I am David Dadson, creator of Oh My Moobs!!

One who has faced the problem knows what a great pain moobs are. I fought my personal war against it, hence the tag line- They Gotta Go…. At any cost.


Here in this site i firstly present information about Male Breast / Moobs / Man Boobs / Gyno – as understanding the problem and issues is half the battle won and there are a lot of misconceptions regarding Gynecomastia.


Find answers to your various queries regarding Gynecomastia- viz. it’s causes, types and treatment options including food, exercises, surgery, medicines, herbal supplements, creams etc.


Me, personally, was not interested in surgery as an option, not only because of monetary reasons ( It’s an exorbitant cost moreover not covered by insurance) but rather for me it was more of a ” Will Power Challenge”, I had to do it myself and I dare say I succeeded…. right food, right exercises and help of an Herbal supplement. This is one of the reason i have covered Gynexin and Gynexol in this blog, they did help me achieve my goals.


I am there to answer any queries that you may have in your fight with moobs… just mail to me at

Remember – Moobs – They Gotta Go!!!


Keep fighting.