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How To Prevent Gynecomastia Naturally?

We like strong C-cup, but not with ourselves. Be aware of how you develop them, but especially: how do you prevent gynecomastia? Gynecomastia is a female like a breast formation in males that creates an embarrassing condition for males. There are many reasons for this unusual formation of breast and countless supplements to treat gynecomastia, but it is better to prevent it if possible. Here in this article, we are going to learn how to prevent gynecomastia.

Prevent Gynecomastia By Avoiding Being Overweight

Overweight leads to a more feminine hormone profile in men. Fat boys and men are more at risk of gynecomastia (the scientific term for moobs) than normal-weight guys. “In some cases, it is enough to lose weight,” says Dr. Thomas Wermter, a plastic surgeon at the University Medical Center Groningen. “But remember that there are various forms of gynecomastia. The cause is not always to be found, and slim men can also get it.”

Avoid Drinking Ground Water To Prevent Gynecomastia


Although British researchers put increasing breast development in men primarily on the weight of overweight, there are indeed other external causes. “We see more and more boys and men with female breast development, but not all of them are fatter,” says Professor Bo Coolsaet, a urologist at the University Hospital in Leuven. “An important factor, in my opinion, is the involuntary intake of female hormones. Men are literally bombarded with it. It is in meat in relatively large quantities, but our drinking water is an even greater source. Women who take the pill all discharge female hormones into the sewer every day. Moreover, there are many estrogenic pesticides in the ground and surface water. Water treatment plants cannot get that out.

Avoid Soy To Prevent Gynecomastia


A prominent suspect in the advancing feminization of the male body is the increasing use of soy, a cheap protein source that is now processed in nearly 60 percent of all food. Soy contains so-called isoflavones, substances that mimic estrogen and that, according to Irish researcher Loraine Andersson, can lead to ‘lazy’ sperm in a modest dose. She proved the paralyzing effect of soy on sperm in the laboratory and found that infertile men often still conceive a child when they ban all soy foods.

Whether the same isoflavones can also cause gynecomastia has not been properly investigated, but there are countless anecdotes and a dozen case studies. Some are striking; for example, a man developed a C-cup in a few months’ time when he switched from regular milk to soy milk. The research found that his estrogen level was four times higher than normal. He was advised not to drink any more soy milk so that his estrogen level normalized and his breasts disappeared.

Limited Beverages Will Prevent Gynecomastia


Alcohol abuse is a notorious cause of gynecomastia. Excessive alcohol consumption inhibits the breakdown of estrogen. The hop in beer also contains vegetable estrogens.

Avoid Anabolic Steroids To Prevent Gynecomastia


Plastic surgeon Thomas Wermter cannot do enough about it: keep it clean in the gym. “Ironically, anabolic steroids often used to develop a strong male torso, significantly increase the risk of female breast formation. Anabolics inhibit own testosterone production and lead to increased estrogen levels. If all bodybuilders were to train on their own, I would have had a lot less work! An extra annoyance is that steroids shrink your testicles, causing your libido to collapse. Thank you for the warning, doctor.

When you finally have a stunning chick in bed, you don’t play anything. With bodybuilders, the dreaded breast formation is also called gynos. Don’t think you’re immune to it. A recent Spanish overview study shows that 70 percent of steroids users develop gynecomastia. The researchers advise strength athletes to immediately stop using the growth agents during breast formation and to take Nolvadex for a while. This inhibits the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Often the situation will then normalize.

My Recommended Supplements To Prevent Gynecomastia


David Dadson is a health and fitness enthusiast and trainer who has been helping people fight their obesity, fitness and gynecomastia related issues since 2012.

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