The Man Boobs Diet – Lose Your Moobs By Eating Right

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For a man, his dignity is superior and when someone hurt it, it gets very stressful. In this condition, man boobs are playing the role to hurt that dignity leaving them to embarrassment and social life failure. Well, you can get that dignity by getting rid of the male breast. Though there are lots of choices for eliminating gynecomastia but its important to find out the effective and safe solution. One such solution for male breast reduction is man boobs diet.


Man boobs diet

Man boobs and obesity – They are related

Many men think that all gynecomastia cases are due to obesity but it’s not the case. There are primarily two causes of gynecomastia or man boobs, hormonal imbalance, and obesity. Talking about the first one, hormonal imbalance is a medical concern that causes enlargement in man boobs through a decrease in the production of testosterone and increased production of the female hormone, estrogen.


The second thing that can cause man boobs is obesity. As we all know that obesity is caused due to excess deposition of fat in the body. Similarly, in most men, during obesity, the generation of fatty tissue increases in the chest area that results in man boobs. This type of man boobs is called pseudogynecomastia. This can be easily treated through diet and exercise.


Is it possible to treat man boobs through diet?

Man boobs diet


If your man boobs are due to obesity then it’s sure that you can get rid of it easily through diet. But if the condition is due to hormonal imbalance then diet cannot help you enough to eliminate it. In that case, you will need to see a doctor for an examination and then he will guide you for the appropriate solution.


Most doctors suggest you to go with prescribed medication or with surgery because they can cash you for your condition. Where surgery is a costly option, prescribed pills are not safe to consume as they can revert back to you with other health conditions. Therefore if you are suffering from gynecomastia due to hormonal imbalance, it is better to opt for herbal supplements.


How To Lose Man Boobs Through Diet

As we know by now that man boobs caused by obesity can be cured through diet, here are some pointers and guideline to follow for eliminating your moobs.


Limit calorie intake

calorie intake


Calorie count sounds very scary to most of us but its good to limit for healthy wellbeing. It is important to know what the limit of daily calorie intake is and manage your eating habit accordingly. For men, the daily necessity of calorie is around 1200-1600 for proper functioning. Eating within this recommended limit assures that you are going to maintain your weight and live healthily. Taking fewer calories than recommended scale will make you lose weight or underweight. Therefore it is important to know the calorie value of what are you putting in mouth. This calorie management will help you shed excess fat from your body and even from your chest area.


Avoid packed, deep-fried and processed foods

processed foods


There is no doubt that packed, deep-fried and processed foods contain very high level of fat and eating these regularly will only help fatty tissues to accommodate in your body. These types of food are also very high in estrogen, the main culprit for developing man boobs. Cutting off these foods from your diet will help you to eliminate male breast from your life.


Avoid excess sugar

Avoid excess sugar


Most of us love including sugar in our daily diet. Though limited intake of sugar is not harmful but crossing the limit will cost you seriously. Most of us love to eat pasta and white bread regularly and if so is the case with you, no doubt you are going to develop man boobs. Sugar in our food turns into carbohydrates causing the production of fat in the body, most probably in the chest area. Keep yourself away from foods that contain elements with “ose” extension, such as glucose and fructose. Cutting down sugar intake to very low will surely help you to cut down fat in the chest area.


Include protein rich foods in your diet

protein rich foods


Another major cause of fat deposition in the chest area is starch. Starchy foods like rice and wheat are responsible for the development of the male breast. It is important for you to move away from these foods and add protein-rich foods to your diet. Fish, poultry and lean meat are a very good protein source. Protein unlike carbohydrate burn very quickly and does not turn into fat. Protein also helps in improving the metabolic process that boost the burning of excess fat.


Foods that enhance man boobs and foods that eliminate man boobs

Foods to avoid


By now you might have known that what type of foods is beneficial and what type of foods are ridiculous for gynecomastia. Here is a list of foods that you need to avoid and foods that you need to add to your diet if you are suffering from man boobs.


Foods to avoid – Carrots, oats, rice, soybeans, chickpeas, eggplant, eggs, parsley, potatoes, yams, pumpkin, apples, barley, red beans, tomatoes, cherries, olive oil, dates, cucumbers, peppers, wheat, and plums. Please note that avoid these foods doesn’t mean that permanently removing them from your diet rather you can take them but regulated and less quantity.


Foods to add in diet – Watermelon seeds, crab, egg yolks, turkey, brown rice, salmon, lima beans, spinach, dark chocolate, shrimp, beef liver, lobster, peanuts, squash seeds and lean beef. Remember that not to take these foods in an abusive manner as the excess of even good thing can cost you seriously.


If you think that you cannot cope up with these diet tips and want to increase the chances of results, it is advised to go with either gynecomastia herbal supplements or with gynecomastia cream.

Best Exercises To Lose Chest Fat

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Most men suffering from gynecomastia frequently ask one common question, what are the best gynecomastia exercises for losing man boobs. This question is the most searched question on the internet for gynecomastia. There are many males that find it very hard to lose man boobs. They have various options such as pills, creams, surgery, diet, and exercises. But most of them get confused that which one will be best to follow. Either they don’t have enough to invest in costly surgical procedure or either they want to try no-cost home remedies before they put their money in supplements and creams. No matter what the reason may be, but gynecomastia exercise is the most preferred and initial solution for men suffering from male breast. Here in this article, I will brief you top 5 five chest exercises to lose man boobs.


gynecomastia exercises

What are the recommended gynecomastia exercises?

We all know that exercises are the best way to keep yourself healthy and fit. Workouts help to increase the metabolism that burns down the excess fat in the body and regulates the blood circulation in cells and muscles to keep our body healthy and fit. Similarly, there are some specific chest exercises that are recommended by fitness experts to eliminate gynecomastia caused by deposition of excess fat in the chest area. Here are top five recommended and approved chest exercises.


Dumbell Pullover

Dumbell Pullover


Dumbbell pullover, the classic chest exercise, is the most prominent workout for losing chest fat. Even it is recommended and praised by huge personality, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Let’s find out how to perform it. Lie down yourself flat with back on a bench. Now hold a medium weight (prefer low weight if feeling uncomfortable) dumbbell above the chest and slightly bend your elbows. Slowly low down the dumbbell over your head and perform this slowly to feel the stretch in your chest. Continue this exercise for 3 weeks in 3 sets with 10-12 reps in each.


Incline Bench Dumbbell Press

Incline Bench Dumbbell Press


It is another great chest exercise to lose fat from your upper chest. Performed properly will lead to excellent pressure on the chest. To perform this exercise, position yourself inclined on the bench. Hold low or medium weight dumbbells with a regular grip. Now press the dumbbell upward and breathe inhale while going and release while coming down. Perform the process slowly to avoid any jerk or muscle malfunction. Continue this exercise for 3 weeks in 3 sets with 10-12 reps in each.


Incline Barbell Bench Press

Incline Barbell Bench Press


This is again one of the most prominent chest exercises to eliminate chest fat. While most of you might question that what’s different in it from regular bench press. Please note that incline barbell bench press focuses on your upper chest which regular bench press doesn’t do. To perform this, push the barbell upside and let your upper chest feel the pressure. Breathe inhale while going up and release while coming down. Perform this in 3 sets of 10-12 reps for 3 weeks. But make sure to do it slowly.


Smith Machine Incline Bench Press

Smith Machine Incline Bench Press


Another most excellent chest exercise is Smith Machine Incline Bench Press. It is specially designed to lose weight but it is too effective in losing man boobs. Get an adjustable bench and place it under the machine. Hold the barbell slightly wider than your shoulder width. Slowly bring down the barbell without touching your chest. Now push the barbell upward with similar breathing process. The sets of 3 with 10-12 reps are good to perform.


Decline Push Ups

Decline Push Ups


It is a simple and effective classic exercise for losing chest fat. It is quite similar to regular push-ups, the only thing different is that legs rest on a raised platform. while performing decline push-ups, make sure that your back is straight and flat. Place your hands slightly wider than shoulder width. You can also adjust your width by going more wider for more effect on your chest. Same sets of 3 with 10-12 reps for 3 weeks is to be done.


Frequently Asked Questions About Workouts To Lose Chest Fat

gynecomastia faq


One last thing before we look at the specific workouts to lose chest fat. Let’s go through some of the frequently asked questions about doing these workouts to lose chest fat including how to do them, about gynecomastia dieting as well as ways to speed up chest fat loss.


Q: Is it important to diet while going with chest workout?

Yes, it is important because exercise and diet both are relative to each other. Only doing workouts and following your regular eating habit of fatty foods will restrict your workout results. A healthy, protein-rich diet with regular chest exercise will deliver you prominent results.


Q: Will using heavy weights deliver quick results?

This is a very common misconception between most of us. It is totally irrelevant that using heavyweight will deliver fast results rather it may affect you adversely. Use low or medium weight initially to make your body compatible with it. Putting heavyweights initially will strike your muscles causing muscle tear, pain, and uneven shape.


Q: Do I need to workout only for chest?

Most people think that spot special exercises are to reduce the flaws in the affected area but it not true. It is important to also perform some exercises for another body part. Focus mainly on chest exercises but also consider performing for others. Start your workout with warm-up such as skipping, jogging and cardio.

Breast reduction supplements

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Currently, there are two most prominent male breast reduction solutions available in the market that is addressing the issue with comprehensive results, male breast reduction supplements and surgery. But when it comes to pills, there are lots of confusion and misconception in the market and it is majorly due to lack of knowledge about what these pills are and how they work to eliminate man boobs. My aim through this article is to guide you about what are breast reduction pills, types of pills and some of the best-rated supplements available in the market.


Gynecomastia Drugs Vs Pills


Gynecomastia Prescription Drugs – These are prescribed drugs such as SERM and AI that are chemically blended and include synthetic ingredients to provide quick results. But you need to make it prescribed by a doctor to purchase these pills.


Gynecomastia Supplement – These are herbal supplements blended with all natural ingredients. They are easily available online and over the counter without any prescription required from the doctor.


Who can use gynecomastia pills and supplements?

  • If you are searching for a safe option for gynecomastia surgery to eliminate male breast.
  • If you cannot afford to take out time from your work for the post-surgery period.
  • If you are not eligible to get insurance cover for surgery.
  • If you are looking for personalized treatment for breast reduction.
  • If you are looking for instant results than time taking diet and exercises.


Gynecomastia Prescription Drugs

Gynecomastia Prescription Drugs


Male breast reduction drugs are categorized into two classes, Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM) and Aromatise Inhibitor (AI), and both are very strong. As you might be knowing that the main culprit of man boobs is estrogen and it develops in male due to aromatization process. Aromatization is a process where testosterone converts into estrogen. SERM and AI are effective in blocking this process. Where AI prevents the aromatization process to perform in your body, SERM reduces the effects of estrogen in breast tissues. Though being effective in preventing estrogen to produce in your breast tissue, both the drugs (SERM & AI) are strictly available only after the prescription of doctors. These drugs are used for treating breast cancer in females and therefore they cannot be considered a safe alternative to surgery.


SERM class drugs are –

  • Clomid
  • Fareston
  • Nolvadex
  • Tamoxifen
  • Raloxifene

AI class drugs are –

  • Arimidex
  • Femara
  • Aromasin


Pros of SERM and AI

  • AI helps in preventing the estrogen production
  • SERM helps in restricting the effects of estrogen

Cons of SERM and AI

  • Drugs used for treating breast cancer
  • Joint pain and loss in bone density
  • Leg swelling and pain in pelvis
  • Severe headache
  • Sudden vision problem
  • Chest pain and breathing problem
  • SERM like tamoxifen and raloxifene are not approved by FDA for gynecomastia treatment


You might be wondering that when these drugs carry so many side effects then why they are prescribed for gynecomastia treatment. This is due to their quality of attacking production of estrogen and can deliver quick results but only if you are ok with a mindset of pertaining these life-threatening side effects.


Herbal Male Breast Reduction Supplements

As I mentioned earlier in this post, gynecomastia supplements are the safest and most effective option if you are deciding to go with male breast reduction pills. There numerous breast reduction pills on the market but here I have mentioned top 3 most reliable supplements on the market. Gynexin, Gynectrol, and Gynemax are those top 3 supplements that promise to eliminate your male breast instantly and safely.





Gynexin is the most prominent breast reduction supplement available in the market. It is manufactured by Zudker Group, one of the most renowned companies for herbal supplements. The major factor that makes it ahead of other gynecomastia supplements is its unique blend of essential ingredients. The success rate with Gynexin is 99% as claimed by manufacturers.



  • Present in the market for 7 years
  • Only product for breast reduction
  • Contains natural fat burner, Guggulsterone
  • Non-Proprietary Blend


  • Money back guarantee only on unopened bottle





Gynectrol is another major supplement for reducing male breast but compared to Gynexin, it stands no way besides. Though it is claimed to be the only supplement to burn down chest fat faster but there is no clinical evidence to prove this claim.



  • All natural ingredients
  • Made In U.S.A
  • Free Shipping


  • Proprietary Blend
  • Not enough positive customer reviews
  • Money back guarantee only on unopened bottle



Ultimate GyneMax


GyneMax is marketed as a breast reduction supplement but the ingredients used in the formulation and clinical reports suggest that it is a weight loss supplement. Though there are very reviews and evidence of its result delivery, couple of users reported that they got benefited from GyneMax



  • Includes natural herbs and minerals
  • Effective in burning chest fat


  • No money back guarantee on opened bottles
  • Very bad customer feedbacks
  • No reported evidence of success results


Natural Supplements vs Prescribed Medication

Man boobs drugs-vs-supplements

Most of the people suffering from man boobs think that prescription pills are best to get results, but wait, it’s not the case always. In reality, there are herbal pills that are more effective than prescription pills. Even herbal supplements are safer than prescribed medication as they are formulated with all natural ingredients and prescribed drugs are formulated with synthetic ingredients. Herbal pills are more reliable because they have low or nil side effects. This is because our body is quite more responsive to herbal ingredients than to artificial components. Prescribed drugs can cost you some life-threatening side effects; in some cases, it may cause cancer.


No matter which treatment option you choose, either prescribed drugs or herbal supplements or even surgery, your decision should totally depend on these factors:


Ask Yourself
Are you ready to afford surgery cost or the side effects recurring from that?

Are you desperate to eliminate your male breast?

Are you ready to follow strict diet plan?

Are you mentally prepared to devote time for exercises from your daily routine?


Answer these questions to yourself before choosing any treatment options.

ACCP’s Delphi Consensus Statement – Management of Spontaneous Pneumothorax

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The objective of the study was to provide a professional and consensus recommendation on the management of adults suffering with spontaneous pneumothoraces, either in an emergency department or in an inpatient hospital setting. The opinions were explicit by the employment of structured questionnaire, consensus scores using Delphi technique and by appropriateness scores. The guidelines that were finalized were designed to being relevant to the physicians who are authorized to make decisions regarding the care of pneumothorax patients.

What were the options?

The options available for the study were chest tube placement, radiographic imaging, observation decision and surgical interventions.

What were the outcomes?

The outcomes that were gathered from the study were the duration of tolerance of patient care, recurrence of pneumothorax and effectiveness of resolution of pneumothorax.

What were the pieces of evidence?

The evidence of the study submitted was the literature review conducted from 1967 to 1999 along with Delphi questionnaire.


The values were gathered from the guideline development group that was determined by the consensus for relevant outcomes considered to develop Delphi questionnaire.

What were findings?

The study was to find out the magnitude and type of benefits, expected cost and harms for patients by implementing the guidelines.

What were the recommendations?

The recommendations made in the study were to varying the management decision between primary pneumothoraces patients and secondary pneumothoraces patients.


The recommendations were validated after being reviewed by American College of Chest Physician, Health & Science Policy Committee and top physician experts.


After being validated, the recommended guidelines were published in electronic and printed form that was distributed along with synopses for health care providers and patients.


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Best Way To Get Rid Of Gynecomastia

Precocious Puberty & Research By Greenblatt, Janet C

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Puberty is a natural stage that comes in every teenager’s life. When a teenager’s body starts changing into an adult, it is called Puberty. But the term Precocious Puberty is a condition when this stage occurs too early in the life of a teenager due to various unknown factors.

As per definition is given for Precocious Puberty in Dorland’s Medical Dictionary, “Precocious Puberty occurs in otherwise normal children generally with a family history of early onset of puberty. The age range for such individuals overlaps the upper range for those with idiopathic precocious puberty.” Further, it is stated, “It is a condition in which secondary sex characters of the opposite sex are developed.”


During puberty, the growth of bones and muscles are very fast, the body size and shape changes rapidly. Precocious Puberty occurs in both girls and boys, in girls, it occurs at the age of 8 whereas in boys it occurs at the age of 9. The exact reason for precocious puberty is often unknown but there are certain conditions such as hormonal disorder, infections, brain abnormalities or tumor.

Symptoms of Precocious Puberty

In boys –

  • Facial hair growth
  • Enlarge testicles
  • Enlargement in the male breast (Pubertal Gynecomastia)

In girls –

  • Uneven breast growth
  • Start of menstruation period

Common symptoms –

  • Pubic hair growth
  • Development of acne
  • Body odor

Causes of Precocious Puberty

Though one cannot find the exact reason for this condition but here are some possible reasons that may cause precocious puberty.

Production of hormones – Pituitary gland releases more than limited hormones.

Production of Gn-RH – Brain releases a hormone, gonadotropin-releasing hormone.

Imbalance of Estrogen & Testosterone – Estrogen is female hormone and testosterone is a male hormone. When male produces more estrogen and female produces more testosterone, it causes precocious puberty

When To Visit a Doctor

It is better to visit your doctor as early as your child notice any of the signs and symptoms of the precocious puberty.

Prevention & Cure

Though there are various treatment options that you can approach for your child but first consult your doctor. He will evaluate the condition and if it is not in the dangerous condition, normal diet change and exercises will work to treat it. Also, there are some dietary supplements that are effective in treating this condition.

Patterns of Alcohol Use Among Adolescents and Associations with Emotional and Behavioral Problems – Greenblatt, Janet C.

A research conducted by National Household Survey on Drug Abuse (NHSDA) reveals that there is a significant decrease in alcohol consumption by the youths in past decade. Though despite these trends, still there were around 20% teenagers who were addicted to drink currently and around 8% were the binge drinker. The research shows the data about the relationship between health, behavior and emotional state of the adolescents that aged between 12 to 17.