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How To Counter Puffy Nipples In Men Naturally At Home

It’s not only women who have breasts, but they also occur regularly in men, especially during puberty, adolescence and in the senior age group. Male Breasts are often a huge source of shame that can cause all kinds of hindrances and embarrassments in daily life.

Moreover, Breast formation and puffy nipples can also cause nasty nagging pain in some men. A strong Association exists between Gynecomastia and Puffy Nipples.

Moreover, we men hardly talk about the problems we face, which of course does not improve the situation. Fortunately, that is not what we at OH My Moobs do! What we are discussing today are some easy tips to reduce puffy nipples with practical remedies and also to discuss the common belief that is there a cream for puffy nipples? Or Is using creams for puffinessΒ  a myth ready to be busted.

Also, to take it further, we also dwell upon whether there is any OTC or herbal remedy available for reducing the puffiness of nipples and male breast reduction without surgery and the associated pain that might come along in the comforts of our home? Read On.

Role Of Testosterone & Estrogen For Male Nipple Reduction

Breast formation takes place under the influence of the ‘female’ hormone estrogen. Usually, men do have a greater ratio of Testosterones and hence they do not get breasts. But, in puberty, however, that can (temporarily) change. A part of the testosterone in your body converts into estrogen. This happens even more with overweight boys because fat also produces estrogen.

Senior men can also suffer from estrogen dominance. After all, they make less testosterone, so that estrogen quickly gains the upper hand. Extreme stress has a similar effect on men of all ages essentially. Finally, medicines and supplements can sometimes alsoΒ  affect the production of estrogen causing Puffiness and Gynecomastia

How To Reduce Puffy Nipples

Gynecomastia and associate puffiness in nips can have a lot of causes, so, to find the solution to the problem, you will usually first have to determine where it comes from. For boys who suffer from breast growth in their adolescence, there is good news: often, it goes by itself ie. after a period, the breast tissue disappears again.

If you are older, it is, unfortunately, a bit less straightforward. When using medicines or other hormone-controlling agents, it may be wise to see if there are alternatives. Also, increasing testosterone sometimes has a positive effect, just like losing weight in the case of those overweight. If that does not help, surgery is the last recourse to remove puffy nipples.

Although risk factors remain and therefore people feel that cream for puffy nipples could be the best option, however, to take the matter head-on, creams and gels are usually not known to affect the Puffiness of Nipples. Unless it’s a cream that’s specifically developed for Gynecomastia, but having said that it would be better to use herbal supplements to reduce overall Gynecomastia rather than just a standalone cream.

Difference between gynecomastia and puffy nipples in men

Gynecomastia is indeed not unusual in men. More often ‘swollen’ puffy nipples do occur in men. That is however not quite the same as gynecomastia always, because in many cases no breast tissue forms around the nipples. The gland system does not develop with swollen nipples, which is what it does in gynecomastia.

Instead, the puffy nipples naturally retain more moisture and fat, resulting in a visible expulsion. However, this can also be rather severe! Many men with swollen nipples are ashamed, for example, to go swimming or have sex.

Having said that, however, Puffy Nipples and the accompanying pain is also a symptom of Gynecomastia usually, hence its not easy to differentiate between the two conditions. A doctor visit or advice is hence more useful in such a case.

Practical Tips & Cream For Puffy Nipples In Men

Even if you ‘only’ suffer from puffy nipples, it is, essential to know what you can do about it. Fortunately, there are a few tips that can help you to cure your puffy male nipples.

1. Do not pinch!

Many people with swollen nipples pinch a lot in the hope that the swelling becomes less visible. In the short term, this can indeed help for some time. In the long run, however, you damage the tissue with it, which in turn causes extra swelling. Also, your nipples are going to hurt a lot more. So stay away from it, however tempting it may seem.

2. Eat enough iodine

A shortage of iodine can cause you to retain more moisture. This leads to not only a ‘puffy’ face and thicker ankles and wrists but also unhealthy nipples. It is therefore important to get enough of this mineral. Iodine is mainly added in bread in the USA. Furthermore, it is primarily in seaweed.

You can also choose to use kelp powder. Throw this in your menu for example, by smoothies or (homemade) protein shakes.

3. Not too much salt

A surplus of salt is not only unhealthy because your blood pressure rises. You also go for a lot more water. In some people that is also visible in the nipples, with that swelling as a result. Do you eat a lot of processed products, or do you add a lot of salt to your food? Then understand that it’s overall healthy for you to eat less salt apart from your puffy nipples viewpoint too.

4. Losing weight

Above we mentioned that being overweight is often a (co-) cause of gynecomastia. This also often plays a role in swollen nipples. After all, the storage of fat in the breast region gives a ‘breast-like’ swelling quickly. Do you suffer from being overweight, then losing weight is really a must.

Note that you should do this gradually, not with an unhealthy crash diet. A good tip is also to do strength training. Your body will soon look tighter if you lose some of that fat.

5. Do not be ashamed to go to the doctor!

Sometimes gynecomastia and swollen nipples are simply a result of medical problems. Think of inflammation, allergies or (very occasionally!) Even breast cancer. Moreover, it can sometimes only be resolved as an operation with a medical procedure. In those cases, a visit to the GP is essential.

Do not let yourself be stopped by shame. That doctor has seen crazy things, and you will not laugh at your breast. The only goal is to get rid of the problem as quickly as possible – exactly what you want, so!

6. Cream for puffy nipples in men

People always look for easy, affordable and fast resulting solutions. Where surgery could deliver you fast results,Β  it also carries some major risk factors. The cost of the surgery is also not affordable for most of us, therefore, it is better to choose some safer and affordable option.

Cream for puffy nipples is a fallacy however Gynecomastia creams can be one of the better remedies to counter moobs and its effects provided the puffy nips are due to Gynecomastia. These creams are enriched with herbal ingredients that are found effective in eliminating the effects of gynecomastia. The creams are easy to apply and get prominent results in just a few weeks.

What Can You Do for Your Puffy Nipples

At the foremost, it’s essential to first ascertain what is causing your nipple puffiness. If it is accompanied by moderate or large breast formation then using OTC creams and Pills for Gynecomastia will also help in reducing the puffiness along with tackling the breast formation.

I would recommend tackling your puffiness through a two-way approach, even though the puffy nipple might not be accompanied by visible man boobs, usually puffy nipples are associated with Gynecomastia.

Gynectrol by crazy bulk is a remarkable new product that tackles Gynecomastia through hormonal therapy rather than treating it as just a weight issue. This means there is a better chance of reducing male breasts as well as any associated symptoms like puff nips and pain. Do remember to follow the diet and exercise regime as instructed along with the product.

Gynexin too is a great bet for Gynecomastia and I had my success through it only but to be honest it does not take care of the hormonal issues viz. Testosterone or the Male hormone and hence Gynectrol is a more sensible choice now.

Remember the fight has to be fought hard for you to win. My experience with both Gynectrol & Gynexin has been good, provided it’s accompanied by solid will and sustained efforts.

Did you find these tips useful? If yes, do read other articles for your Gynecomastia related issues and off course you can always give a focussed try to counter your puffy nipples and Gynecomastia.

However, If it’s one product you want to start with, I would recommend Gynectrol and if you also have pain with the puffy nipples you can in the meanwhile use some local application cream for Gynecomastia like Gynexol while Gynectrol does its work. Good Luck.

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David Dadson is a health and fitness enthusiast and trainer who has been helping people fight their obesity, fitness and gynecomastia related issues since 2012.

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David Dadson is a health and fitness enthusiast and trainer who has been helping people fight their obesity, fitness and gynecomastia related issuesΒ  since 2012.

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