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When men get older they can have to deal with male breasts. That is certainly not a rare condition. About half of the men, and almost all overweight men suffer from it. Yet it is something that men are very much ashamed of. Not only because it shows female characteristics but also because people often assume that this is something rare.

Nothing is less true! As a result of aging, the male androgen hormone testosterone is produced to a lesser extent. As a result, increased production of estrogen can occur, which in turn will provide the male breasts.

However, it is not always the case that male breasts are caused by too high an estrogen. It may happen that men have a normal relationship between testosterone and estrogen. But still suffer from male breasts.

This can then be explained by the fact that the breast tissue has become more sensitive to estrogen. As a result, breast formation will increase and male breasts will arise. An estrogen can also develop during the use of anabolic steroids or by hormone therapy with testosterone, and male breasts may develop.

Gynexol Chest Sculpting Cream For Male Breast Reduction

When we go to the doctor we often get to hear that nothing can be done about it, or an operation that will cut away the breast tissue. Something that happens a lot with professional bodybuilders. Who then multiply their testosterone by 10 by using anabolic steroids. But also have a very high estrogen content. And so get men’s breasts.

We can use anti-estrogen supplements. These are products that work as natural estrogen inhibitors . They are going to block the excess estrogen so that enough testosterone can be made. But what if the problem does not have to do with too much estrogen? And rather with the sensitivity of the breast tissue to that female hormone?

Turmeric in chest scuplting cream blocks estrogen sensitive breast tissue

Turmeric can cause the breast tissue to become less sensitive to estrogen. This is done by blocking the estrogen receptors that are in the cells. That can in many cases be effective to eventually make the men’s breasts disappear. The effect of turmeric is extremely strong. So much so that it not only matches the effect of tamoxifen (an anti-estrogen drug), but also surpasses it.

Of course, it is a natural vegetable product. Turmeric, with its active substance curcumin, will therefore not cause the necessary inconvenience as medicines such as tamoxifen do. In addition, it will also not harm the liver such as tamoxifen, on the contrary. Turmeric is a strong way to cleanse or detoxify the liver.

Body sculpting cream remedy men’s breasts in different ways

Blocking estrogen in the breast tissue that is sensitive to it is not the only thing that turmeric will do. In addition, it is known as an anti-inflammatory agent. This means that when problems arise, testosterone is converted into estrogen. The herb will address the inflammation that gives rise to it. And in this way will ensure that the conversion of testosterone to estrogen is no longer so easy.

In addition, the imbalance of the hormones may also have to do with a slight insulin resistance. By using the herb turmeric we can increase this sensitivity to insulin. By improving insulin sensitivity, testosterone will also increase and less estrogen can be produced. This again lowers the chance of developing male breasts.

Turmeric will also help to ensure that arteriosclerosis is tackled. Arteriosclerosis is when excess cholesterol starts to attach itself to the walls of our blood vessels. This causes an obstruction of the blood circulation.

Turmeric as best body sculpting cream for bodybuilders

Bodybuilders who suffer from male breasts due to the use of anabolic steroids will also start using turmeric. Because it is just as strong as the drug tamoxifen, and does not contain its side effects. Tamoxifen causes damage to the liver. Damage has already been made through the use of steroids. Thanks to turmeric they can then remedy their men’s breasts and detoxify the liver.

A supplement of turmeric (curcumin) can be used in a high dose or average dose. On the basis of the seriousness of the male breasts, a supplement with high amounts of curcumin or average amounts of curcumin can then be chosen .


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