7 Tips For Puberty

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Many parents do not think puberty is the best time, just to say it softly?? You ask yourself “where is my nice, kind, social child?” Do not worry, it is still there. Your child has only entered a different phase. A phase where everything is in doubt, your child seeks his own way, forms his own opinion. And yes, that can sometimes be incomprehensible, even for the adolescent himself. He sometimes does not understand anything about himself either. Seven tips to make this phase easier and more enjoyable.

Have an understanding and keep the trust

As said, the adolescent sometimes does not understand himself. The burden of mood swings, one time very confident, the other times totally insecure and lost. Remember your own puberty. Maybe you also had a hard time with yourself? Keep your child confident. An adolescent experiment and find out who he or she is or wants to be. A certain form of selfishness is part of this, not a shock. Will be good again, I know from experience now

Do not make unilateral ‘appointments’ anymore

You can also make better agreements with younger children than to impose them. But imposed rules and agreements do not work at all in adolescents. Give your child space and input. When it comes to ‘coming home late’, for example, clearly explain your care. I think it’s important that you are rested, I think it’s important that you come home safely. And also pay attention to the need or care of your child: want to belong to it, do not want to go home earlier or do not want to be picked up. Make an appointment that does justice to your needs.

Let go, be curious and enjoy

Yes, your child is going his own way. Going to be who he or she is or wants to be. Forms his identity. Give it that space, your child is entitled to it. And of course, there are sometimes behaviors that you do not like. But be curious rather than afraid or disapproving. What moves your child? Why does she find something beautiful or interesting? If you are able to listen openly, you can have very interesting conversations with an adolescent. Enjoy the fact that you can witness the development from child to adult.

Support your child in puberty stages

Even though your son or daughter is sometimes so tough, your child sometimes needs you (and I do not mean just being taken somewhere …). Want to remain assured of your love and support. If you open up to your child, the odds are much better than he asks for your help or opinion when he is struggling with something. Let us know that you are always available, but do not force your help.

Find the balance between commitment and restraint

Your child also needs his own life, peace, and privacy. Pay close attention to the signals your child gives. If you look carefully and listen, you know when you are welcome and when you are too much or you have to shut up. If you have a need to contact yourself, start with an I message, indicating what you would like to discuss and why.

Take responsibility for your own emotions

If you are irritated or otherwise affected by the behavior of your adolescent, consult yourself. Why does this affect me? What am I sensitive to? What opinion or belief do I have about my child or how he should be? And is this correct, or does this make my own problem? Do not put your irritation in any case uncensored with your child, because that is the best recipe for problems. After all, adolescents are often not very tolerant…


Last but not least: learn to put things into perspective. Perhaps you have already discovered it: what one day is a big problem, the next day is dismissed as a trifle. It is precisely because of this imbalance in emotional terms that an adolescent can sometimes exaggerate too much. Do not play down to your child, at that moment it is a big thing, but it helps to think for yourself, that it often does not go that fast. And also remarks towards you are sometimes a little bit off-putting. Of course, you can say something about that, but do not put salt on every snail. Humor also works wonders, adolescents like it when you do not do too ‘seriously’??

Exercises To Train Your Chest Muscles

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The question that I often ask is how often you should train the chest muscles a week.

To answer that question, I fall back on my experience as a bodybuilder.

You have different options to begin with.

You can train the chest muscles once, twice or three times a week. But the optimal frequency depends mainly on what your goals are.

Do you want a strong chest? Do you want broad and well-filled chest muscles like Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Are you a beginner in the field of bodybuilding or an experienced rot?

These are important questions that you need to answer for yourself before applying a particular breast training frequency.

It is also important to mention that your muscles need time to recover.

Chest Exercise # 1: Benchpress

Bench press, or bench press, is indispensable for every bodybuilder who values ??his chest muscles.

This basic exercise is perhaps the most important exercise for increasing the muscle mass of the chest muscles.

The bench press is also an important compound exercise. In addition to the chest muscles, the triceps and front shoulder heads are also addressed.

Although it is a very popular exercise, both beginners and experienced bodybuilders, mistakes are often made when carrying out the bench press.

Chest Exercise # 2: Incline Benchpress

Slanted bench presses , also called incline benchpress , is a variation on normal bench presses.

This breast exercise focuses more on developing the upper part of your pectoral muscles (upper pecs). This chest exercise is also a compound exercise where you also address other muscle groups.

Because of the bank’s sloping angle (30 to max. 45 degrees) this chest exercise puts less pressure on your rotator cuff (rotator cuff), which often causes injuries when using the flat bench.

There is, however, a small disadvantage with this incline chest exercise if it is not applied properly.

Chest Exercise # 3: Dumbbell Fly

Another good chest exercise is the dumbbell flyes .

The dumbbell flyes is a typical isolation exercise that only appeals to the chest muscles. This exercise can be performed in different ways.

You can perform it with the arms at a 90 degree angle. This ensures that the exercise is less heavy to perform.

The elbows slightly bent is the normal position when performing the dumbbell fly.

Chest exercise # 4: Cable Crossover

The chest muscles can also be perfectly trained by the use of cables.

The cable crossover is a frequently used and effective insulation exercise. The large chest muscle is trained through this exercise. The height of the cables may vary, so that all parts of the chest muscles are trained.

Chest Exercise # 5: Dipping

The chest dip is a compound exercise that appeals to multiple muscle groups. By focusing on the pectoral muscle, you can increase the mass of this considerably.

Experienced bodybuilders will use the dip rack for this exercise, but you can also use a machine for it.


All 5 described chest exercises ensure that the pectoral muscle eventually becomes larger and thicker in diameter.

Varying in different exercises and progressive training (continuing to build with weights) appears to be the key to success.

6 Tips For More Chest Muscle Growth

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Before we start focusing on the different chest exercises, I want to share some tips that are extremely important if you want to go for maximum muscle building in the gym.

Use a spotter

A spotter is someone who can support you in carrying out your exercises. Preferably an experienced person in the gym.

This way you do not have to worry that your chest will get crushed if you think you are collapsing under the weight.

With a spotter you can look up the limits of your chest muscles as much as possible without risking the risk of going wrong.

Listen to your favorite music

A good beat in your ears gives you that extra bit of strength you need to suppress those last repetitions.

Listening to motivational training music while exercising is a great way to recharge your mind and make sure you leave the gym with muscle pain.

Take enough rest

The purpose of a good chest training is to stimulate the muscle fibers in your chest muscle as much as possible (ie destroy them). This creates minuscule cracks in the muscle fibers (microtrauma).

Your body will then want to repair this damage and proceeds to create more muscle mass so that it can handle this load in the future.

This recovery ensures muscle growth.

But this muscle growth can only take place if you give the body enough rest and time to recover.

Continually training your chest without sufficient rest (and nutrition) will result in overtraining and muscle injuries.

To stay healthy and strong, it is important that you do not expose your chest muscles more than twice a week to an intensive workout.

Visit the gym regularly

In order to see the desired result in the end, it is important that you regularly hang on the weights.

You get the best results when you visit the gym four times a week.

Because if you only put your chest muscles to work once a week, then you only have 52 training sessions a year to stimulate your chest muscles as much as possible.

That is why it is important that you always go to extremes, otherwise it is a waste of your training.

Throw the helm

It is always wise to train with other experienced athletes so that you can learn from each other.

Leave your schedule once a week for what it is and surprise yourself with unknown breast exercises. In this way you give your chest muscles new stimuli.

Food and water

The process of muscle building is more than just lifting heavy weights in the gym.

The food you eat ultimately determines the increase in muscle mass and strength. Your body needs healthy and protein-rich food to build up more muscle mass.

Also drink enough water daily to prevent dehydration of your muscles (2.5 to 3 liters).

Gynexin Review – Get Rid Of Moobs without Costly Surgery

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Hi folks! David here and I am very happy to see you here on my site and this post is on my usage experience and Gynexin review. I am actively involved in the health and fitness industry for five years now. I took Gynexin Alpha Formula for a year and it helped me lose chest fat and developing a masculine chest. When I first came across this gyno pills, I was a little apprehensive of the claims made by the Vendors. But once I started using it and off course coupled it with the proper fat burning workouts for men, the results were surprising for me.


Gynexin review

About Gynexin Male Breast Reduction Pills

A vast Majority of  men, right from puberty are found suffering from man boobs or male breasts in their lifetime. These men are always on the look out of methods that can help them in getting rid of gynecomastia mainly because of the embarrassment it causes. Surgery is a permanent solution for the problem but then most cannot afford due to high cost of gynecomastia surgery and they end up againg thinking of how to get rid of gynecomastia. The good news for these men is that there are options available in the form of Gynexin pills.


According to Gynexin reviews, it is an all-natural supplement available as capsules and is specifically designed to abolish and reduce Gynecomastia and pseudogynecomastia. This product works by targeting the fatty tissues found in the male chest cauing puffy nipples. Several studies carried out on this formula have come up with results showing that this product generally targets the fats or the adipose tissues resulting in reduction of man boobs, both in quantity and size.


The positive Gynexin results can be seen in three weeks time which is actually an impressive timeline. With Gynexin, you can remain assured of getting the best solution to your problem. I myself had been trying several therapies all proving ineffective, only to finally switch to this product and find out its amazing benefits. It is quite powerful but mild at the same time because of its organic content.


Gynexin Possitive Effects Include
Complete reduction in body fat

Elimination of male breasts without undergoing surgery

Decrease in embarrassment and awkwardness with bare upper body

Painless solution

Results without any scars

Complete riddance from health issues which are a result of excess chest fat settlement

Every individual looking to absolve the question, how to burn chest fat, without undergoing a strict diet routine and without exercising extensively can try Gynexin chest fat burner pills.


All those men who sarcastically wonder about the impressive results fetched from the product can go through Gynexin reviews available online. However, my unbiased Gynexin review would prove to be highly beneficial and useful.


Does Gynexin Work?

Does gynexin Work


The results of using Gynexin cannot be expected overnight. However, if you are not sure that does Gynexin really work then I can assure you with one word, Yes. Results differ according to different cases. If my review of the product is taken into consideration then I would suggest this product is for every guy suffering from Gynecomastia. This is because it works effectively towards reducing male breasts provided it is used in the right manner and as per directions of use.


While I cannot deny or confirm the success that comes from using this product, the only evidence that I can provide is that it surely worked for me. The assurance coming from me as a user should be and has been acknowledged amongst clients. Gynexin works and it works effectively only if you consider taking the capsules continuously before dinner and breakfast without any breaks in usage. It will just take three weeks time to find those fatty tissues disappearing without any side effects, scars or harsh therapy.


My Personal Experience with Gynexin

There has been a lot of talk in the recent times about Gynexin alpha formula which is an all-new gynecomastia pills that work on eliminating chest fat. As a fitness enthusiast and as a specialist involved in the health industry, I always recommend my clients to remain aware of the magic pill scams practically taking the market by storm. It is only because of this reason that some of my clients might be a little indecisive when it comes to buying this product.


Being a sufferer of Gynecomastia myself and having gone through the embarrassment and the stress that comes from this condition, I would highly recommend this product as one of the best breast reduction pills for men.


Gynexin review


For the ones who are in the look out of genuine and informative Gynexin reviews, I am here sharing my experiences. This Gynexin review is completely based on the personal experience that I had using the product as someone suffering from Gynecomastia- a condition characterized by male breasts or man boobs. The extra fat that accumulates on the chest is not only embarrassing but it also results in sheer agony, stress, constant nagging thoughts and loss of self-confidence.


I was experiencing every stigma attached with moobs imaginable. I am sure that of all the Gynexin reviews available online, you will find my unbiased review helpful. It would prove to be useful for you when it comes to making the decision of buying this product. My main objective behind writing this review is walking you through the facts about this product including its work procedure, ingredients, advantages, recommended dosage and even the frequently asked questions. Remember that it is just a simple review for the pseudo gynecomastia pills Gynexin based on my usage experience and benefits and has no intentions of making sales.


This product is by no means a kind of magic pill and it never claims to be so. The use of Gynexin requires that you still remain conscious of your diet while implementing an effective workout regime for reducing your male breasts. From my personal experience, I can tell you that it works surprisingly fast and brings out positive results for its users within a time span of three week.


Three weeks into using this product as per the guidelines, my chest fat reduced visibly and I was left with super charged results. Initially, I would see the results directly in the mirror after having a shower. Later, I took note of the huge difference that Gynexin had made into my appearance and my life when I started wearing clingy clothing. Previously, my puffy male breasts would show through but they could hardly be made out anymore. You will not be able to imagine the peace of mind and the relief that I felt. I made good progress and was successful in beating Gynecomastia, all thanks to Gynexin.


Gynexin Pros And Cons

Pros: Why You Should Buy the Product

Some of the most important benefits fetched from the use of Gynexin include:

  • It does not require an individual to go through any medical surgery or invasive procedure for eliminating his chest fat.
  • This product is easy to use. Just have the capsules thrice a day.
  • You can keep using the herbal Gynecomastia pill until you get the desired results
  • There is no strict or special diet routine that you will have to follow when using this product
  • All its ingredients are natural and they do not have any harmful side effects
  • The product is affordable and it costs much less than a surgery for male chest reduction.
  • The use of this product results in complete weight loss. This means that you not only lose your guy breasts but you also lose your body weight especially the fat on your stomach and thighs by using this product on a regular basis.
  • The human body makes use of excessive calories and successfully converts them into usable energy. The use of this product makes way for better productivity at home and at work and even offers extra energy for working out at the gym.
  • This product helps in lowering bad cholesterol significantly and in preventing blockages in the major arteries.


 Cons: Why You Shouldn’t Buy the Product

Despite the fact that there are no apparent drawbacks associated with Gynexin, I have tried summing up some of them just for the readers to get an idea.

  • This product can be ordered online and orders need to be fulfilled through mail. Therefore, it might take a little longer say one or two weeks at the most for the product package to arrive at your place.
  • This product will not result in the development of the muscles in your chest area. It will simply do the work of eliminating fats in this area or below the areola.
  • You need the approval of a doctor if you are thinking of using this product while taking other medicines and supplements for the same purpose.


How does Gynexin Work?

How Does Gynexin Work


Gynexin is an oral medicine for male breast reduction. It is the gyno pills that work in the form of a fat burner or a weight loss product. One of the most important features that make this product exclusive is that it targets the adipose tissue present in the breast specifically. Therefore, the results are quite favorable for the male users. This potent formula is a blend of ingredients like caffeine, green tea extract and cacao that have been chosen carefully for targeting and eradicating fat cells.


The product has been designed to be taken on a regular basis. Gynexin offers a cumulative effect. This means that the users of this product gradually lose their moobs and have their chests reverting to its flat appearance which was the case previously.


Why is this Product so Popular?

Why Is Gynexin Popular


This product has gained huge popularity in the market mainly due to the fact that it is an all-natural magical treatment specifically made by nutritionists and herbalists for helping men in reducing their male breasts. Another reason behind the popularity of Gynexin is its ease of use. The only thing that you need to do is drink eight ounces of water with this pill thrice a day. Yet another reason that has helped this product in gaining huge popularity is its safe work procedure.


Thus, it can rightly be said that it is safe, convenient and easy to use and therefore it is popular among people suffering from Gynecomastia. The fact that it is widely trusted and is available across the world has added to its popularity. The packaging of this product also looks attractive while its shipping is discreet and fast. However, it is the product’s proprietary Gynexin blend that makes it stand out from its competitors.


Is there anything like Gynexin Scam?

Gynexin Scam


The beginners into using Gynexin can remain assured of the fact that it is a genuine product. The rumors associated with Gynexin scam are untrue. There are thousands of Gynexin reviews available online and they will clearly tell you that this is one product that offers amazing benefits and results as far as guy breast reduction is concerned. Nevertheless, there are several unauthentic online sellers coming with the claims of offering this product at affordable rates.


These are sellers that indulge in fake products or re-formulated pills. Therefore, if you are thinking of getting this product then you must always get it from reputable and authorized online sellers and more preferably from the official site. This will help you in safeguarding your money and your health.


What Are Scientists Saying?

Gynexin Clinical Studies


Scientists are of the view that Gynexin male breast reduction pills are undoubtedly one of the best products for reducing male breasts or for Gynecomastia treatment. But the results from using this product cannot be expected overnight. Yes, it surely does work but the results might vary from one person to another. Therefore scientists are not sure whether they can call this product as a 100% guaranteed product for male breast elimination.


There have been major research studies conducted on this product and the results of this study show that it works very quickly serving the purpose that it is designed for. You do not need to wait for months without any results. It just takes a few days to work on the male breasts. Having said that, scientists claim that the product starts working after its very first dose.


Recommended Dosage of the Product

The recommended dosage of Gynexin alpha formula is a total of four pills during a time span of 24 hours. This pill intake should be spaced six hours apart. Nevertheless, the most common dosage requirement is generally two pills every day.


What are the Gynexin Ingredients?

gynexin ingredients


The main ingredients that make up Gynexin herbal breast reduction pills include:

Chromium or Picolinate


Chromium is a naturally occurring trace element that serves to be highly important for the human body. When used in the form of a supplement, it has proved to be highly effective for different medicinal purposes like controlling the levels of blood sugar in diabetics and prediabetics. It is also one of the best supplements used for losing weight and specifically in the reduction of body fat. Nevertheless, it offers double benefit and this is the reason why it is preferred by body builders and athletes. It not only helps in reducing body fat but also increases body muscle.


Theobromine Cacao

Theobromine Cacao

Cacao, the scientific name for which is theobromine is one of the main ingredients used in chocolate. It is rich in its content of antioxidants that have the ability of cleansing the body of unnecessary free radicals. Cacao also stimulates the function of the heart without affecting the nervous system. This ingredient in Gynexin helps in dilating the blood vessels, increasing heart rate and lowering blood pressure. It is also used in the form of a general tonic safeguarding overall wellness.




Also called Guggul, this ingredient is derived from the sap of Commiphora Mukul tree found in India. Guggul has natural anti-inflammatory qualities and is used in healing arthritis. It is also one of the most active ingredients used for lowering triglycerides and cholesterol. It also helps in effectively targeting fat reduction for promoting weight loss.




This is a common stimulant found in different drinks and foods. It boosts the nervous system the heart and the muscle system. Caffeine is also used for reducing headaches and migraines. Caffeine is used intravenously in hospitals for increasing the flow of urine. Making use of caffeine helps in increasing the procedure of removing impurities and this is the reason why caffeine is widely used in weight loss products.


Green Tea Extract

Green Tea Extract

Green tea is widely popular in the form of drinking tea but it has also got amazing medicinal advantages. It helps in preventing the most common forms of cancer and in treating disorders like Parkinson’s, Diabetes and Crohn’s. Due to the fact that green tea is not fermented, it has its polyphenols intact that help in reducing abnormal growth of cells and in reducing swelling. It also boosts the functioning of the brain by boosting neurotransmitters or the brain messengers for other parts of the human body like hormones.


FAQS about Gynexin

gynexin faq


Some of the most common FAQs about this product include:


Q: What do you mean by male breast reduction with the use of Gynexin?

It means the use of natural ingredients contained in a product for stimulating the action of the extra fat accumulated on the chest resulting in male breast reduction.


Q: What is the work procedure of the product?

It works in the form of a fat burner or a weight loss product. One of the most important features that make this product exclusive is that it targets the adipose tissue present in the breast specifically.


Q: What is the right method of taking these male breast reduction pills?

These pills should not be taken twice a day after breakfast and dinner.


Q: Is male breast treatment safe with the use of this product?

Yes, it is 100% safe to use Gynexin because it is formulated with all natural ingredients


Q: What are the foods that cause gynecomastia?

To be brief, it is a very long list to discuss here. I have written an article on this topic that you can find on my blog.


Q: Are there any Gynexin side effects?

No, being a herbal supplement there are not reported side effect till date


Q: How fast does this product offer desirable results?

It shows results in two to three weeks.


Q: What are the ingredients contained in this product?

Caffeine, Cacao and Chromium


Q: Is it possible to purchase this product in UK?

Yes, Gynexin available for sale in almost every country


Q: Is Gynexin effective as a male breast reduction treatment?

Yes, it is formulated with herbal ingredients that are recommended prominent in breast reduction


Q: Does this product help in curing puffy nipples?

Yes, along with burning your chest fat, it also cures your puffy nipples but it is important to know what causes puffy nipples, if it is due to fatty tissues then it can be cured by this gyno pills. But if it is hereditary, then you should consult your doctor.


Q: Do I have gynecomastia or body fat?

It is very important to know before you start your treatment. Read my full article on this topic in this blog to get your answer.


Q: What is the right procedure for ordering this product?

Ordering it online is the best practice to avoid getting trapped in any scam


Q: Is this product FDA approved?

Being a herbal supplement it is not governed by FDA.


Q: What is best – Gynecomastia compression shirt or gynecomastia pills?

Both are different, gynecomastia shirts are the temporary solution whereas gyno pills are the permanent solution


Q: Does this product work in the form of a fat burner?

Yes, it works towards shedding of excessive weight.


Q: Does this product help in bodybuilding?

No, it is specially designed to burn chest fat not to tone your muscles


Q: Can I find Gynexin before and after pics online?

Yes, the official website and many other review sites have shown the results through these pics


Q: Can individuals purchase Gynexin in stores such as Walmart, Barrett and Holland?

Yes, you can purchase this herbal breast reduction pills from these stores but due to company’s preference of selling it through their official website, there is a shortage of stock in these stores. Therefore there are various other gynecomastia pills at stores that are presented as the gynexin alternative but are actually not.


Where to Buy Gynexin?

Buy Gynexin


Until recently, Gynexin was only available for purchase online from the official website of the manufacturer. However, because of the rising demand of this product, it is now available for sale on sites like eBay and Amazon. Here, it is important to note that this product is not available in stores like Walgreen, Walmart and GNC. It is a product that is only available online and therefore there is no way out for you than to go for an online purchase.


Even I got it online but I can assure you that the packaging for the product was quite attractive and the shipping was also fast.


This product is available for sale internationally. Besides being available in the United States, the manufacturer ships to places like Canada, United Kingdom, Egypt, India, Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines.


The timelines for product shipping generally vary from one country to another. It is also important for the buyers to remain aware of taxes, customs charges, and duties that might be added at the borders of their respective countries.


The best place for ordering Gynexin is at its source directly. The company possesses its official website where interested buyers can place their orders. There are even special discounts and promotions available on the website.


Bottom Line

Thus, Gynexin has got a lot to offer to its users and even has several testimonials on its website of men of men who placed repeat orders for this product because of the noticeable results that they were getting. So, without waiting further, go for your Gynexin magic pill today and experience the difference in your appearance and your confidence. You will surely love the way it works on your male breasts aka moobs bringing in more confidence for you at every step you take in life.


buy gynexin

Gynexol Review – Is It Really A Better Option Than Pills and Surgery?

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Gynecomastia or male breast or man boobs or just moobs, referred to with different terms but the problem is same and something disastrous for male pride if not taken seriously. Around 40% of the male population all around the world is suffering from some sort of gynecomastia. Though I know you are not here on this post to know about gynecomastia rather you are here to understand efficacy, usage and review of the gynecomastia cream, Gynexol.


But it would be wise to have a short and quick look at the problem before we go deep into the possible benefits and usage of the gynecomastia reduction cream. Also, if you want to learn more about gynecomastia and the possible gynecomastia causes you can learn it from the post i have linked..


Gynexol Review


What exactly is Gynecomastia?

To be very precise, gynecomastia is a medical condition where the male breast develops abnormally due to various reasons. It could be hormonal imbalance, poor diet, drugs, and alcohol or prescribed medication. In a study, it was found that almost 30% of US men are suffering from male breast problem.


Gynecomastia moreover plays emotionally rather than being a health concern. Though it is serious and embarrassing, it is good to hear that it is treatable. What you have to do is to find the perfect solution for you.


What Are Different Types of Gynecomastia?

Now here it is important to tell you that there are some similar conditions, with similar symptoms as gynecomastia. However, they are not at all the same. Gynecomastia is basically categorized into three different types, Mixed Gynecomastia, Pseudogynecomastia and Pubertal Gynecomastia.


Mixed gynecomastia is a condition where a person experiences enlargement in breast tissues at some age but it occurs due to the combined effect of excess fat content & mammary gland tissues. Obesity in the male is the major reason for mixed gynecomastia due to deposition of excessive fat in the body.


do i have gynecomastia


Whereas, pubertal gynecomastia is a male breast like condition in teens where the breast size increases mostly due to a natural process called puberty. Almost 40% of teenagers suffer from this condition and naturally get rid of it as they enter their adulthood.


Talking about Pseudogynecomastia, it is commonly known as false gynecomastia. In this condition, the breast size enlarges due to the accumulation of fat. Though it appears similar to regular gynecomastia it is different, as in gynecomastia the breast tissues grow abnormally.


What Can Cause Gynecomastia

[icon icon=icon-remove size=18px color=#FF0000 ] Hormonal imbalance

[icon icon=icon-remove size=18px color=#FF0000 ] Production of excess estrogen

[icon icon=icon-remove size=18px color=#FF0000 ] Use of some prescribed medication that increases estrogen

[icon icon=icon-remove size=18px color=#FF0000 ] Consumption of alcohol and street drugs

[icon icon=icon-remove size=18px color=#FF0000 ] Several health conditions like Hyperthyroidism, Tumors, Aging, Liver failure and many more

[icon icon=icon-remove size=18px color=#FF0000 ] Use of herbal products that contain plant oil


All Possible Treatment Options For Gynecomastia

By now you might have confirmed the type of gynecomastia you are suffering. If it is surely regular gynecomastia and not pseudogynecomastia then your next step should be to look out for best available treatment options.

But it would be  wise to diagnose your condition by a doctor to also know the exact problem. The laboratory examination to find out gynecomastia causes includes

aspartate transaminase and alanine transaminase,

serum creatinine,

thyroid-stimulating hormone levels,

serum beta human chorionic gonadotropin,

mammography and

serum dehydroepiandrosterone.

Coming back to treatment options, please be clear that with the term “treatment options” I broadly mean that I am including all permanent and temporary options. But before opting any treatment option, ask yourself a question, do I have gynecomastia or it’s just body fat? If it’s actually a gynecomastia then ask next question to yourself, How to get rid of gynecomastia?


Gynecomastia Exercises

fat burning workouts for men


When talking about exercises the first thing that comes to our mind is building muscles. As there are some particular exercises for muscle building similarly there are some tailored fat burning workouts for men. If you are making your mind to make your way to the gym then make sure to consult a professional trainer. They will guide you through specific exercises to getting rid of gynecomastia.


Gynecomastia Diet

foods that cause gynecomastia


Considering that breasts are mostly made of lipids, surely you need to do a lot to cut off your fat consumption. If you are a person with high consumption of fatty foods, it is essential for you to check those foods that cause gynecomastia and go on a low-fat diet. This will help you know how to burn chest fat. If you are already using other gynecomastia treatment options such as pills or creams, healthy low-fat diet will surely speed up your transformation.


Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia Surgery


Surgery is the last option for any health condition and same is for sculpting chest. Gynecomastia surgery is the most popular treatment option to get rid of man boobs but the cost of gynecomastia surgery is not affordable for all. Surgery is the most tailored and personalized treatment option.


Gynecomastia Compression Shirt

Gynecomastia Compression Shirt


If you want instant results and at a cheaper cost, then, gynecomastia compression shirt is for you. The advantages of these shirts are their convenience and affordability. But let me tell you that these are not the permanent solution. Gynecomastia shirts compress your breast size to normal while you wear them but once you remove it, your breast size will get to their previous size. Besides they may be uncomfortable to wear, so at best they are a temporary solution for specific days or outings.


Gynecomastia Herbal Supplement

Gynecomastia Herbal Supplement


You all might know that there are several pills that intend to increase the size of breast in women. Similarly, there are pills and supplements that are formulated to reduce the breast size in the male. Gynecomastia pills are the most popular solution in the market. It is due to comprehensive results provided by these pills that are better than any other methods.


Gynexin is the most favorite male breast reduction pill in the market with about 99% guaranteed results. Read the full review on Gynexin and my personal experience with it.


Gynecomastia Cream

Men suffering from gynecomastia usually choose to opt for gynecomastia topical cream treatment initially before putting their hands on other options. It is a logical process because creams and gels are quite easy to use, pain-free and also cheaper than other options.


Gynecomastia cream treatment is very affordable compared to surgery where you need to invest a huge amount of money from your savings or income as insurance is not an option for such cosmetic corrective surgery. The only drawback for some of these creams is that some ingredients may not go well with everyone’s skin, therefore, it is strictly advised to choose reputable brands such as Gynexol chest sculpting cream.


cream for gynecomastia


What is Gynexol?

Gynexol is an all natural gynecomastia topical cream for reducing the appearance of man boobs. It is specifically formulated to eliminate male breast in a short time period. It is directed to apply it to your moobs regularly till you notice any improvement in your male breast. In the last few years, there has been a huge rise in the popularity of Gynexol cream for gynecomastia. This is not due to marketing or publicity rather due to users’ review that got benefited through Gynexol.


Not only the users’ review are  responsible for its popularity rather its the formulation which is adding comprehensively to its publicity and popularity. The ingredients used in Gynexol body sculpting cream are 100% natural and therefore do not cause any side effects.


Compared to other two treatment options of gynecomastia that are more popular, with Gynexol you don’t need to swallow pills or go through painful surgery. All you need is to just apply it and that’s all.


Does Gynexol Work?

gynexol body sculpting cream


If you think that Gynexol will give you results from the first day, then you would be totally wrong. Not only Gynexol, any pill or cream cannot give you instant results. The results for Gynexol totally depend on its use. The company recommends to apply it to your chest twice a day for at least one month or more to get prominent results.


I have personally used it and found that it actually worked for me. I used it along with Gynexin, to give me better results. The ingredients of Gynexol are very powerful compared to other chest sculpting creams. This makes it a powerful gynecomastia cream that actually works.


Why Should You Buy This Product?

[icon icon=icon-ok size=20px color=#0000FF ] It is a 100% natural treatment for getting rid of gynecomastia

[icon icon=icon-ok size=20px color=#0000FF ] It helps to regain your confidence

[icon icon=icon-ok size=20px color=#0000FF ] Being natural, it is safe and risk-free causing no side effects

[icon icon=icon-ok size=20px color=#0000FF ] Gives your chest more defined, toned and firmer look

[icon icon=icon-ok size=20px color=#0000FF ] Easy to apply

[icon icon=icon-ok size=20px color=#0000FF ] Provide you freedom to be shirtless

[icon icon=icon-ok size=20px color=#0000FF ] Fast acting results, could be seen in 2-3 weeks

[icon icon=icon-ok size=20px color=#0000FF ] Affordable and low-cost treatment option


Why Should You Not Buy This Product?

[icon icon=icon-remove size=20px color=#FF0000 ] Results may vary from person to person

[icon icon=icon-remove size=20px color=#FF0000 ] Though being easy to apply, takes quite a time to rub it properly and apply fully

[icon icon=icon-remove size=20px color=#FF0000 ] You will not found it in stores, only available online



How Does Gynexol Work?

gynexol chest sculpting cream


Gynexol works on your male breast by eliminating the fat deposition in your chest area, the root cause for developing gynecomastia. Apart from other man boobs solution, it works on breaking the fatty tissues in your chest area but this doesn’t mean that it will eliminate all the fatty tissue in your chest rather it will only remove those superfluous fats that are responsible for swelling in the chest.


Gynexol Ingredients List

Gynexol Ingredients


All the ingredients listed on the label are 100% natural. All these ingredients are useful in breaking down the fatty and glandular tissues. The ingredients are as follows:


List of Gynexol Ingredients

Retinol – This ingredient helps in restoring the dead cells and stimulating your body. Along with that it also helps in upholding most important tissue, epithelial.


Aloe Vera – Aleo Vera helps in boosting your metabolism to burn fat and calories. Due to this, the size of male breast reduces to its normal shape.


L-Arginine – It is the most important ingredient in the list. It helps to reduce your breast size by increasing lipolysis to break down fat and prevent food from storing in fat. Moreover, it enhances blood circulation.


Green Tea Extract – It plays a role of antioxidant that reduces the inflammation in the breast.


Ginkgo Biloba – They are herbs to protect your blood vessels and enhancing blood circulation.


Tocopheryl Acetate – It is a natural ingredient that has various skin benefits and acts as an anti-aging.


Exthoxydiglycol – This ingredient is important for any sculpting cream because it acts as a binder of all ingredient and provides firm structure to the cream.


Why Is Gynexol So Popular In Market?

gynexol reviews


There is no doubt that Gynexol gynecomastia reduction cream is very popular in the market and this is not just due to their marketing strategies rather it is due to the word of mouth publicity done by their existing users. If any product shows positive results that it is sure that it will get popular even if there is no marketing done.


Besides all this, combination and unique blend of ingredients used in this product also make it powerful chest sculpting cream and makes it popular in the market.


Is There Any Scam Associated With This Product?

Gynexol Scam


Well, there might be some rumors in the market about a Gynexol scam, that it is totally fake and unworthy but let me tell you categorically based on my personal usage, that they are just nonsense. Majority of them are propaganda spread by its competitors. The reviews and rating made by the Gynexol user itself prove that all the rumors are fake.


I am not ignoring the fact that there might be a couple of cases where some men would not have received the desired results. But for that, you cannot always blame the product. Any product including Gynexol, can not achieve or promise 100% results, as they vary from individual to individual based on personal characteristics, usage, personal habits etc.


How is It Recommended To Use?

Though Gynexol is a topical cream and safe for use, there is some recommendation given by the manufacturer to get best results. You are suggested to apply this creams twice a day to see the prominent transformation within 3-4 weeks.


Some of the most common FAQs

gynexol faq


Q: What you actually mean with male breast reduction by Gynexol?

It means that Gynexol reduces breast size by eliminating the fatty tissue in chest area


Q: Is it safe to use this product for male breast reduction?

Yes, being a totally natural cream it is safe for application.


Q: What about Gynexol side effects?

No, till now there are no  reported cases of side effects.


Q: When should I expect the desirable results?

Results could be seen in 3-4 weeks.


Q: Is Gynexol available worldwide?

Yes, it is easily available online for sale worldwide.


Q: Is Gynexol an effective male breast reduction solution?

Yes, this chest sculpting cream helps in burning chest fat


Q: Does this product help in curing puffy nipples?

No, it is formulated to reduce chest fat not to cure your puffy nipples.


Q: What is the best way to order this product?

Well if you want to purchase this chest sculpting formula, it is better to buy Gynexol cream online to avoid any scam.


Q: Is this product FDA approved?

Being a herbal product  it is not governed  by FDA


Q: Does this product work in the form of a fat burner?

No, it’s a topical cream that helps in breaking down fatty tissue in your chest area.


Q: Can individuals purchase Gynexol at Walmart, Barrett, or Holland?

No, you can only order this product online


Gynexol – Where To Buy?

gynexol where to buy


It would be quite disappointing for many as you cannot find Gynexol on stores like Walmart, Barrett, and Holland. The only way to order this product is through online from its official website. But this is due to a simple reason, Due to its huge popularity and high demand in the market, there are many fake products that are selling with a similar name and affecting its reputation. To avoid this, the company decided to sell their product only on their official website.


My Final Verdict

There is no doubt that Gynexol is the most popular and effective chest sculpting cream available on the market today and this is due to the prominent results that it delivers. Today no other male breast reduction cream is standing beside Gynexol. Gynexol has made its market due to its effective formulation, fast results, and trustworthy testimonials. In my view, you should go with Gynexol if you are not sure with other treatment options like pills and surgery.


buy gynexol cream online

What is Gynecomastia?

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Gynecomastia, most commonly known as moobs or man boobs or bitch tits, is a physical and medical condition that relates to enlargement of breast size in men. One of the most common causes of Gynecomastia is the disorder of endocrine system. Risk of development of breast size increases as we age. One suffering from such condition oftentimes finds himself in a state of embarrassment and teasing, probably in his friend circle. Oftentimes, male with enlarged breast size get into depression because most of them are teenagers. In a research, it was revealed that almost 1/3 of male population around the world suffer from gynecomastia at some age of their lives.


Talking about man boobs in teens, many times it occurs due to puberty and that is common. Therefore, in such condition, the best approach is to wait and watch rather than taking fast action. In an official stats it has been reported that 36% of teens are suffering from such medical condition whereas, for adults, the percentage is 57%. US food authority, FDA has stated that approx 2-3 millions gyno cases are reported every year.


What is gynecomastia


Does Every Breast Enlargement Are Gynecomastia?

Before going briefer about gynecomastia, first of all, let’s get more clear about male breast enlargement. Most of us have one common misconception that all types of breast enhancement in men are due to growth in breast tissue or gynecomastia. But let me tell you frankly that this is the biggest myth.


When considering gynecomastia, it occurs due to deposition of extra breast tissue around the areola (in simple words, nipples). Due to this, it gives an appearance of the enlarged breast. Though it is not necessary that every sort of breast enlargement is due to deposition of extra breast tissues.


One of another common factor of enlargement of breast in the male is due to deposition of excessive chest fat. Chest fat, many times mimic the actual appearance of gynecomastia. This type of breast enlargement is called pseudogynecomastia or adipomastia or lipomastia. By now if you are assured that you actually have gynecomastia or pseudogynecomastia, then there are surely some definite ways that can help you get rid of it fast.


What Are Hidden Dangers And How Can It Cost You Socially

Often, teens and adults suffering from gynecomastia hesitate in sharing their pain with their family and friend due to many reasons. Many times they feel shame in sharing that they will be made a character of laughter. Therefore if any of your loved ones are suffering from enlarged male breast condition then please try to understand the extreme pressure they are dealing with and give them all the sympathy they need. This empathy is most important for teens suffering from gynecomastia.


Types Of Gynecomastia

Mixed Gynecomastia VS Pubertal Gynecomastia VS Pseudogynecomastia


types of gynecomastia


Now here it is important to tell you that there are some similar conditions, with similar symptoms as gynecomastia. However, they are not at all same. They are:


Types of Gynecomastia
Mixed Gynecomastia – Mixed gynecomastia is a condition where a person experiences enlargement in breast tissues at some age but it occurs due to the combined effect of excess fat content & mammary gland tissues. Obesity in the male is the major reason for mixed gynecomastia due to deposition of excessive fat in the body.


Pubertal Gynecomastia – There are many teenagers all around the world who feel incredibly worried about the rapid growth of their breast tissues. For those teens, I want to say that don’t panic as it is a natural process and almost 40% of teenagers suffer from a similar condition at this point of age, also referred as puberty. This is only called Pubertal Gynecomastia. In a study, it was found that 75% of pubertal gynecomastia cases were resolved within 2 years naturally without any treatment.


Pseudogynecomastia – Pseudogynecomastia is commonly known as false gynecomastia. In this condition, the breast size enlarges due to the accumulation of fat. Though it appears similar to regular gynecomastia it is different from gynecomastia as in gynecomastia the breast tissues grow abnormally.


What Can Cause Gynecomastia

gynecomastia causes


[icon icon=icon-stethoscope size=18px color=#0000FF ] Hormonal Imbalance and excessive estrogen level

[icon icon=icon-stethoscope size=18px color=#0000FF ] Several Medications that can cause moobs includes Anti-androgens, AIDS medications, Tricyclic antidepressants, Ulcer medications, Anabolic steroids & androgens, Anti-anxiety medications, Cancer treatment, Gastric motility medications, Heart medications and Antibiotics

[icon icon=icon-stethoscope size=18px color=#0000FF ] Alcohol and street drugs such as Amphetamines, Heroin, Marijuana, and Methadone

[icon icon=icon-stethoscope size=18px color=#0000FF ] Health conditions that can cause gynecomastia includes Hypogonadism, Hyperthyroidism, Tumors, Aging, Liver failure, Kidney failure, Malnutrition, and starvation

[icon icon=icon-stethoscope size=18px color=#0000FF ] Herbal products such as Plant Oils used in soaps, lotions and shampoos can also cause man boobs.


All Popular Treatment Options For Gynecomastia

By now you might be confirmed about what type of gynecomastia you are suffering. If it is surely regular gynecomastia and not pseudogynecomastia then your next step should be to look out for best available treatment options. Now make sure that with the “treatment options” I broadly mean that I am including all permanent and temporary options.


Get Rid Of Gynecomastia With Exercises

gynecomastia exercise


When talking about exercises the first thing that comes to our mind is building muscles. As there are some particular exercises for muscle building similarly there are some tailored exercises for losing man boobs. If you are making your mind to make your way to the gym then make sure to consult a professional trainer. They will guide you specific exercises to get rid of man boobs.


Get Rid Of Gynecomastia With Diet

gynecomastia diet


Considering that breasts are mostly made of lipids, surely you need to do a lot to cut off your fat consumption. If you are one with high consumption of fatty foods, it is essential for you to go on a low-fat diet. This will help your body to burn off excess fat. If you are already using other gynecomastia treatment options such as pills or creams, healthy low-fat diet will surely speed up your transformation.


Get Rid Of Gynecomastia With Surgery

gynecomastia surgery


Surgery is the last option for any health condition and same is for gynecomastia. Gynecomastia surgery is the most popular treatment option to get rid of man boobs but for that, you need to spend a lot. It is the most tailored and personalized treatment option. Surgical process for gynecomastia includes laser-assisted liposuction, mastectomy, laser-lipolysis without liposuction and liposuction-assisted mastectomy. 


Get Rid Of Gynecomastia With Cream

Gynecomastia cream


Men suffering from gynecomastia usually choose to opt topical treatment initially before putting their hands on other options. It is a logical process because creams and gels are quite easy to use, pain-free and also cheaper than other options. One of the top-rated gynecomastia cream is Gynexol, you must check the review.


Get Rid Of Gynecomastia With Pills

gynecomastia pills


You all might know that there are several pills that intend to increase the size of breast in women. Similarly, there are pills and supplements that are formulated to reduce the breast size in the male. Gynecomastia pills are the most popular solution in the market. It is due to comprehensive results provided by these pills that are better than any other methods.


Get Rid Of Gynecomastia With Compression Shirts

gynecomastia shirts


If you want instant results and at a cheaper cost than breast binding gynecomastia shirts are for you. These gynecomastia vests are also commonly referred as the male bra, compression bra or compression vest. The advantages of these shirts are their convenience and affordability. But let me tell you that these are not the permanent solution. Gynecomastia shirts compress your breast size to normal while you wear them but once you remove it, your breast size will get to their previous size.


What Is Best Option – Pills or Surgery

Gynecomastia pills or surgery


Most people view gynecomastia surgery and pills as two comparable treatment options, but actually, they both are incredibly different and unique options. But both are considered as the best options to get rid of man boobs.


Considering surgery as an option, it is an extremely costly choice. Post surgery period is very painful and you will require a long time to get recovered. Though the results are satisfying, if you don’t have enough backup you will be requiring a financial support.


Talking about gynecomastia pills, it is a cheaper option than surgery. You don’t need to go through painful surgical process and recovery period. The results are also better than other treatment options.


Herbal Pills VS Prescriptions Medication

Similar to prescribed weight loss medication, there are prescription pills for gynecomastia too. Most of the people suffering from man boobs think that prescription pills are best to get results, but wait, it’s not the case always. In reality, there are herbal pills that are more effective than prescription pills. Herbal pills are more reliable because they have low or nil side effects. This is because our body is quite more responsive to herbal ingredients than to artificial components.

What Are Various Causes of Gynecomastia

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Causes of gynecomastia


It has been a severe mystery for many medical communities that actually what the basic causes of gynecomastia are. Being a benign situation, no one tried to put effort into finding fundamental causes of gynecomastia. But before diving deep into causes of gynecomastia, let’s get the clear situation on what actually gynecomastia is and what it’s not.


Enlargement of breast size in men due to the growth of breast tissue is actually gynecomastia. Whereas, breast enlargement due to deposition of fat around and under the areola is called pseudogynecomastia.


Excess Estrogen Is The Main Culprit

estrogen causes gynecomastia


There might be several reasons for gynecomastia but all of them are co-related or you may say backed by one main cause and that is the presence of the excess maternal hormones or female hormone. The scientifically female hormone is present in every man at a specific level and that’s perfectly normal.


The problem begins when the level of female hormone increases abnormally in men, this causes gynecomastia. There might be various reasons for the abnormal increase in female hormone level and that what we are going to discuss further in this article.


Gynecomastia can be classified into four different sectors
1) Men who developed male breast naturally

2) Development of gynecomastia through use of steroids neglecting PCT (Post Cycle Therapy)

3) Use of several prescribed medication that causes gynecomastia

4) Development of male breast through consumption of drugs and alcohol

All these factors seem different actually they are root for producing excess estrogen that causes male breast.


Causes Of Gynecomastia In Puberty Period

gynecomastia in puberty


Every human body has two types of hormone, a female hormone (estrogen) and male hormone (androgen). When estrogen level in males exceeds androgen level, it results in gynecomastia. Natural growth of breast in teens that disappears within the certain time period is called Physiologic Gynecomastia.


Increase in the level of estrogen in the male during puberty is quite natural that results in enlargement of the male breast, but most of the time it is temporary. In a study, it has been revealed that among 40% of teens suffering from gynecomastia, 75% of them get to the normal flat chest within 2 years of onset.


Causes of Gynecomastia In Adults

Talking about symptoms of pubertal gynecomastia and adult gynecomastia, they are mostly similar. But both gynecomastia is actually different and one should never relate one to another. Men who didn’t have any state of gynecomastia in their young age and got developed in their adulthood could be due to various reasons.


Development of gynecomastia in adults could be the reason of hormonal imbalance, consumption of prescription medication, consumption of drugs and alcohol or due to an unhealthy diet.


Medications That Causes Gynecomastia

drugs causing gynecomastia


There are some prescribed medications that could cause gynecomastia in both teenagers and adults. It is reported that 10-25% of gynecomastia cases are due consumption of prescribed drugs,

  • Steroids like Prednisone and Dexamethasone
  • Medication for treatment of ulcer
  • Medication for treatment of Epilepsy
  • Digitalis medication used for heart problem can cause swelling in breast
  • Medication used during chemotherapy also causes gynecomastia
  • Antiandrogen drugs such as cyproterone, spironolactone, and flutamide
  • Anti-anxiety and Anti-depressant drugs like Tricyclic and Valium
  • Medications like ketoconazole, 5α-Reductase inhibitors, cimetidine, bicalutamide, spironolactone and flutamide

Medications that may probably cause gynecomastia are verapamil, risperidone, nifedipine, amlodipine, olanzapine, opioids, anabolic steroids, efavirenz, omeprazole and alkylating agents.


Medical Condition That Causes Gynecomastia

There are some men in whom gynecomastia occurs due to various health conditions such as,

  • Hypogonadism
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Tumors
  • Aging
  • Liver failure
  • Kidney failure
  • Malnutrition and starvation
  • Klinefelter syndrome
  • Peutz–Jeghers syndrome
  • hCG-secreting choriocarcinoma
  • Graves’ disease
  • Aromatase excess syndrome


Foods That Causes Gynecomastia

Unknown to us till now, there are several food items that are included in our daily food list, actually leads to exceeding estrogen level in our body. Foods like genetically altered meat and milk are such kind of foods. Along with these some foods like tofu and soy also helps in increasing estrogen level. Fatty food items are also a major reason for male breast enhancement.


What Causes Man Boobs In Steroid Users

Please note that every steroid doesn’t lead to man boobs, but it can’t be ignored that all of them have some side effects. Aromatize steroids such as Anadrol, Dianabol, and Sustanon are some common steroids that cause gynecomastia. But wait! There are also some other steroids causing man boobs. Severity and time of occurrence totally depend on the dose and strength of steroids.


Steroid induced gynecomastia


Why Gynecomastia Occurs In Steroid Users & How To Treat It

When a user starts taking steroids, the testosterone increases to build muscle cells and generate extra power that makes the user feel powerful and bulky. But when they stop consuming steroids, the hormonal balance in their body gets altered. The production of estrogen increases in comparison to the production of androgen.


This creates a chain reaction that causes enlargement of breast tissues, resulting gynecomastia. This is where PCT or Post Cycle Therapy becomes important. Your body becomes a habitat for the steroids and when you stop giving it required a supplement, it starts reacting adversely. Post cycle therapy helps you to treat this adverse effect of quitting steroid and prevent the growth of male breast.

Gynecomastia Treatment Options

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The search for gynecomastia treatment is growing more popular on the internet these days, all thank goes to those body conscious males who are now not at all afraid of seeking options to get rid of man boobs. Previously, talking about gynecomastia was a taboo and men avoid discussing their situation in public.


But nowadays, men and even celebrities are frankly discussing their battle with gynecomastia. Further, in this article, you are going to know about gynecomastia treatment options, both temporary and permanent, along with their benefits and drawbacks.


Know Your Estrogen Baseline Level

Estrogen level causes gynecomastia


When you are looking for treatment options for gynecomastia, one main aspect that you must keep in your mind is that gynecomastia is actually caused by the exceeding level of estrogen in your body. The source for the exceeding estrogen level may differ with every case but finally, the outcome is excess estrogen resulting man boobs. While looking for a prominent solution for gynecomastia, we must also look for a solution to control and access the estrogen intake.


Before opting and going with any treatment option, you must get the factual picture of the estrogen level of your body. For this, you can consult a doctor who is specialized in pathophysiology or gynecomastia. Some tests made by the doctor will show you an actual picture of your estrogen level. This will help you in finding the perfect solution for your gynecomastia problem.


Your Eating Habit Matters A Lot

eating healthy in gynecomastia


Rarely there are some foods that can lead to gynecomastia. These foods actually contain a substance named Phytoestrogen, resembling estrogen. Soy protein, such as tofu, flax seed, and soy milk, contain phytoestrogens in very high quantity. These types of food are usually regarded as best protein alternative for meat. Therefore, vegetarian males who consume these foods are quite obviously taking enough phytoestrogen that results in gynecomastia.


If that’s the condition, reducing intake of soy can help you recover from man boobs. Men who are thinking that this is the actual reason for their male breast, it’s worthy for them to maintain a food diary to monitor the consumption of phytoestrogen. Also, check the pack of processed foods before consuming as manufacturers often use soy as bulking ingredient.


Another way you can influence your man boobs through diet is weight regulation. Obesity or weight gain through consuming high-calorie foods also drives you to gynecomastia. Fighting gynecomastia by controlling calorie diet along with exercise will surely help you to get rid of man boobs. The foods that are considered high-calorie foods are Dried fruits, Peas, Beans, Flax seed, Sesame seeds, Bran cereals, Chickpeas, Soybean, Alfalfa sprouts, Tofu and Tempeh


Various Treatment Options For Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia Treatment Options


Before we dive deep into treatment options for gynecomastia, by now I am assured that you are aware of what is gynecomastia and how it is different from pseudogynecomastia. If not so, visit our page to find it out. As you know that sometimes man boobs are caused due to deposition of excess fat tissue around and under the nipple. This type of gynecomastia can easily recover through diet and exercises. We are going to discuss treatment options for genuine gynecomastia, including both temporary and permanent. So let’s get started.


Compression Shirts For Gynecomastia

Compression Shirts


When your enlarged breast torments your general physique, the first thing you need is to hide it from others while trying other options to get rid of it. Here come compression shirts into play. As you all know that women have various apparel and undergarments such as girdles to hide their unpleasant bulges and extra curves. Similarly, men also have an option to hide their unwanted man boobs, it’s gynecomastia shirts (also referred as compression vest, male bra, and breast binding vest).


Gynecomastia shirts are basically meant to wear under regular clothes, now compression shirts start its job by smoothing your bulges and providing you most toned shape that you ever desired. Your enlarged moobs will get compressed, shaping unsightly lumps in your chest, no more making you ashamed of anything.


Compression shirts are so comfortable making you wear your regular outfits without anyone noticing that you are wearing any aid underneath. The only thing that anyone notices is your confidence and toned body.


1- The main thing about compression shirts is its cost. They are really inexpensive and cheap. A good quality branded compression shirts will cost you not more than $50.

2- Another major pro about compression shirts is that the results are instant, make sure its temporary. If you are short of budget or no time to wait for getting flatten chest, Gynecomastia Shirts are for you

3- If you are not sure how your chest would be after using supplements or surgery, compression shirts will make you feel how amazing it is to have a flat chest.

4- The major drawback for compression shirts is that the results are temporary. As you remove it, you will back with your male breast.

5- In initial days of use, you will feel some uneasiness. But as you use it regularly you will get used to it.


Herbal Supplements For Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia Herbal Supplements


The most searched gynecomastia treatment now days are gynecomastia supplements. These herbal supplements especially target hormonal imbalance to reverse the development of breast tissue. Gynecomastia supplements are most favorite treatment options among all men because of their low cost and permanent solution for gynecomastia without going under costly surgical process.


Anyone who is looking for a treatment option that is both affordable and effective, gynecomastia supplements are for them. There are various prominent supplements such as Gynexin that can help you get rid of gynecomastia fast and effectively.


1- Herbal supplements are one and only option to get rid of gynecomastia without surgery.

2- Though these supplements are not the cheaper option but comparing to surgery they are cheapest.

3- When using gynecomastia supplement, you will not be required to take off from your work, as you need in the case of surgery.

4- One drawback is that in back days some men reported that they are not satisfied with the results they got.


Post Cycle Therapy For Gynecomastia

post cycle therapy


Post cycle therapy is for those men who developed their gynecomastia through steroids. If you are using steroids or any other performance-boosting drugs, then you must prepare yourself for unusual side effects, gynecomastia. Scientific results have proven that steroids actually alter your hormonal balance by boosting estrogen level, aftermath results in gynecomastia.


Gynecomastia caused by this condition mostly occurs in amateur bodybuilders. If they would have taken preventive measures, then its sure that they would have avoided development of breast enlargement. PCT involves preventive drugs such as SERM (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator), AI (Aromatise Inhibitor) and testosterone booster. These preventive drugs help in equalizing estrogen and androgen.


1- Post Cycle Therapy helps preventing gynecomastia by countering production of excess estrogen.

2- Gynecomastia in steroid user occur due to lack of PCT. It will help you retain your muscles.

3- PCT also boosts the production of male hormone to equalize estrogen.

4- Some common side effects of PCT are vomiting, hot flashes, headache, hair thinning, mild nausea, leg cramp and erectile dysfunction.


Surgery For Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia surgery


When all other option fails to deliver a permanent solution, gynecomastia surgery is referred as the final solution. Though it is an expensive treatment option although you can rely on it. Earlier gynecomastia surgery was the treatment choice for only celebrities and wealthy persons, but nowadays it has become a common treatment option.


If you opt for surgery, you will be totally under the guidance of surgeon. Pre-surgery process and post-surgery process all will be under his surveillance. On your consensus, you will find what you desired, flat chest.


1- If the surgery is carried by a specialized gynecomastia surgeon, the success rate will be 100%

2- Surgery period is 4 days that means you get the flat chest in a fast way.

3- Among all available treatment options, surgery delivers you permanent solution in the fastest way possible.

4- One major drawback is its cost, you will be charged around $6000-8500.

5- Post surgery period is quite painful and takes time to get back to the normal routine


Most common side effects related to the surgical process are surgical wound infection, hematoma, breast asymmetry, necrosis of the areola or nipple, changes in sensation in the breast, contour deformities and noticeable or painful scars.


Top 10 Natural Ways to Reduce Moobs

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Ways to lose man boobs


Gynecomastia is turning to a very common issue in most men these days but its not easy for everyone to invest their money in treatments like supplements, gynecomastia creams and surgery. Therefore most of them usually prefer to find a home-based solution to reduce man boobs naturally. Male breast enlargement commonly occur due to hormonal imbalance but sometimes it is due to puberty. If your condition is not serious than it is sure that you will be successful in eliminating man boobs through home remedies. Here in this article we are going to find out 10 natural ways to eliminate man boobs without investing a penny.


Improve your eating habit

Improve your eating habit


Your eating habit also plays an important role in enlarging your male breast. There are some common foods that are regularly included in our daily diet and we love to eat them. But these foods contain excess amount of estrogen that is responsible for increasing the size of male breast. Check out our article to know foods that contain estrogen.


If you want to eliminate your man boobs naturally, the first step is to remove these foods from your diet list and add foods that help in enhancing metabolism to burn down fatty tissues. These foods include fish, ginger, green tea, wheat bran, turmeric, eggs, milk thistle, cabbage, dandelion, ricotta cheese, Epsom salt, coconut, passion flower, shrimp, cordyceps, garlic, flaxseeds and pumpkin seeds.


Include Zinc In Your Diet

Include Zinc In Your Diet


Zinc is commonly referred as libido booster but it not only what it does. Zinc helps in stimulating the testosterone production. Testosterones are male hormones that boost manhood and is also responsible for burning fat in the chest area, reducing the male breast size. Though you can find zinc in the form of supplement but seafood like lobsters also contains zinc in them in high potency.


Avoid Sugar Consumption

Avoid Sugar


Sugar is an important ingredient in our daily diet. Limited consumption of sugar is ok but things get worse when you cross the limit. Sugar stimulates the production of insulin that restricts the production of testosterones. To regulate your sugar consumtion, replace foods like soda, grains, cereals and pasta with vegetables or healthy fats.


Cold Compression

Cold Compression


Mostly man boobs don’t create any pain but in some cases it does and this pain is intolerant. To avoid this pain you need to soothe your nerve cells through cold compress. For this you need to wrap some ice cubes in a napkin or towel and compress your affected area. Remember not to compress with ice cubes directly.


Avoid taking stress

avoid stress


We all know that how stress plays with our health. But stress also affects your male breast. While we are in stress, our body increases the level of cortisol that is responsible for decreasing the testosterone level and we all know how much testosterone is important for us. Therefore to maintain your testosterone level, it is important to avoid taking stress. Have balanced diet, do regular exercises and have enough sleep to avoid stress.


Eat more vegetables and fruits

vegetables and fruits


As I referred it in first point that your diet plays an important role your male breast reduction goal, it is important to include more and more vegetables and fruits in your diet. Vegetables and fruits are rich in fiber and filled with vitamins and minerals. Fiber helps in burning chest fat and so are vitamins and minerals. Fruits and veggies like tomato, celery, spinach, papaya, apple and berries are best gynecomastia vegetables and fruits.


Routine Exercises

Gynecomastia Exercises


No matter what health condition are you facing, there is an exercise for each of them. Exercises are the only technique that are found in solution list of all health problems. As we all know that exercise helps in boosting metabolic process and burning the body fat, there are some specialized chest exercises that are effective in burning the chest fat, ultimately reducing your male breast. Pull ups, pushups, squats and crunches are some common chest exercises effective in eliminating man boobs. 20 minutes in a day, 4 times in a week is enough for you to attack gynecomastia.


Be active in your daily routine

Active routine


Don’t limit yourself due to your enlarged man boobs, be what you are. Most people avoid getting out for extra curriculum activities due to being embarrassed. But it is better to remove that embarrassment from your mind and engage yourself in activities like swimming, cycling, rowing and other outdoor sports. These sports will make your physically active, boosting your metabolism and burning your fat.


Avoid alcohol and drugs

alcohol and drugs


As we know that drugs and alcohol slowdowns our metabolic process, affecting our body to burn excess fat. Excess or regular consumption of alcohol affect our liver by restricting its functionality. Due to this, fatty tissues get space to accommodate in our body increasing the chances to developing male breast.


Wear wisely

Wear wisely


Most men think that wearing tight outfits with compress their male breast and unnoticeable to others but there is no reality in this conception. No outfit can reduce your male breast size rather due to tight outfits, your man boobs capture the attention of others. It is advised to wear lose and dark color outfit that will make your male breast not getting in notice to others. You can also wear tight inner wear and then lose outfit.