously in hospitals for increasing the flow of urine. Making use of caffeine helps in increasing the procedure of removing impurities and this is the reason why caffeine is widely used in weight loss products.


Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract

Green tea is widely popular in the form of drinking tea but it has also got amazing medicinal advantages. It helps in preventing the most common forms of cancer and in treating disorders like Parkinson’s, Diabetes and Crohn’s. Due to the fact that green tea is not fermented, it has its polyphenols intact that help in reducing abnormal growth of cells and in reducing swelling. It also boosts the functioning of the brain by boosting neurotransmitters or the brain messengers for other parts of the human body like hormones.


FAQS about Gynexin

gynexin faq


Some of the most common FAQs about this product include:


Q: What do you mean by male breast reduction with the use of Gynexin?

It means the use of natural ingredients contained in a product for stimulating the action of the extra fat accumulated on the chest resulting in male breast reduction.


Q: What is the work procedure of the product?

It works in the form of a fat burner or a weight loss product. One of the most important features that make this product exclusive is that it targets the adipose tissue present in the breast specifically.


Q: What is the right method of taking these male breast reduction pills?

These pills should not be taken twice a day after breakfast and dinner.


Q: Is male breast treatment safe with the use of this product?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use Gynexin because it is formulated with all natural ingredients


Q: What are the foods that cause gynecomastia?

To be brief, it is a very long list to discuss here. I have written an article on this topic that you can find on my blog.


Q: Are there any Gynexin side effects?

No, being a herbal supplement there are not reported side effect till date


Q: How fast does this product offer desirable results?

It shows results in two to three weeks.


Q: What are the ingredients contained in this product?

Caffeine, Cacao and Chromium


Q: Is it possible to purchase this product in UK?

Yes, Gynexin available for sale in almost every country


Q: Is Gynexin effective as a male breast reduction treatment?

Yes, it is formulated with herbal ingredients that are recommended prominent in breast reduction


Q: Does this product help in curing puffy nipples?

Yes, along with burning your chest fat, it also cures your puffy nipples but it is important to know what causes puffy nipples, if it is due to fatty tissues then it can be cured by this gyno pills. But if it is hereditary, then you should consult your doctor.


Q: Do I have gynecomastia or body fat?

It is very important to know before you start your treatment. Read my full article on this topic in this blog to get your answer.


Q: What is the right procedure for ordering this product?

Ordering it online is the best practice to avoid getting trapped in any scam


Q: Is this product FDA approved?

Being a herbal supplement it is not governed by FDA.


Q: What is best – Gynecomastia compression shirt or gynecomastia pills?

Both are different, gynecomastia shirts are the temporary solution whereas gyno pills are the permanent solution


Q: Does this product work in the form of a fat burner?

Yes, it works towards shedding of excessive weight.


Q: Does this product help in bodybuilding?

No, it is specially designed to burn chest fat not to tone your muscles


Q: Can I find Gynexin before and after pics online?

Yes, the official website and many other review sites have shown the results through these pics


Q: Can individuals purchase Gynexin in stores such as Walmart, Barrett and Holland?

Yes, you can purchase this herbal breast reduction pills from these stores but due to company’s preference of selling it through their official website, there is a shortage of stock in these stores. Therefore there are various other gynecomastia pills at stores that are presented as the gynexin alternative but are actually not.


Where to Buy Gynexin?

Buy Gynexin


Until recently, Gynexin was only available for purchase online from the official website of the manufacturer. However, because of the rising demand of this product, it is now available for sale on sites like eBay and Amazon. Here, it is important to note that this product is not available in stores like Walgreen, Walmart and GNC. It is a product that is only available online and therefore there is no way out for you than to go for an online purchase.


Even I got it online but I can assure you that the packaging for the product was quite attractive and the shipping was also fast.


This product is available for sale internationally. Besides being available in the United States, the manufacturer ships to places like Canada, United Kingdom, Egypt, India, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines.


The timelines for product shipping generally vary from one country to another. It is also important for the buyers to remain aware of taxes, customs charges, and duties that might be added at the borders of their respective countries.


The best place for ordering Gynexin is at its source directly. The company possesses its official website where interested buyers can place their orders. There are even special discounts and promotions available on the website.


Bottom Line

Thus, Gynexin has got a lot to offer to its users and even has several testimonials on its website of men of men who placed repeat orders for this product because of the noticeable results that they were getting. So, without waiting further, go for your Gynexin magic pill today and experience the difference in your appearance and your confidence. You will surely love the way it works on your male breasts aka moobs bringing in more confidence for you at every step you take in life.


buy gynexin

Gynexol Review – Is It Really A Better Option Than Pills and Surgery?

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Gynecomastia or male breast or man boobs or just moobs, referred to with different terms but the problem is same and something disastrous for male pride if not taken seriously. Around 40% of the male population all around the world is suffering from some sort of gynecomastia. Though I know you are not here on this post to know about gynecomastia rather you are here to understand efficacy, usage and review of the gynecomastia cream, Gynexol.


But it would be wise to have a short and quick look at the problem before we go deep into the possible benefits and usage of the gynecomastia reduction cream. Also, if you want to learn more about gynecomastia and the possible gynecomastia causes you can learn it from the post i have linked..


Gynexol Review


What exactly is Gynecomastia?

To be very precise, gynecomastia is a medical condition where the male breast develops abnormally due to various reasons. It could be hormonal imbalance, poor diet, drugs, and alcohol or prescribed medication. In a study, it was found that almost 30% of US men are suffering from male breast problem.


Gynecomastia moreover plays emotionally rather than being a health concern. Though it is serious and embarrassing, it is good to hear that it is treatable. What you have to do is to find the perfect solution for you.


What Are Different Types of Gynecomastia?

Now here it is important to tell you that there are some similar conditions, with similar symptoms as gynecomastia. However, they are not at all the same. Gynecomastia is basically categorized into three different types, Mixed Gynecomastia, Pseudogynecomastia and Pubertal Gynecomastia.


Mixed gynecomastia is a condition where a person experiences enlargement in breast tissues at some age but it occurs due to the combined effect of excess fat content & mammary gland tissues. Obesity in the male is the major reason for mixed gynecomastia due to deposition of excessive fat in the body.


do i have gynecomastia


Whereas, pubertal gynecomastia is a male breast like condition in teens where the breast size increases mostly due to a natural process called puberty. Almost 40% of teenagers suffer from this condition and naturally get rid of it as they enter their adulthood.


Talking about Pseudogynecomastia, it is commonly known as false gynecomastia. In this condition, the breast size enlarges due to the accumulation of fat. Though it appears similar to regular gynecomastia it is different, as in gynecomastia the breast tissues grow abnormally.


What Can Cause Gynecomastia

[icon icon=icon-remove size=18px color=#FF0000 ] Hormonal imbalance

[icon icon=icon-remove size=18px color=#FF0000 ] Production of excess estrogen

[icon icon=icon-remove size=18px color=#FF0000 ] Use of some prescribed medication that increases estrogen

[icon icon=icon-remove size=18px color=#FF0000 ] Consumption of alcohol and street drugs

[icon icon=icon-remove size=18px color=#FF0000 ] Several health conditions like Hyperthyroidism, Tumors, Aging, Liver failure and many more

[icon icon=icon-remove size=18px color=#FF0000 ] Use of herbal products that contain plant oil


All Possible Treatment Options For Gynecomastia

By now you might have confirmed the type of gynecomastia you are suffering. If it is surely regular gynecomastia and not pseudogynecomastia then your next step should be to look out for best available treatment options.

But it would be  wise to diagnose your condition by a doctor to also know the exact problem. The laboratory examination to find out gynecomastia causes includes

aspartate transaminase and alanine transaminase,

serum creatinine,

thyroid-stimulating hormone levels,

serum beta human chorionic gonadotropin,

mammography and

serum dehydroepiandrosterone.

Coming back to treatment options, please be clear that with the term “treatment options” I broadly mean that I am including all permanent and temporary options. But before opting any treatment option, ask yourself a question, do I have gynecomastia or it’s just body fat? If it’s actually a gynecomastia then ask next question to yourself, How to get rid of gynecomastia?


Gynecomastia Exercises

fat burning workouts for men


When talking about exercises the first thing that comes to our mind is building muscles. As there are some particular exercises for muscle building similarly there are some tailored fat burning workouts for men. If you are making your mind to make your way to the gym then make sure to consult a professional trainer. They will guide you through specific exercises to getting rid of gynecomastia.


Gynecomastia Diet

foods that cause gynecomastia


Considering that breasts are mostly made of lipids, surely you need to do a lot to cut off your fat consumption. If you are a person with high consumption of fatty foods, it is essential for you to check those foods that cause gynecomastia and go on a low-fat diet. This will help you know how to burn chest fat. If you are already using other gynecomastia treatment options such as pills or creams, healthy low-fat diet will surely speed up your transformation.


Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia Surgery


Surgery is the last option for any health condition and same is for sculpting chest. Gynecomastia surgery is the most popular treatment option to get rid of man boobs but the cost of gynecomastia surgery is not affordable for all. Surgery is the most tailored and personalized treatment option.


Gynecomastia Compression Shirt

Gynecomastia Compression Shirt


If you want instant results and at a cheaper cost, then, gynecomastia compression shirt is for you. The advantages of these shirts are their convenience and affordability. But let me tell you that these are not the permanent solution. Gynecomastia shirts compress your breast size to normal while you wear them but once you remove it, your breast size will get to their previous size. Besides they may be uncomfortable to wear, so at best they are a temporary solution for specific days or outings.


Gynecomastia Herbal Supplement

Gynecomastia Herbal Supplement


You all might know that there are several pills that intend to increase the size of breast in women. Similarly, there are pills and supplements that are formulated to reduce the breast size in the male. Gynecomastia pills are the most popular solution in the market. It is due to comprehensive results provided by these pills that are better than any other methods.


Gynexin is the most favorite male breast reduction pill in the market with about 99% guaranteed results. Read the full review on Gynexin and my personal experience with it.


Gynecomastia Cream

Men suffering from gynecomastia usually choose to opt for gynecomastia topical cream treatment initially before putting their hands on other options. It is a logical process because creams and gels are quite easy to use, pain-free and also cheaper than other options.


Gynecomastia cream treatment is very affordable compared to surgery where you need to invest a huge amount of money from your savings or income as insurance is not an option for such cosmetic corrective surgery. The only drawback for some of these creams is that some ingredients may not go well with everyone’s skin, therefore, it is strictly advised to choose reputable brands such as Gynexol chest sculpting cream.


cream for gynecomastia


What is Gynexol?

Gynexol is an all natural gynecomastia topical cream for reducing the appearance of man boobs. It is specifically formulated to eliminate male breast in a short time period. It is directed to apply it to your moobs regularly till you notice any improvement in your male breast. In the last few years, there has been a huge rise in the popularity of Gynexol cream for gynecomastia. This is not due to marketing or publicity rather due to users’ review that got benefited through Gynexol.


Not only the users’ review are  responsible for its popularity rather its the formulation which is adding comprehensively to its publicity and popularity. The ingredients used in Gynexol body sculpting cream are 100% natural and therefore do not cause any side effects.


Compared to other two treatment options of gynecomastia that are more popular, with Gynexol you don’t need to swallow pills or go through painful surgery. All you need is to just apply it and that’s all.


Does Gynexol Work?

gynexol body sculpting cream


If you think that Gynexol will give you results from the first day, then you would be totally wrong. Not only Gynexol, any pill or cream cannot give you instant results. The results for Gynexol totally depend on its use. The company recommends to apply it to your chest twice a day for at least one month or more to get prominent results.


I have personally used it and found that it actually worked for me. I used it along with Gynexin, to give me better results. The ingredients of Gynexol are very powerful compared to other chest sculpting creams. This makes it a powerful gynecomastia cream that actually works.


Why Should You Buy This Product?

[icon icon=icon-ok size=20px color=#0000FF ] It is a 100% natural treatment for getting rid of gynecomastia

[icon icon=icon-ok size=20px color=#0000FF ] It helps to regain your confidence

[icon icon=icon-ok size=20px color=#0000FF ] Being natural, it is safe and risk-free causing no side effects

[icon icon=icon-ok size=20px color=#0000FF ] Gives your chest more defined, toned and firmer look

[icon icon=icon-ok size=20px color=#0000FF ] Easy to apply

[icon icon=icon-ok size=20px color=#0000FF ] Provide you freedom to be shirtless

[icon icon=icon-ok size=20px color=#0000FF ] Fast acting results, could be seen in 2-3 weeks

[icon icon=icon-ok size=20px color=#0000FF ] Affordable and low-cost treatment option


Why Should You Not Buy This Product?

[icon icon=icon-remove size=20px color=#FF0000 ] Results may vary from person to person

[icon icon=icon-remove size=20px color=#FF0000 ] Though being easy to apply, takes quite a time to rub it properly and apply fully

[icon icon=icon-remove size=20px color=#FF0000 ] You will not found it in stores, only available online



How Does Gynexol Work?

gynexol chest sculpting cream


Gynexol works on your male breast by eliminating the fat deposition in your chest area, the root cause for developing gynecomastia. Apart from other man boobs solution, it works on breaking the fatty tissues in your chest area but this doesn’t mean that it will eliminate all the fatty tissue in your chest rather it will only remove those superfluous fats that are responsible for swelling in the chest.


Gynexol Ingredients List

Gynexol Ingredients


All the ingredients listed on the label are 100% natural. All these ingredients are useful in breaking down the fatty and glandular tissues. The ingredients are as follows:


List of Gynexol Ingredients

Retinol – This ingredient helps in restoring the dead cells and stimulating your body. Along with that it also helps in upholding most important tissue, epithelial.


Aloe Vera – Aleo Vera helps in boosting your metabolism to burn fat and calories. Due to this, the size of male breast reduces to its normal shape.


L-Arginine – It is the most important ingredient in the list. It helps to reduce your breast size by increasing lipolysis to break down fat and prevent food from storing in fat. Moreover, it enhances blood circulation.


Green Tea Extract – It plays a role of antioxidant that reduces the inflammation in the breast.


Ginkgo Biloba – They are herbs to protect your blood vessels and enhancing blood circulation.


Tocopheryl Acetate – It is a natural ingredient that has various skin benefits and acts as an anti-aging.


Exthoxydiglycol – This ingredient is important for any sculpting cream because it acts as a binder of all ingredient and provides firm structure to the cream.


Why Is Gynexol So Popular In Market?

gynexol reviews


There is no doubt that Gynexol gynecomastia reduction cream is very popular in the market and this is not just due to their marketing strategies rather it is due to the word of mouth publicity done by their existing users. If any product shows positive results that it is sure that it will get popular even if there is no marketing done.


Besides all this, combination and unique blend of ingredients used in this product also make it powerful chest sculpting cream and makes it popular in the market.


Is There Any Scam Associated With This Product?

Gynexol Scam


Well, there might be some rumors in the market about a Gynexol scam, that it is totally fake and unworthy but let me tell you categorically based on my personal usage, that they are just nonsense. Majority of them are propaganda spread by its competitors. The reviews and rating made by the Gynexol user itself prove that all the rumors are fake.


I am not ignoring the fact that there might be a couple of cases where some men would not have received the desired results. But for that, you cannot always blame the product. Any product including Gynexol, can not achieve or promise 100% results, as they vary from individual to individual based on personal characteristics, usage, personal habits etc.


How is It Recommended To Use?

Though Gynexol is a topical cream and safe for use, there is some recommendation given by the manufacturer to get best results. You are suggested to apply this creams twice a day to see the prominent transformation within 3-4 weeks.


Some of the most common FAQs

gynexol faq


Q: What you actually mean with male breast reduction by Gynexol?

It means that Gynexol reduces breast size by eliminating the fatty tissue in chest area


Q: Is it safe to use this product for male breast reduction?

Yes, being a totally natural cream it is safe for application.


Q: What about Gynexol side effects?

No, till now there are no  reported cases of side effects.


Q: When should I expect the desirable results?

Results could be seen in 3-4 weeks.


Q: Is Gynexol available worldwide?

Yes, it is easily available online for sale worldwide.


Q: Is Gynexol an effective male breast reduction solution?

Yes, this chest sculpting cream helps in burning chest fat


Q: Does this product help in curing puffy nipples?

No, it is formulated to reduce chest fat not to cure your puffy nipples.


Q: What is the best way to order this product?

Well if you want to purchase this chest sculpting formula, it is better to buy Gynexol cream online to avoid any scam.


Q: Is this product FDA approved?

Being a herbal product  it is not governed  by FDA


Q: Does this product work in the form of a fat burner?

No, it’s a topical cream that helps in breaking down fatty tissue in your chest area.


Q: Can individuals purchase Gynexol at Walmart, Barrett, or Holland?

No, you can only order this product online


Gynexol – Where To Buy?

gynexol where to buy


It would be quite disappointing for many as you cannot find Gynexol on stores like Walmart, Barrett, and Holland. The only way to order this product is through online from its official website. But this is due to a simple reason, Due to its huge popularity and high demand in the market, there are many fake products that are selling with a similar name and affecting its reputation. To avoid this, the company decided to sell their product only on their official website.


My Final Verdict

There is no doubt that Gynexol is the most popular and effective chest sculpting cream available on the market today and this is due to the prominent results that it delivers. Today no other male breast reduction cream is standing beside Gynexol. Gynexol has made its market due to its effective formulation, fast results, and trustworthy testimonials. In my view, you should go with Gynexol if you are not sure with other treatment options like pills and surgery.


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How To Cure Man Boobs With Liposuction & Medicine

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The man has a scarce and atrophied breast tissue that does not exert any function, so the male breast usually does not develop. But in some cases there is an abnormal growth in the chest of the man, causing aesthetic problems and self-esteem , seeing a torso far from the ideal of the male body. It is estimated that 40% of men are affected in some way by this problem.

For a correct treatment it is important to differentiate between Gynecomastia (produced by a development of the mammary gland due to hormonal imbalances) and adipomastia (produced by an excess of fat in the breast tissue). For this it is essential to perform a clinical examination.

Medicine for man boobs

The Gynecomastia is an abnormal breast growth in men due to an imbalance between estrogen (female sex hormones) and androgens (male sex hormones) . For various reasons, there is a decrease in androgen levels and an increase in estrogen levels in man. This hormonal imbalance causes the mammary gland to develop excessively, producing a hypertrophy or enlargement of the breasts in man.

This increase in the mammary gland in man can be unilateral (affects only one breast) or bilateral (affects both). Generally this growth occurs symmetrically, sinus size increasing concentrically from the nipple, but there may also be cases of asymmetry, affecting differently to both breasts. In some cases gynecomastia produces pain and mammary hypersensitivity.

The adipomastia , also known as pseudo-gynecomastia, is an abnormal breast growth in men due to an accumulation of fat in the breast tissue , without the glandular tissue develops. This case is common in obese men.

Man boobs treatment options

If the origin of gynecomastia is due to endocrine disease or a drug, it is usually sufficient to treat the underlying cause or withdraw the suspected drug. In cases of gynecomastia in adolescents, it is convenient to wait until hormonal levels are regulated. In the case of presenting an adipomastia, it is necessary to follow an adequate diet and perform physical exercise to try to reduce the levels of fat present in the chest. However, if the problem does not subside or is insufficient, it must be resolved with simple liposuction or surgery.

How to cure man boobs with liposuction

When there is a predominance of fatty tissue (pseudoginecomastia), simple liposuction is usually used to reduce volume. A small incision is usually made in the anterior axillary, axillary or inframammary line at the level of the pseudo-sulcus. Through this, a small cannula connected to a suction pump through which the fat is aspirated is introduced .

Man boobs before and after pics

When there is a breast augmentation due to glandular hypertrophy, alone or together with fatty mammary tissue, it is recommended to perform a breast surgery to remove the glandular tissue of the breasts and remove excess fat and skin . The incision is made by the areola, in the shape of a half moon. In cases that present accumulation of fat, it is accompanied by a small liposuction in the affected area.

It is a very simple surgical procedure and lasts between an hour and a half and two hours. Generally it does not require hospital admission, although it requires rest during the first days. One week after the intervention you can return to the usual routine, avoiding large efforts. The postoperative period requires wearing a compression belt during the first month.

Gynecomastia and adipomastia, in addition to causing aesthetic deformities in the chest of the man, causes psychological alterations in the patient, but fortunately there are simple treatments to return to have a normal appearance of the male thorax. Consult without commitment with our specialists in breast surgery.



How To Get Rid Of Male Breast Tissue With Male Breast Reduction Pills

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If you have read my article on how to cure gynecomastia you will naturally have seen that the root of the problem is a testosterone deficiency and a high level of estrogen. Therefore, the best supplements for male breasts come to be those that contribute to raising your male hormone levels.

In this article you will find the ones that I have tried and I have seen that they really work. Everything here starts from my own experience and I put it to your knowledge in this article, so enjoy it.

Fish Oil pills for male breast reduction

One of my favorites. The one I take is the cod liver oil, which has proven to be a great ally for any man whose goal is to get rid of gynecomastia, because it has the great ability to increase testosterone levels due to several reasons:

Higher concentration of Omega 3 vs Omega 6. It will help you reestablish the balance of your organism which may have been broken by an excessive diet in vegetable oils, processed products, soy, etc.
It is a wonder to increase luteinizing hormone, which helps your body make testosterone optimally.
Cod liver oil as a supplement is a great ally against insulin resistance. Therefore, it will help you to produce your male hormone more effectively.
These are the three main reasons why fish oil is an excellent supplement for gynecomastia, besides not being so expensive.

Boron male breast reduction supplements

This is a supplement that most people do not know but that works wonders. Very few are those who use it, but thanks to this article you now know of its existence. There are many studies that demonstrate the positive and surprising effects of this rare mineral on testosterone levels:

In this study – one of the most compelling – we see how the study subjects were supplied with a load of 10 mg of boron per day. At the end of the study it was possible to see that there was a 28% increase in free testosterone and a radical decrease of 39% in free estrogen levels.
In this other study we see how the subjects obtained an increase of 29.5% in free testosterone with a daily dose of 6m of boron. A percentage very similar to the first study but with a lower dose.

Personally I only limit myself to take 3mg of boron per day. The problem with this mineral is that in large quantities it can be toxic and therefore counterproductive. With a daily load of 3mg you get most of the results and completely distance yourself from the possibility of intoxicating with this compound.

Another great point in Boro’s favor is that it is very cheap. Seriously, you can buy an entire year’s supply for around $ 25 dollars. If you want to feel much better then this is the supplement that you must acquire, it will help you a lot in your goals and I tell you from my own experience, because since I started supplementing with boron, my life has not been the same but THOUSAND TIMES better.

Ashwagandha medication to reduce male breast tissue

The Ashwagandha is another supplement with proven beneficial effects. It is traditionally used in Indian medicine, but now we will use it to help you increase your testosterone levels and eliminate those male boobs.

One of the most curious things about this supplement is that it is defined as an adaptogen. That is, it helps the person to recover a psychological and hormonal balance when it is lost.

You see it? That is why it is very good to supplement with Ashwagandha, because it helps your body recover lost hormone balance, therefore increasing testosterone levels and reducing estrogen levels.

One of the most compelling studies on this supplement is the following. Here we see how the study subjects were given 300mg of Ashwagandha type KSM-66 daily for 60 days. The results were that the subjects experienced a 27% reduction in their cortisol levels, and as we have seen in this article, cortisol is a lethal enemy to your testosterone.

Male breast reduction treatment without surgery

As well as that study there are many others. This article is more than a summary of the three supplements, because for each one I have a specially dedicated article, so you can understand more about its benefits, all supported by firm studies and my own experience.

Uniting Everything: The Three Musketeers Against Gynecomastia.
Now it’s time to unite everything. These three supplements, plus a good diet and a good exercise plan, are more than enough to eliminate excess fat in your chest.

These three musketeers against gynecomastia will be of great help only if you enjoy a good diet and exercise regularly because they are just that: an extra help. Supplements alone will not be able to repair the damage perpetrated by a diet full of processed foods and a sedentary lifestyle.

Supplements for removing male breast tissue

It is vital that you understand this to avoid frustrations and spend money in vain. If you are not determined to change the way you feed and train because the effect of these supplements in the best case will be minimal, but most likely is null.

Therefore, I invite you in the first place to put your diet and exercise plan in order so that you can obtain the maximum benefits of these valuable supplements.

This has been all for this delivery. As you see these 3 supplements can be a formidable help, so I recommend buying and testing them. I have a great time and I am sure that if you follow a good diet like the one I recommend and an excellent exercise plan, you can also enjoy the same benefits as me.



How To Get Rid Of Puffy Nipples Naturally

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Not only women can have breasts. Breasts also occur regularly in men, especially during puberty or adolescence. This is often a huge source of shame that can cause all kinds of obstacles in daily life. Breast formation and swollen nipples can also cause nasty pain.

Many men hardly dare to talk about the problem, which of course does not improve the situation. Fortunately, there is always something to do! We are discussing today where the problem actually comes from, and how it can be resolved.

Testosterone and estrogen to reduce puffy nipples

Breast formation takes place under the influence of the ‘female’ hormone estrogen . Normally men do not care so much about it, so they do not get breasts. Certainly in puberty, however, that can (temporarily) change. A part of the testosterone in your body is then converted into estrogen. This happens even more with overweight boys , because fat also produces estrogen.

Elderly men can also suffer from estrogen dominance. After all, they make less testosterone, so that estrogen quickly gains the upper hand. Extreme stress has a similar effect in men of all ages. Finally, medicines and supplements can sometimes have an effect on the production of estrogen.

How to get rid of puffy nipples fast

Gynecomastia can have a lot of causes, in other words. To find the solution to the problem, you will usually first have to determine where it comes from. For boys who suffer from breast growth in their adolescence, there is good news: usually it goes by itself. After a period, the breast tissue disappears again.

If you are older, it is unfortunately a bit less straightforward. When using medicines or other hormone-controlling agents, it may be wise to see if there are alternatives. In addition, increasing testosterone sometimes has an effect, just like losing weight in the case of overweight. If that does not help, the excess breast tissue can be surgically removed.

Difference gynecomastia and puffy nipples

Gynecomastia is certainly not unusual in men. More often ‘swollen’ nipples occur. That is not quite the same as gynecomastia, because no breast tissue is produced around the nipples. The gland system does not develop with swollen nipples, which is what it does in gynecomastia.

Instead, the nipples simply retain more moisture and fat, resulting in a visible expulsion. However, this can also be rather severe! Many men with swollen nipples are ashamed, for example, to go swimming or have sex .

Puffy nipples male solution : Practical tips

Even if you ‘only’ suffer from swollen nipples, it is therefore important to know what you can do about it. Fortunately, there are a few tips that can help you get swollen nipples away.

1. Do not pinch!

Many people with swollen nipples pinch a lot in the hope that the swelling becomes less visible. In the short term this can indeed help for a short time. In the long term, however, you damage the tissue with it, which in turn causes extra swelling. In addition, your nipples are going to hurt a lot more. So stay away from it, however tempting it may seem.

2. Eat enough iodine

A shortage of iodine can cause you to retain more moisture. This not only leads to a ‘paffy’ face and thicker ankles and wrists, but also to unhealthy nipples. It is therefore important to get enough of this mineral. Iodine is mainly added in bread in the Netherlands . Furthermore, it is mainly in seaweed .

You can also choose to use kelp powder. Throw this for example by smoothies or (homemade) protein shakes.

3. Not too much salt

A surplus of salt is not only unhealthy because your blood pressure rises. You also go for a lot more water . In some people that is also visible in the nipples, with that swelling as a result. Do you eat a lot of processed products, or do you add a lot of salt to your food? Then take a look at these tips to eat less salt .

4. Losing weight

Above we mentioned that overweight is often a (co-) cause of gynecomastia. This also often plays a role in swollen nipples. After all, the storage of fat in the breast region gives a ‘breast-like’ swelling quickly. Do you suffer from overweight, then losing weight is really a must.

Note that you do this gradually, not with an unhealthy crash diet . A good tip is also to do strength training . Your body will soon look tighter if you lose some of that fat.

5. Do not be ashamed to go to the doctor!

Sometimes gynecomastia and swollen nipples are simply a result of medical problems. Think of inflammation, allergies or (very occasionally!) Even breast cancer. Moreover, it can sometimes only be resolved as an operation with a medical procedure. In those cases, a visit to the GP is really necessary.

Do not let yourself be stopped by shame. That doctor has really seen crazy things and you will not laugh at your breast. The only goal is to get rid of the problem as quickly as possible – exactly what you want, so!


Gynexol Head

Gynexol Gynecomastia Chest Sculpting Cream

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When men get older they can have to deal with male breasts. That is certainly not a rare condition. About half of the men, and almost all overweight men suffer from it. Yet it is something that men are very much ashamed of. Not only because it shows female characteristics but also because people often assume that this is something rare.

Nothing is less true! As a result of aging, the male androgen hormone testosterone is produced to a lesser extent. As a result, increased production of estrogen can occur, which in turn will provide the male breasts.

However, it is not always the case that male breasts are caused by too high an estrogen. It may happen that men have a normal relationship between testosterone and estrogen. But still suffer from male breasts.

This can then be explained by the fact that the breast tissue has become more sensitive to estrogen. As a result, breast formation will increase and male breasts will arise. An estrogen can also develop during the use of anabolic steroids or by hormone therapy with testosterone, and male breasts may develop.

Gynexol Chest Sculpting Cream For Male Breast Reduction

When we go to the doctor we often get to hear that nothing can be done about it, or an operation that will cut away the breast tissue. Something that happens a lot with professional bodybuilders. Who then multiply their testosterone by 10 by using anabolic steroids. But also have a very high estrogen content. And so get men’s breasts.

We can use anti-estrogen supplements. These are products that work as natural estrogen inhibitors . They are going to block the excess estrogen so that enough testosterone can be made. But what if the problem does not have to do with too much estrogen? And rather with the sensitivity of the breast tissue to that female hormone?

Turmeric in chest scuplting cream blocks estrogen sensitive breast tissue

Turmeric can cause the breast tissue to become less sensitive to estrogen. This is done by blocking the estrogen receptors that are in the cells. That can in many cases be effective to eventually make the men’s breasts disappear. The effect of turmeric is extremely strong. So much so that it not only matches the effect of tamoxifen (an anti-estrogen drug), but also surpasses it.

Of course, it is a natural vegetable product. Turmeric, with its active substance curcumin, will therefore not cause the necessary inconvenience as medicines such as tamoxifen do. In addition, it will also not harm the liver such as tamoxifen, on the contrary. Turmeric is a strong way to cleanse or detoxify the liver.

Body sculpting cream remedy men’s breasts in different ways

Blocking estrogen in the breast tissue that is sensitive to it is not the only thing that turmeric will do. In addition, it is known as an anti-inflammatory agent. This means that when problems arise, testosterone is converted into estrogen. The herb will address the inflammation that gives rise to it. And in this way will ensure that the conversion of testosterone to estrogen is no longer so easy.

In addition, the imbalance of the hormones may also have to do with a slight insulin resistance. By using the herb turmeric we can increase this sensitivity to insulin. By improving insulin sensitivity, testosterone will also increase and less estrogen can be produced. This again lowers the chance of developing male breasts.

Turmeric will also help to ensure that arteriosclerosis is tackled. Arteriosclerosis is when excess cholesterol starts to attach itself to the walls of our blood vessels. This causes an obstruction of the blood circulation.

Turmeric as best body sculpting cream for bodybuilders

Bodybuilders who suffer from male breasts due to the use of anabolic steroids will also start using turmeric. Because it is just as strong as the drug tamoxifen, and does not contain its side effects. Tamoxifen causes damage to the liver. Damage has already been made through the use of steroids. Thanks to turmeric they can then remedy their men’s breasts and detoxify the liver.

A supplement of turmeric (curcumin) can be used in a high dose or average dose. On the basis of the seriousness of the male breasts, a supplement with high amounts of curcumin or average amounts of curcumin can then be chosen .


Gynexol Head

Male Breast Reduction Creams Reviews

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When it comes to gynecomastia, there are a number of options you can consider, which will make it very easy for you to get the result you need. As a man who is struggling and really anxious to get rid of the enlarged breast tissue, one of the options you can think of is getting gynecomastia cream. Before trying to use these creams, a lot of people usually take their time to look for as much information as possible before they can consider doing anything else. It is important to be armed with the relevant information so that when you are looking for someone who can help you, you get the person who really knows what you need and can offer you the support you want.

It is logical to consider the use of creams, because not only are they affordable, but they are also convenient. Therefore, you are generally in a good position to get the perfect results without having to worry much.

Many people also prefer creams to other alternatives for the mere fact that they are a better option for the invasive nature of the other treatment options. Going under the knife is not something that most people take lightly. Therefore, before considering this option, it would also be prudent for you to think about the side effects. There is also the fact that a surgical procedure in most cases end up taking a toll on you, given the fact that you have to schedule your work time or your normal schedules to fit them. This is not something you have to worry about when you are using creams.

Best gynecomastia creams treatment – Gynexol Cream

Needless to say, many boys prefer gynecomastia cream because of the fact that it is practically a painless experience. It is basically like applying oil to the skin after showering. There are also pills that are available in the market, which will further increase the likelihood of getting rid of excess breast tissue.

You do not need any tool or special help to apply the cream for excess breast tissue in men. The creams are also obviously portable, which means that you can take them with you anywhere you go, regardless of the weather conditions or the distance you need to travel. Therefore, there are no drawbacks that you might see that you do not have to travel for medical reasons when you are using these creams.

Gyno chest creams

One of the other reasons why many people love using creams is that they are readily available and accessible from pharmacies. You can also get them online and have them delivered to your address as soon as possible.

Perhaps the only problem with these creams is that it is not possible to get the results as instantaneously as you would wish to have. In fact, in most cases, it could take a while before the results are even visible. The main reason for this is because the skin sometimes does not absorb all the ingredients of the cream.

Breast Reducing Cream

One type of product that seems to be gaining popularity in the treatment of gynecomastia is testosterone cream. Since your body may be deficient in testosterone, creams that contain this hormone can help you balance the levels of hormones in your body. For some men, topical applications of testosterone can help reduce breast tissue, so talk to your doctor about using this type of treatment for your condition. Look for a testosterone concentration between two and five percent for best results. To use the cream, apply between one and two grams in the abdomen, chest, shoulders, arms or scrotum. In fact, the scrotum is the ideal location, being that the absorption of testosterone is higher in this area of ??the body. Nevertheless, the amount varies with the concentration of testosterone and the area of ??application, so be sure to follow any instructions on the package before using this product.

Man Boobs Body Sculpting Cream

Once applied, it is recommended that you leave the area dry before dressing. It would be good to leave the lotion enough time to be absorbed into the skin, a couple of minutes is really all that is needed to dry. You would also like to consider applying the cream at night, being that the mornings are very hard for some people. As time goes by, you will notice a change in the breast tissue. It would be good to leave the lotion enough time to be absorbed into the skin, a couple of minutes is really all that is needed to dry. You would also like to consider applying the cream at night, being that the mornings are very hard for some people. As time goes by, you will notice a change in the breast tissue. It would be good to leave the lotion enough time to be absorbed into the skin, a couple of minutes is really all that is needed to dry. You would also like to consider applying the cream at night, being that the mornings are very hard for some people. As time goes by, you will notice a change in the breast tissue.


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How To Get Rid Of Gyno Naturally Without Surgery

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Sometimes we find ourselves with strange and uncomfortable sufferings, of which we never thought we could suffer, but it happens to us and we know how to act. Such as the case of gynecomastia, a problem that affects many men and that is more common than you think. Do you want to know what gynecomastia is and how to treat it? We recommend reading this article.

What is gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is the formation of breasts in men , in other words, it is when men grow breasts and these take the appearance of women’s breasts. They can be presented in one of the two breasts or in both, the size can also vary. It is a condition that by itself is not malignant, in most cases it appears spontaneously, manifesting especially in men over 35 years old, as a small mass that grows under the breasts that causes the breast to form of woman. Only in some cases the growth of the breasts is the result of a disease.

On the other hand, it is normal that there is a certain degree of gynecomastia in young people of 13 – 14 years, although in this case it usually has not to do with a health problem, but with the same hormonal development and generally this condition disappears in the period of one year.

How to reduce gyno naturally

We are going to show you some natural remedies that you can use to treat gynecomastia , in those cases, where the cause is a hormonal imbalance. These remedies for gynecomastia in general, will stimulate the production of testosterone, which will help improve the condition. If you have doubts about any ingredient of these remedies, do not hesitate to consult your doctor .



Reducing gyno with turmeric

Turmeric is a remedy used for a long time to treat liver problems and obesity, while, in the case of gynecomastia, it helps to raise testosterone levels and this helps to reduce the size of the breasts.

Gyno reduction through dandelion

This herb is widely used in natural remedies for gynecomastia because of its diuretic effect that helps improve many conditions, such as inflammation or muscle pain. The interesting thing about dandelion is that it eliminates excess fluid, which can help reduce the size of the breasts.

Flax for gyno cure

Flax is a food rich in Omega-3, which helps to improve the production of testosterone and in the same way decrease the amount of estrogen, being ideal for treating gynecomastia.

Causes & symptoms of gyno

These are the main causes of gynecomastia:

Hormonal changes

Men have several types of hormones, including female and male hormones. In this case the growth of the breasts in men is given by hormonal imbalances , basically changes in levels or changes in how the body uses these hormones.

This condition affects the human being at different stages of his life. It is estimated that 50% of babies are born with this disease, although they disappear from 2 to 6 months. 50% of adolescents develop some degree of gynecomastia, although in the period of one year disappears. And in men, it occurs from 35 years onwards, being common in men from 50 onwards, due to aging.

Health problems

Other causes of gynecomastia, has to do with diseases, which generally occur in older men and cause the growth of the breasts, such as:

Liver diseases.
Renal insufficiency.
Genetic defects.


There are certain treatments or medications that may have an adverse effect on the growth of the breasts in men, some of them are:

Antidepressants, anxiolytics.
Corticosteroids and steroids
Medications for the heart.
Medications for AIDS.
Medications for heartburn.
Treatment of radiation in testicles.
Treatment for cancer, such as chemotherapy or hormones for prostate cancer.

Reducing gyno without surgery

Gynecomastia can be prevented by avoiding the factors that trigger it, in cases where it is possible, such as drugs or supplements such as steroids, while, in other cases as medical treatments, it is a condition that can happen as a side effect and there is no way to avoid it. On the other hand, as we told you before, it is common in certain stages of life to suffer from this pathology and does not require any treatment, nor can it be prevented.

Gyno pills & cream

The treatment for gynecomastia will depend on the cause that has caused the growth of the breasts, the time that has been had and the appearance of other symptoms, for which the first step that the professional will take is to make a check to identify the state of the patient. When it is a physiological or transitory problem , caused by a medication, the doctor may change the medication.

In cases where it is a natural issue of hormonal imbalance, it is sought to reassure the patient, since it is a benign condition, recommending waiting for the systems to disappear with time and to schedule checks every so often.

For cases where the person has gynecomastia that is known not to yield naturally , the professional may choose to prescribe specific medication, which generally aims to decrease the production of estrogen and increase testosterone.

In cases where breast cancer is detected or a type of gynecomastia that does not seat before the medication , the doctor may recommend the performance of a reconstructive surgery, which may be a mammoplasty, liposuction or even a subcutaneous mastectomy.


Does It Work

How To Get Rid Of Gynecomastia Naturally

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Suffering from gynecomastia is a very uncomfortable situation for a man. No man tolerates seeing female breasts in himself. Beyond the aesthetic aspect, it gives the feeling that something is very wrong, and unfortunately it is true. Male breasts appear as part of a feminization process of the male body when there is an important hormonal imbalance. Accompanying the appearance of breasts is the general softening of the body. The curves become smooth, like those of a woman, aggressiveness is lost, the characteristics that make a man, a man are blurred.

Most of the treatments offered from traditional medicine include surgery. This can solve the concrete problem, but it does not solve the basic problem. How to recover the hormonal balance to return to be a man, in every sense of the word? In this article we are going to take care of understanding some of the reasons that lead to the appearance of male breasts, and propose natural methods to begin to solve the underlying hormonal problem. But first, let’s review some definitions:

What are the gynecomastia symptoms?

It is an enlargement of the mammary gland and / or increase of adipose tissue in the breast of man, giving it a feminine aspect. Usually you feel hypersensitivity in the nipples.

Know the causes before getting rid of gynecomastia

It is a hormonal imbalance, where free testosterone is reduced with respect to estrogens and / or substances that work in practical terms as if they were female hormones.



Is it a permanent condition ?

No. The situation is 100% reversible, and reverses itself when the free testosterone balance returns to be right for a man. If gynecomastia has reached advanced degrees, recovery can take a long time.

From the above it is clear that to treat gynecomastia naturally we need to increase testosterone and reduce the levels of estrogen, eliminating as much as possible the contact with substances that function as estrogen, even without it.

How to reduce gynecomastia naturally?

Estrogen is formed mostly in adipose tissue. Reducing fat levels in the body helps to have an adequate hormonal balance. Caffeine can inhibit the elimination of estrogen in the liver. Reducing caffeine intake is a simple solution to help the liver do its job. Fiber is a great ally to drag undesirable out of the system in the intestines. By increasing fiber intake, estrogen levels in the body can be reduced. Eating raw cruciferous helps decrease estrogen levels in the body.

Phyto-oestrogens and gynecomastia reduction

Phyto-estrogens are plant substances that mimic the action of estrogen and can help to feminize the male body. In most cases they are found in very small quantities, but in some cases the quantities are important enough to need to be avoided.

Where are they?

There are several sources, including foods as diverse as apples, almonds, and seaweed. But, the situation becomes worrying when concentration and consumption levels are high. In this article we are going to focus on two that are consumed in important quantities, and should be avoided if you have gynecomastia. Soy in all its forms. Soy is rich in isoflavone, a phyto-estrogen very similar to that produced by the body.

Hop. This can be painful for some … hops contain one of the strongest phytoestrogens, and also their consumption is high. I mean beer, hops are used to give beer its typical bitterness. If you have gynecomastia, giving up beer is one of the changes to make now.

How to cure gynecomastia – Bisphemol-A

BPA belongs to a family of substances that are artificial, but once in the body they have pseudo-hormonal behavior and compete with free testosterone (xenoestrogens). BPA is particularly worrying because it is found in almost all hard and not so hard plastics. Soft drinks, bottled water, deli food, baked goods packaged in hard plastic, there is a thousand and one ways in our daily lives that these substances are filtered in our body, and has proven to be harmful even in small doses.

How to prevent gynecomastia?

Avoid plastics as much as possible. In the case of water, choose those that have not been in the sun and / or greater output. Other xenoestrogens are found in personal care products (parabens), pesticides, air purifiers, etc. To protect ourselves from these pseudo-hormones it is necessary to wash fruits and vegetables very well before consuming them, and preferably to choose organic products. Being very careful in the selection of personal hygiene products is imperative as well.

How to increase free testosterone levels?

Free testosterone is produced mainly in the testes. It is necessary to take care of basic elements such as not wearing tight clothing or allowing it to increase its temperature, for optimum performance. The body performs its functions while we sleep, so a minimum of six and eight hours of sleep has proved necessary for a good production of testosterone.

In addition to the “mechanical” care, it is essential to have an adequate amount of zinc, and to consume Omega-3 fats. Stress is a great enemy of testosterone production, reducing stress as much as possible helps to improve hormone production. In turn, 1 gr to 1.5 gr of vitamin C per day, has proven to be a powerful ally, since it reduces the enzyme aromatase, which transforms free testosterone into estrogen in the body.


Does It Work


How To Get Rid Of Gynecomastia Without Surgery

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The gynecomastia treatment usually includes the surgical intervention, although depending on the degree of genecomastia or the age of the patient the specialist can opt for a treatment without surgery.

When there is an underlying cause, including nutritional factors, use of drugs or certain drugs, the suspension of these behaviors can lead to the regression of gynecomastia in a few weeks. If this improvement does not occur or if the use of the drug can not be suspended, it will be the specialist who will determine, according to the degree of gynecomastia and age of the patient, the most opportune treatment to eliminate gynecomastia.

If gynecomastia has developed due to excess estrogen in the body, medical treatment will aim to block or reduce the production of estrogen in breast tissue. Anti-estrogens such as tamoxifen, raloxifene and clomiphene can be efficient for a possible blockage of production.

However, there are few well-documented prospective studies to conclusively determine the efficacy of drug treatments in the treatment of gynecomastia. The duration of gynecomastia is the most relevant factor when determining the start and type of treatment. The benefits of treatments, which do not include surgery, in men with gynecomastia in the late fibrotic phase (duration greater than or equal to 12 months) are ineffective. The treatments without surgery are used in those cases in which the diagnosis of gynecomastia is early, that is, during the proliferative phase of gynecomastia.

How to reduce gynecomastia without surgery

Tamoxifen for reducing gyno without surgery

The treatment of gynecomastia with tamoxifen is effective in gynecomastia of recent appearance. This medication is an estrogen antagonist that acts by blocking its effect in all tissues, including the breast, which is commonly used as a chemotherapeutic agent in breast cancer. In the acute and proliferative phase of gynecomastia, this medication is usually used effectively, although if there is no regression after one year, surgery will be required to eliminate gynecomastia.. In recent studies in men with gynecomastia due to several causes, tamoxifen was used for 3 to 9 months, reaching in 90% of cases a reduction of gynecomastia. This drug does not usually produce side effects, although in some cases the appearance of epigastric discomfort and nausea has been confirmed. However, a medical recommendation in the area of ??gynecomastia treatment is mandatory for its consumption.

Raloxifen to reduce gynecomastia without surgery

This is another selective modulator of estrogen receptors related to tamoxifen. A greater efficacy of raloxifene treatment in breast reduction has been demonstrated in the majority of young people with persistent pubertal gynecomastia. It is considered, however, that the data are insufficient to recommend its use.

Clomifeno for male breast treatment without surgery

It is a weak synthetic estrogen with anti-estrogenic action that binds to estrogen receptors, thus blocking the binding of circulating estrogens. It stimulates the hypothalamic-pituitary axis, increasing the production of gonadotropins, which leads to the increase of testosterone and estrogen.
The results were less promising than those obtained with tamoxifen. With clomiphene a partial reduction is observed in 50% of the individuals and a complete remission in only 20%. Adverse effects are rare and include visual changes, rash, dizziness, headache and nausea.

Testolactone to reduce gynecomastia without surgery

It is an aromatase inhibitor, blocking the formation of estrogen. It was used, with variable success, in doses of 150mg per day, for 6 months. Some independent studies consider testolactone as a beneficial medication in the treatment of gynecomastia , although less effective than treatment with tamoxifen. It can cause, as a side effect, nausea, vomiting, edema and aggravation of hypertension.

Anaztrazol for reducing gyno without surgery

It is an aromatase inhibitor that was not better than the effect, according to a study with 80 children with gynecomastia, so it is not recommended in pubertal gynecomastia. Also in men with prostate cancer, with gynecomastia associated with the use of bicalutamide, tamoxifen was significantly more effective than anastrazole in reducing pain or hypersensitivity mammary and gynecomastia.

Danazol for male breast treatment without surgery

It is a synthetic derivative of testosterone that inhibits the secretion of LH and FSH, thus decreasing the testicular secretion of estradiol. Adverse effects include weight gain, acne, cannons, fluid retention, nausea, alterations in liver function parameters or even carcinoma, and should not be used for more than 6 months.


Where To Buy Gynecomastia Male Breast Reduction Pills

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Gynecomastia is the medical term used to describe the abnormal growth of male breasts. It is a condition that can occur in men of all ages. It occurs when the excessive growth of breast tissue in men that leads to the feminization of the breast. Although it is not a life-threatening problem, it can cause psychological impact. It can affect self-esteem. It can affect mental health and emotional health. Feeling of rejection and humiliation can cause a lot of adverse effects. Most of these men find male breasts (overgrowth of breast tissue) extremely embarrassing and avoid the places where they are needed to take off their shirt. Not only this, they frequently use loose or loose clothing to hide their chest.

There are two different categories of breast reduction pills for men in the market based on what they do. The first ones are breast reduction pills for men who already have gynecomastia (excess breast tissue), the second is for men who take performance-enhancing products like steroids and who wants to protect themselves against gynecomastia. Make sure that before choosing one of the gynecomastia pills, you should have a clear understanding of what has caused the breast augmentation and then choose the right product for your situation. Fortunately, there is a pill that can cure gynecomastia naturally named Gynexin.

What is pills to lose man breast

There are several natural supplements to get rid of gynecomastia quickly in the market. Gynexin is one of the natural treatments for male boobs. It is manufactured and marketed by CrazyBulk, a popular name in the construction of legal muscle and supplements for fat loss in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada and Australia. It is in the form of a pill. With Gynexin you can achieve rapid and permanent reduction of enlarged male breast tissue.

Do gynecomastia pills work

It works by targeting the fat cells in the chest area to reduce moobs size safely and faster than anything else. It works in two ways to get rid of fast male breasts at home.

Gynexin is formulated to eliminate excess tissue. When excessive tissue decreases, male breasts also decrease in size.
The fat cells hidden under the pectoral muscles give an enlarged look to the breasts. Gynexin reinforces male breast growth elimination by focusing on fat cells hidden beneath the pectoral muscles and causing them to shrink. When the fat cells contract, the size of the breasts is also reduced.
If you have been trying to get rid of excess fat in your chest and have not been getting anywhere or if you want to make sure you lose them sooner rather than later, now could be the time to give Gynexin crazy for a closer look in bulk.

Gynexin pills ingredients

Some of the most potent active ingredients in this product include chromium, green tea extract and a potent thermogenic compound, known as Sclareolides. As mentioned before, this special formulation was created using only 100% natural ingredients that have been proven in numerous tests to work on reducing the size of the breast man in just a few weeks.

Gynexin alpha pills review – The benefits

Gynexin quickly melts your moobs to reveal a manly chest and pectorals can be displayed with pride.

  • Exclusively developed for fat in the chest to reduce the size of male breasts
  • Improve your chest appearance
  • Increases metabolism and fat burning
  • Powerful natural formula without negative side effects
  • safe and legal gynecomastia treatment
  • No needles or recipes
  • It can help to get a flatter chest and without painful and expensive surgery
  • It helps you obtain permanent results
  • Rapid action results in a matter of weeks with the average loss of 2-4 pounds per week
  • Manufactured in the United States and FDA inspected and GMP certified
  • Free shipping from United States throughout the country

Where to buy Gynexin male breast reduction pills

A number of breast reduction pills for men with gynecomastia are so many in the market, but most of them are vague in their descriptions and claims. There is also a lack of criticism and comments from clients and most of them are new participants in the field and we do not know if they are legitimate in their country or not. On the Internet, various solutions related to all kinds of bodybuilding pills are available, but there are only a few providers on the Internet that can deliver you 100% original and FDA approved.

If you are interested in buying cheap gynecomastia pills , you can easily buy Gynexin online from the official website . There are many offers such as offers of discounts, offers, such as free product “Buy 2 and Get 1 free”, free shipping offers and guaranteed money back if Gynexin does not work for you. Never wait after reading this gynecomastia pills review. Buy Gynexin now, to get rid of male breasts shame and to get permanent male breast removal results.