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Best Testosterone Boosters For Males Over 40 in 2024

We all know that a male sex hormone is called testosterone. The level of testosterone gets reduced as men grow older, so here are the best testosterone boosters for males over 40 to let you choose which one can fulfill your needs!

Doctors always suggest that lowering testosterone is not a big deal, but low testosterone can definitely affect your sexual health and can create imbalances in your body and even cause erectile dysfunction (ED).

So, let’s see what the best testosterone boosters for males are that can actually work and produce effective results.

Best Testosterone Booster for Males Over 40

We have selected the two best testosterone boosters for men over 40 and they have come up with incredible results. The first one is Testogen!


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Best Testosterone Boosters For Males Over 40

If you want to keep your body’s testosterone levels from dropping, you should take TestoGen. The United Kingdom-based MuscleClub brand is the manufacturer of this supplement.

This product comes with various benefits that suit men more than any other effective brand! So let’s see what it offers as a supplement!

  • Natural ingredients that are known to boost testosterone are used to make this supplement. It has eleven of them.
  • This supplement is meant to raise the percentage of free testosterone in the blood and the amount of testosterone in the body, so that people can get more of both.
  • TestoGen also comes in booster drop form as well as TestoGen capsules, which have proved to be very productive for many customers. Here they are in the formats.


TestoGen Continuous Release Capsules

This capsule is made with lots of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids with herbal extracts and has no side-effects to prove as a complete energy dose for those who want to keep up with their libido.

Drops of TestoGen Instant Booster

It is an instant booster drop formulated with seven active ingredients that are injected directly into your bloodstream and let you improve your energy level and sporadicity.

  • It has disclosed all the amounts and quantities of the ingredients it used in its supplement.
  • It aims to increase the production of a hormone called luteinizing hormone (LH), which is responsible for boosting Leydig cells, which in turn are the producers of testosterone.
  • It is reported by many customers that they have retained their sexual drive, their energy levels have got a boost and their athletic performance has increased.

The top ingredients used in the manufacturing of Testogen are given below:

Magnesium:Β It comprises 2000 mg of magnesium, which is known to boost the number of active enzymes in a man’s body that are helpful in producing hormones.

Zinc:Β Zinc acts as a protective cell to reduce the effects of oxidative stress and helps in improving sperm production. Cell growth and cell division processes are also initiated at a quicker rate.

Boron:Β Boron is thought to treat erectile dysfunction by balancing the amount of natural testosterone and oestrogen that your body makes on its own.

D-Asparatic Acid:Β It is used in 235 mg and is an amino acid regulator that also gives a boost to the testosterone level in the body.

Korean Red Ginseng Extract:Β Korean Red Ginseng extract is the most powerful ingredient for immune boosters, as it helps in generating the essential elements that keep your energy levels high and also improves the sexual functioning of men.

Vitamin K1:Β Why is Vitamin K1 known as “bone meal”? Because it is proven that it increases our bone strength, and a stronger bone means better absorption of vitamins that can produce testosterone.

Vitamin B6:Β Vitamin B6 is a component of the male reproductive system that acts as a booster of its overall working and functioning, helping to balance the low testosterone level in men.

Bioperene, piperine, etc.,

It is a patented formula that is extracted from black pepper. Bioperene is a very powerful ingredient that absorbs 30 percent of nutrients to enhance testosterone levels and combat higher blood sugar levels.

Direction of Dose: The booster drop is to be applied three times a day.

And the capsules should be taken three times a day, before breakfast, lunch, and dinner.



Another remarkable product for increasing testosterone is TestoFuel , a safe product founded in 2014 by the famous brand Roar Ambition. It comes for both men and women, maintaining the position of leading testosterone boosters.

Here are some of the facts and benefits of TestoFuel as a muscle-building product also:

  • It is a researched-backed product that comes in the form of capsules with natural ingredients included inside.
  • It claims to boost your libido and muscles, as well as help you lose weight.
  • This product contains a muscle tissue repairing and maintaining complex called the anabolic support complex.
  • Your low-level testosterone is in balance, and you have a good way to boost your testosterone.
  • Its natural ingredients help to prevent the catabolism process, where the breakdown of muscle tissue happens.
  • It also targets increasing your metabolism rate because a higher metabolic rate means a higher level of testosterone.
  • The net selling of this product has crossed one million sales of bottles.

Now let’s check its ingredients and their medicinal qualities, and in what manner they target the low level of testosterone.

4000 IU vitamin D3:Β Vitamins are undeniably important ingredients in any health-related product because, just as our bodies require oxygen to survive, they also require vitamins for growth and maintenance.

Magnesium:Β Magnesium is again an important part of activating the luteinizing hormone and increasing your stamina, which will help regulate the enzymatic process.

The metabolism is increased and the person is very active, performing all their chores in one go.

It helps in increasing the testosterone level in a direct manner.

5mg vitamin B6:Β Vitamin, which contains 5 g, stimulates male hormones to increase testosterone while decreasing testosterone conversion to estrogen.

Zinc 10mg:Β Zinc, as already discussed, helps to prevent the conversion of testosterone and enhances those cells that help in the production of testosterone.

D-aspartic Acid:Β The acid, which helps in balancing the luteinizing hormones directly impacting the production of testosterone, also helps in muscle building in men.

Asian Red Panax Ginseng:Β This ginseng is helpful for retaining memory power and cognitive skills, and also for giving a boost to immunity, sustaining the level of testosterone, and reducing the insulin problem.

Oyster Extract:Β Oysters are a great source of zinc, and zinc is the direct source of increasing testosterone. So, oysters not only give zinc, but they also help the reproductive system.

Direction and Dosages: A bottle of TestoFuel contains 120 capsules that can be consumed by 4 tablets a day, one with breakfast, the other with lunch and some snacks, and lastly, with dinner.

Pricing and Shipping:Β Price is not the issue when it comes to having a high-quality product, but still, the shipping availability and transporting of the product have to be considered.


  • It is priced at $59.99 for one month.
  • And you will get a discount on your order by three to five months per order.
  • One month-$56
  • $112 for three months.
  • Five-month: $167


  • One bottle costs $59 USD.
  • Two bottles, get one free.
  • Three bottles for the price of three, for $35 USD plus two free.
  • When you order a 12-month supply, you will receive a 30% discount.
  • 14 days for the UK and the rest of the world.


We attempted to provide an unbiased review of the best testosterone boosters for men over 40 because approximately 40% of men over 40 have a low level of normal reading, i.e., 300 to 1000 nanograms per deciliter.

Lower sex drive or desire and the condition of erectile dysfunction are the most problematic phases in any man’s life,

That not only suppresses the growth of healthy cells but also disturbs the making of testosterone, lowering the immunity level. Furthermore, it has been reported that approximately 10% of men are losing weight due to low testosterone levels.

So, to get more testosterone with the supplements, you should change your diet, drink less alcohol, and stop smoking. This way, you can keep your weight under control and a fibrous diet can help keep your testosterone level healthy.

These supplements will directly depend on the symptoms and level of testosterone you need to maintain and balance, so be patient and use them after consulting with your physician. You will see the effect within six months.


David Dadson is a health and fitness enthusiast and trainer who has been helping people fight their obesity, fitness and gynecomastia related issues since 2012.

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