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How To Naturally Increase Testosterone And Decrease Estrogen

Testosterone! Well, that is a subject that every man has undoubtedly searched for. Why? Let’s start with the basics. It is a hormone that naturally occurs in the human body. Both men and women produce it, although the level of production differs. The amount of testosterone is responsible for a series of effects on the body. The substance is especially important for typical male characteristics and is therefore called an androgen.

It ensures the growth of body hair and beard growth, contributes to muscle production and recovery. It is even important to get a deep voice. In addition, the amount is related to boosting male libido and has a prominent influence on self-confidence, motivation and a generally positive attitude. It is especially interesting for men to have more of this hormone in the body because it will always influence the above functions in a positive way. For example, a man with more testosterone will grow muscles more easily.

This is why bodybuilders artificially inject this hormone. A higher libido, more self-confidence, and more robust beard growth are naturally desirable effects for most men. Without knowing it, people are going to do many things in today’s society that have a negative effect on testosterone. We are also not aware of relatively simple adjustments that could easily stimulate our production.

How To Naturally Increase Testosterone Level?

How To Naturally Increase Testosterone

Avoid Synthetic Products

I will immediately fly in with a controversy. Synthetic toilet products have a testosterone-lowering effect. This was very difficult for me to assume. I could imagine that synthetic soaps and other products would not be good. Many things end up in your body that probably don’t belong there. But the fact that it would also lower testosterone was new information. I had never heard of studies that would suggest this.

See, many of our toilet products contain substances that will lower testosterone levels in the body. They do this by chemically resembling estrogen on the one hand and blocking the androgen receptors on the other. A bit technical but the important thing is that there are many testosterone-lowering chemicals that we can come into contact with on a daily basis. This is all very well proven in various studies.

Focus on Bodybuilding

Everyone knows that movement is important. But it also has a clear connection with testosterone production. Regarding that connection between sport and testo, it is especially important to note that both sides have a positive influence on each other. What do I mean by this? However, exercising with weights will increase your testosterone, for example. The testosterone that you make also ensures that you start making muscle faster. In addition, you also lose more fat through exercise and this is also associated with a higher testosterone level. Another effect of more testosterone is that your fat burns better so that you will lose weight faster. In other words: having a fit body increases your testo production AND a higher testo level will make it easier for you to get a fit body.

Follow Mental Program

With the mental aspect of being human, there is again a back and forth effect with testosterone. A confident attitude and behavior lead to more testosterone production, but more testosterone can also influence your self-confidence in a positive way.

A big factor here is your body language. A self-confident attitude effectively raises testosterone levels and an uncertain attitude has a lowering effect. This is nicely demonstrated in this study. Depending on your posture, your self-confidence will improve or decrease depending on your posture. Here are some examples of attitudes that can have a positive or negative effect. The top row indicates the self-assured and testo-enhancing body language. The bottom row, of course, the opposite.

These positions are of course very recognizable. You can do this yourself. If you have a bad day, try to take a confident attitude. This act alone will help you mentally to make you feel better (although of course, it is not a panacea). A further consequence of this is, of course, more testo.

Furthermore, people with depression also have lower and lower testosterone levels. It should not even go that far. People who feel bad have lower testosterone levels. How people feel happy and self-assured is an article for another time, but be aware of it and start looking for solutions yourself. It can therefore also be useful to increase testosterone in other ways. This, in turn, will increase self-confidence and can help combat a depressed feeling.

Follow Healthy Diet

Nutrition, probably one of the most extensive and controversial topics that can be written about. There is ridiculously much contradiction and this makes it very difficult to distinguish sense from nonsense. One moment carbohydrates are good, the other not. Some claim that meat is the devil while others swear that meat is necessary to be healthy. It doesn’t stop. We will therefore not consider these debates. We only look at what there is to say about hormonal health and then more specifically about… Yes, you already know about the hormone we are writing right now.

First, let’s talk about cholesterol. This substance has been demonized for years and everyone must keep an eye on their levels to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Usually, the conclusion is that people should have as little cholesterol as possible. It should at least be said that cholesterol performs a number of essential functions in the body. This way, it is present in all cells and enables it to communicate with each other. Just because it is so important, your liver will produce cholesterol itself if you do not absorb enough from your diet.

Take Good Night Sleep

I have arrived at the last major category when it comes to increasing testosterone. Although I am discussing this last, EASY is the most important thing you can do to increase your natural testosterone in the long and short term. It basically comes down to the following: “the more you sleep, the higher your testosterone production.” It’s that simple.

Our entire body follows a day and night cycle. Certain processes will take place in your body depending on what time of day it is. Because we have such a rhythm, a fixed sleep pattern is so important. For example, your body starts producing much more testosterone in REM sleep to get you ready for the next day. When our fixed rhythm is disturbed or we sleep too little, the body starts producing much less testosterone.

How can a major pack make it? Well, every hour of extra sleep (up to a total of 8 hours) provides roughly 15% more testosterone. Men who sleep 4 hours a night will literally produce half of the testosterone as men who sleep an average of 8 hours a night. In addition to the number of hours, sleep quality is also extremely important. I already wrote an article about this. You can find it here.

Use Herbal Pills & Essential Oils

As you know, I like small changes that have major consequences. But sometimes you can also do small things that are so simple that they are worth it anyway. They do not take much effort and are therefore easy to integrate into a daily routine.

  • Garlic: a cheap food product that has proven to cause an increase in testosterone.
  • Vitamin D: one of the best things to supplement with. Not just to increase testosterone.
  • Eating Brazil nuts (or Brazil nuts): only eat two per day! These nuts are full of selenium which is associated with higher Testo.
  • Have more sex: well, it’s that simple. An active sex life provides more testosterone.
  • Cold shower: it has already been mentioned above but it deserves a second mention because it is so easy to implement. A cold shower every day in the morning and in the evening can help. An ice bath is even better.
  • Drinking alcohol in moderation: All forms of alcohol cause T-reduction in the event of excessive use.
  • Fortunately, a few beers will occasionally not cause you too much damage.
  • Consume ginger: very healthy anyway and has a testosterone-enhancing effect.
  • Fasting short periods is, strangely enough, increasing your testosterone levels. For example, 12 hours in a row not to eat.
  • Nuts are very good snacks and contain the right fats to deliver your cholesterol.
  • Supplement with creatine. One of the best supplements anyway.
  • Watch out for supplements like TestoGen Pills that claim to naturally raise your testosterone. There are extremely many on the market that doesn’t literally do NOTHING.


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