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Best Way For Male Breast Reduction Without Surgery

Sometimes we find ourselves with strange and uncomfortable sufferings, of which we never thought we could suffer, but it happens to us, and we know how to act. Such as the case of gynecomastia, a problem that affects many men and that is more common than you think. Do you want to know what gynecomastia is and how to treat it? We recommend reading this article.

What is Male Breast and How To Treat It Without Surgery?

Gynecomastia is the formation of breasts in men, in other, words, it is when men grow breasts, and these take the appearance of women’s breasts. They can be visible in one of the two breasts or both, the size can also vary. It is a condition that by itself is not malignant, in most cases it appears spontaneously, manifesting especially in men over 35 years old, as a small mass that grows under the breasts that causes the chest to form of the woman. Only in some cases, the growth of the breasts is the result of a disease.

On the other hand, it is normal that there is a certain degree of gynecomastia in young people of 13 – 14 years, although in this case it usually has not to do with a health problem, but with the same hormonal development and generally this condition disappears in one year.

How to reduce gynecomastia without surgery?

We are going to show you some options to eliminate gynecomastia without surgery, in those cases, where the cause is a hormonal imbalance. These remedies for gynecomastia treatment without surgery, in general, will stimulate the production of testosterone, which will help improve the condition. If you have doubts about any ingredient of these remedies, do not hesitate to consult your doctor.



Use turmeric for gynecomastia reduction without surgery

Turmeric is a remedy used for a long time to treat liver problems and obesity, while, in the case of gynecomastia, it helps to raise testosterone levels and this helps to reduce male breast without surgery.

Dandelion can help you lose gynecomastia without surgery

This herb is widely used in natural remedies for gynecomastia because of its diuretic effect that helps improve many conditions, such as inflammation or muscle pain. The exciting thing about dandelion is that it eliminates excess fluid, which can help to beat gynecomastia without surgery.

Can gynecomastia be treated without surgery with the help of flax

Flax is a food rich in Omega-3, which helps to improve the production of testosterone and in the same way decrease the amount of estrogen, being ideal for treating gynecomastia.

Causes & symptoms of gyno

These are the leading causes of gynecomastia:

Hormonal changes

Men have several types of hormones, including female and male hormones. In this case the growth of the breasts in men is given by hormonal imbalances, basically changes in levels or changes in how the body uses these hormones.

This condition affects the human being at different stages of his life. It is estimated that 50% of babies are born with this disease, although they disappear from 2 to 6 months. 50% of adolescents develop some degree of gynecomastia, although in the period of one year disappears. And in men, it occurs from 35 years onwards, being common in men from 50 onwards, due to aging.

Health problems

Other causes of gynecomastia, has to do with diseases, which generally occur in older men and cause the growth of the breasts, such as:

Liver diseases.
Renal insufficiency.
Genetic defects.


Specific treatments or medications may harm the growth of the breasts in men; some of them are:

Antidepressants, anxiolytics.
Corticosteroids and steroids
Medications for the heart.
Medications for AIDS.
Medications for heartburn.
Treatment of radiation in testicles.
Treatment for cancer, such as chemotherapy or hormones for prostate cancer.

Can you remove gyno without surgery

The prevention of gynecomastia is possible by avoiding the factors that trigger it, in cases where it is possible, such as drugs or supplements such as steroids, while, in other instances as medical treatments, it is a condition that can happen as a side effect and there is no way to avoid it. On the other hand, as we told you before, it is common in certain stages of life to suffer from this pathology and does not require any treatment, nor can it be prevented.

Supplements to lose gynecomastia without surgery

The treatment for gynecomastia without surgery will depend on the cause that has caused the growth of the breasts, for which the first step that the professional will take is to make a check to identify the state of the patient. When it is a physiological or transitory problem, caused by a medication, the doctor may change the drug.

In cases where it is a fundamental issue of hormonal imbalance, it is important to reassure the patient, since it is a benign condition, recommending waiting for the systems to disappear with time and to schedule checks every so often.

For cases where the person has gynecomastia that is known not to yield naturally, the professional may choose to prescribe specific medication, which generally aims to decrease the production of estrogen and increase testosterone.

In cases where breast cancer is detected or a type of gynecomastia that does not seat before the medication, the doctor may recommend the performance of a reconstructive surgery, which may be a mammoplasty, liposuction or even a subcutaneous mastectomy.

Looking For More Options For Male Breast Reduction Without Surgery?

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David Dadson is a health and fitness enthusiast and trainer who has been helping people fight their obesity, fitness and gynecomastia related issues since 2012.

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david dadson

David Dadson is a health and fitness enthusiast and trainer who has been helping people fight their obesity, fitness and gynecomastia related issuesΒ  since 2012.

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