Suffering from gynecomastia is a very uncomfortable situation for a man. No man tolerates seeing female breasts in himself. Beyond the aesthetic aspect, it gives the feeling that something is very wrong, and unfortunately it is true. Male breasts appear as part of a feminization process of the male body when there is an important hormonal imbalance. Accompanying the appearance of breasts is the general softening of the body. The curves become smooth, like those of a woman, aggressiveness is lost, the characteristics that make a man, a man are blurred.

Most of the treatments offered from traditional medicine include surgery. This can solve the concrete problem, but it does not solve the basic problem. How to recover the hormonal balance to return to be a man, in every sense of the word? In this article we are going to take care of understanding some of the reasons that lead to the appearance of male breasts, and propose natural methods to begin to solve the underlying hormonal problem. But first, let’s review some definitions:

What are the gynecomastia symptoms?

It is an enlargement of the mammary gland and / or increase of adipose tissue in the breast of man, giving it a feminine aspect. Usually you feel hypersensitivity in the nipples.

Know the causes before getting rid of gynecomastia

It is a hormonal imbalance, where free testosterone is reduced with respect to estrogens and / or substances that work in practical terms as if they were female hormones.



Is it a permanent condition ?

No. The situation is 100% reversible, and reverses itself when the free testosterone balance returns to be right for a man. If gynecomastia has reached advanced degrees, recovery can take a long time.

From the above it is clear that to treat gynecomastia naturally we need to increase testosterone and reduce the levels of estrogen, eliminating as much as possible the contact with substances that function as estrogen, even without it.

How to reduce gynecomastia naturally?

Estrogen is formed mostly in adipose tissue. Reducing fat levels in the body helps to have an adequate hormonal balance. Caffeine can inhibit the elimination of estrogen in the liver. Reducing caffeine intake is a simple solution to help the liver do its job. Fiber is a great ally to drag undesirable out of the system in the intestines. By increasing fiber intake, estrogen levels in the body can be reduced. Eating raw cruciferous helps decrease estrogen levels in the body.

Phyto-oestrogens and gynecomastia reduction

Phyto-estrogens are plant substances that mimic the action of estrogen and can help to feminize the male body. In most cases they are found in very small quantities, but in some cases the quantities are important enough to need to be avoided.

Where are they?

There are several sources, including foods as diverse as apples, almonds, and seaweed. But, the situation becomes worrying when concentration and consumption levels are high. In this article we are going to focus on two that are consumed in important quantities, and should be avoided if you have gynecomastia. Soy in all its forms. Soy is rich in isoflavone, a phyto-estrogen very similar to that produced by the body.

Hop. This can be painful for some … hops contain one of the strongest phytoestrogens, and also their consumption is high. I mean beer, hops are used to give beer its typical bitterness. If you have gynecomastia, giving up beer is one of the changes to make now.

How to cure gynecomastia – Bisphemol-A

BPA belongs to a family of substances that are artificial, but once in the body they have pseudo-hormonal behavior and compete with free testosterone (xenoestrogens). BPA is particularly worrying because it is found in almost all hard and not so hard plastics. Soft drinks, bottled water, deli food, baked goods packaged in hard plastic, there is a thousand and one ways in our daily lives that these substances are filtered in our body, and has proven to be harmful even in small doses.

How to prevent gynecomastia?

Avoid plastics as much as possible. In the case of water, choose those that have not been in the sun and / or greater output. Other xenoestrogens are found in personal care products (parabens), pesticides, air purifiers, etc. To protect ourselves from these pseudo-hormones it is necessary to wash fruits and vegetables very well before consuming them, and preferably to choose organic products. Being very careful in the selection of personal hygiene products is imperative as well.

How to increase free testosterone levels?

Free testosterone is produced mainly in the testes. It is necessary to take care of basic elements such as not wearing tight clothing or allowing it to increase its temperature, for optimum performance. The body performs its functions while we sleep, so a minimum of six and eight hours of sleep has proved necessary for a good production of testosterone.

In addition to the “mechanical” care, it is essential to have an adequate amount of zinc, and to consume Omega-3 fats. Stress is a great enemy of testosterone production, reducing stress as much as possible helps to improve hormone production. In turn, 1 gr to 1.5 gr of vitamin C per day, has proven to be a powerful ally, since it reduces the enzyme aromatase, which transforms free testosterone into estrogen in the body.


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