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All Natural Testosterone Booster Tips For Men & Women

If you’re not yet twenty-five, don’t worry, normally peak testosterone production is around adolescence and decreases from the mid-20s. Fortunately, you can do a lot yourself and you can stimulate the production of the hormone. Here are some all natural testosterone booster tips for you.

7 Natural Testosterone Booster Tips

1. Getting enough sleep optimizes testosterone production

Of course, a good night’s sleep is important. Nothing is better than starting the new day well rested. Although not everyone needs the same amount of sleep, a lack of sleep is known to affect hormone production. For example, if you only sleep five hours a night, testosterone production drops by 15%. A good excuse to stay in bed longer.

2. Testosterone booster exercises

Of course you could wait for it. Fitness is good for the production of testosterone. Exercise sports such as weight lifting in particular have a positive impact. This is not only important for the testosterone level in your body, it also helps against a variety of conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Weekly spend a few hours in the gym and you will soon be the man again.

3. Through natural testosterone booster foods

It will not surprise you that food plays a major role in optimizing the hormone balance. Studies suggest that people suffering from low testosterone levels should switch to diets with higher amounts of monounsaturated and saturated fats. Such diets mainly consist of products such as olive oil, almonds and white fish. Saturated fats are found in red meat, cheese, egg yolks and dark chocolate.

4. Using natural testosterone booster herbs

Zinc, red meat and some seafood are widely considered natural testosterone boosters. Studies have shown that a diet higher in zinc is responsible for a 93% increase in testosterone. In addition, vitamin D has been shown to significantly increase testosterone levels in some men compared to other participants who received placebo.

5. Drink in moderation


Of course it is always very nice to go out for a weekend and often the alcohol flows freely. However, it is not wise. Beer consumption in particular is harmful to your testosterone level and libido. A recent study showed that participants who drank a moderate amount of alcohol per day for 3 weeks had a testosterone decrease of 7%. Therefore, it is important to avoid or limit consumption of alcohol to increase your libido and testosterone.

6. Stop stressing

We now know that stress is unhealthy. However, that it also affects testosterone production is something you may not have known. Under the influence of stress, the hormone cortisol is produced. This substance is responsible for the reduction of testosterone. The danger of this is precisely the well-known snowball effect. A too low testosterone leads to weight gain, which further reduces the testosterone level.

7. Using natural testosterone booster supplements

By the time your best years are up and your body becomes more fragile, it needs supplements more than ever to get your RDA vitamins and minerals. Testogen testosterone booster supplement gives you enough ginseng, fenugreek, selenium and zinc to help your body produce testosterone.

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