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How To Hide Male Breast With Gynecomastia Vest

Do you need to minimize the appearance of your breasts so you can wear a specific outfit, avoid unwanted attention, or be in a gender transition? In such cases, securing the breasts, healthily and safely, maybe the solution so sought after.

Gynecomastia Vest Type 1 – Compression Belt

Find out where to buy a gynecomastia belt. Several companies produce specific straps for transsexual men. You can also search for belts used in social networking groups in case someone has an unhelpful at home. The braces serve both transsexual men and men who suffer from gynecomastia. Look for specific products.

If you can not afford a brace, look for programs that can help you find one at lower prices or at no cost. Know, however, that programs are typically geared toward helping low-income transgender men during the gender transition. Choose the right size for the ribbon. If you know what size bra you wear, let the salesperson know when to look for a bra. If you go shopping on the internet, look for a measurement or conversion table on the website.

Using the correct size is essential. The belt will not be comfortable to use, but it should still be possible to breathe safely when using it. You should never feel tightness in your chest that you can not breathe. Choose from a long or short strap. The shorter straps end at the waist just below the breasts. The long straps extend beyond the waist, usually ending near the navel.

Longer belts often wind up and may require adjustments, while shorter belts tend to keep the shape more quickly. If the belt wraps up, it will be visible underneath the clothing. Combat this problem by folding the tip of the strap in.
The length of the strap will depend on your body type and the desired comfort. If you have a wide body, a long strap may be the best option, for example. Insert the tape. The placement is different from ordinary and sporting bras. To begin:

β€’ Turn the strap inside out and upside down.
β€’ Put the strap through your feet and pull it up to the waist.
β€’ Use the sleeves of the shoulders to turn the belt up.
β€’ Put your arms inside the sleeves.
β€’ Pull the bottom of the strap, leaving it straight. Some people prefer to leave it folded inward to prevent it from rolling up.

Adjust the chest to fit the belt. After wearing the brace for the first time, you will realize that it seems to have a single breast. Several adjustments can be made to fit the breasts:

β€’ Separate the breasts from each other to create a flatter appearance. Place your hand inside the brace and push the breasts in the directions of the arms.
β€’ Push your breasts down. Place your hand inside the brace and press the breasts down to make them flatter.
β€’ Cut or modify the strap to prevent lumps or skin irritations. The brace may be too long or may get too close to the armpit, irritating the skin. With some basic sewing materials, you can solve the problem.
β€’ You can add velcro, lycra or some other fabric to the strap to make it more comfortable. For example, if the underside of the strap is too tight, but the rest is fine, a velcro may be sufficient to solve the problem.

Try a few tricks to increase the effectiveness and comfort of the treadmill. For some people, the brace may not be enough, especially for those who have very large breasts. In other cases, it may be too uncomfortable. Some tips:

β€’ Wear a T-shirt under the belt. It will increase comfort and prevent the strap from moving through your torso.
β€’ Use several layers of clothing to create a less “disgusted” look. Wider clothes help disguise the bust.
β€’ Look in the mirror to get a real idea of the size of the breasts. When you look at them from above, they look more prominent. Adjust the appearance according to what you see in the mirror.
β€’ Walk, bend, sit and jump at the time to try the tape. It can look good when standing still, but it can cause discomfort when moving.
β€’ Pass baby powder or mastic on the body before putting on the dressing to absorb moisture and sweat. Some fabrics are non-breathable and cause you to sweat excessively. Mason and infant powder can prevent skin irritations.

Keep yourself safe when using the tape. It is essential to use the strap safely to protect your body from permanent health problems. Too tight a strap can impair breathing, break ribs, damage breast tissue, or cause fluid accumulation in the trunk.

β€’ Do not use the strap for more than eight straight hours. When you use it for prolonged periods, you run the risk of getting hurt.
β€’ Holding the breasts is a short-term solution. Repeating the process for a long time can damage the tissues. If you want to decrease the appearance of your breasts, look for safer options for the long term.
β€’ Never sleep with your breasts pinned. Using the strap at night can cause breathing problems and skin irritations.
β€’ Do not put dressings or tape on top of the tape. Never use bandages or masking tape to flatten the breasts, as doing so restricts movements and the entry of oxygen into the body.

Gynecomastia Vest Type 2 – Mens Compression Vest

Find a right compression vest. A just vest will also work well to flatten the breasts. For an extra effect, try a model one size smaller than ordinary; the important thing, however, is not to use a bra that causes pain or impairs breathing.

β€’ When working on the vest, take a deep breath and see if it is not damaging your ability to breathe.
β€’ As you try on the bra, jump, sit, walk and curve your body to get a better idea of how it will behave when you are on the go. The feeling should be the same whether you are standing or walking.
β€’ Look for vest made of stretchy materials, like Lycra, which keeps the shape even stretched.
β€’ Do not wear the vest for too long, especially tight ones. The general rule at the time of holding the breasts is to stay at a maximum of eight hours with the chest tight.

Put on a second compression vest. If the first one does not have the expected result, put two to tighten the breasts better. Try it:

β€’ Put the first bra usually and the second from back to front.
β€’ One size was more significant for the second vest. If it is difficult to fit, buy a larger size and take the test.

Always remember when holding your breasts. With either method, safety is essential: holding the breasts too long or holding them too long can cause permanent tissue problems, breathing problems, and physical injuries.

β€’ Do not wear elastic bandages over the sports bra. The dressings can trap the breasts too much, causing damage to the breast tissues, lungs, and ribs.
β€’ Do not wear a sports bra to sleep.
β€’ Hold your breasts for a maximum of eight hours in a row.
β€’ Make a professional measurement when buying a bra. Talk to a salesperson to find the ideal bra.

Gynecomastia Vest Type 3 – Chest Binder Bands

Put the abdominal band on the chest. Wrap it so that the Velcro fold is under one of your arms. The abdominal bands help to compress the belly region to improve blood circulation during exercise. They also serve to sharpen the silhouette.

Cut the strip according to the size of your breasts. If the strip is too long, cut the tip without Velcro using sharp scissors. It is better to cut the brace than to go around with it because doing so will create the opposite effect. If the band is nudging your arms, cut the corners of it, making gentle curves.

Use moisturizers and powders to reduce irritation. Neoprene bands can cause skin irritation and a buildup of moisture in the breasts. Sprinkle some infant powder on the skin before putting the strip to absorb excess moisture. When removing the strip, apply moisturizing lotion to the skin to prevent dryness. Do not use talc and moisturizer at the same time . By combining the products, you can create a folder that will cause even more hassle. In addition, you can damage the track.

Remember the safety of using an abdominal breast. When securing the breasts, security is very important to avoid permanent damage. Too tight a band can hinder breathing, break ribs, damage breast tissues, and cause accumulation of fluid in the chest.

β€’ Do not use the strip for more than eight hours. In doing so, you run the risk of damaging the oxygen in the body and causing bruising.
β€’ Never sleep with the abdominal band.
β€’ Do not put bandages or duct tape over the strip. In fact, never use masking tape or bandages to flatten your breasts. Such techniques restrict the movement and entry of oxygen into the body.

Alternative Methods To Gynecomastia Vest

Put on some T-shirts. If you’ve already pinned your breasts using some of the above methods, the layers of t-shirts can end the look. If you have nothing to tie your breasts too, wear a tight T-shirt underneath a few larger pieces to flatten your breasts. Wear clothes that look at attention from your breasts or make them look smaller.

β€’ Wear clothes with drawings or colors that take the eyes of others from your chest. T-shirts with design and fabric patterns (such as flannel) may emphasize the fact that there is something beneath them, while more irregular patterns such as camouflage will erase necklines and make them harder to see. Depending on the model, a T-shirt with the name or logo of the brand right in the middle of the chest can make your bust become more attractive. Details that cover the entire shirt are rigid and will make your breasts look smaller. Dark T-shirts cause the same effect.
β€’ Wear scarves, vests, and ties. These accessories help cover your breasts and distract others.
β€’ Wear clothes with pockets on the chest. Pockets can draw attention to themselves by looking away from their breasts.
β€’ This is even more effective if the shirt is more loose.

Wear a sweatshirt. The sweatshirt is usually quite loose. Wear a tight T-shirt under the sweatshirt and your breasts will be quite hidden.

Wear sports compression garments. Such pieces are used to improve blood circulation during sports and to relieve muscle tension after exercise. Look for them at sporting goods stores.

β€’ The same effect can be achieved by wearing a swimming suit. To obtain the same level of flattening, you need to wear a few smaller clothes. Cut sleeves to relieve pressure at the ends.


β€’ Losing weight can reduce the size of the breasts and ease the whole situation.
β€’ Cough after removing the compression strap to remove air accumulation in the compressed lungs.
β€’ Wear many t-shirts to flatten your breasts.


β€’ Never pinch the breasts with adhesive tape. The tape is not manufactured for use on the skin and will impair breathing.
β€’ Do not pinch your breasts for more than eight hours. In the beginning, try to hold them for even less time, gradually increasing the duration until it is eight o’clock.
β€’ Never sleep with your pinned breasts. Although gynecomastia straps are much safer than elastic bandages, you should not sleep using them yet. You will not be able to feel the discomfort coming, and you may not be able to breathe correctly.
β€’ Never pinch your breasts with an elastic bandage. The physical contracts as you breathe, tightening the rib cage, which can break the ribs or cause permanent damage to the lungs. Such problems can prevent her from holding the breasts in the future or surgically removing them.
β€’ It is believed that holding the breasts regularly decreases the density of the breast tissue, leaving the smaller and more sagging breasts. Look for long-term solutions by talking to a health professional, especially if you are in gender transition. Daily use of the brace for a few months may already permanently change the shape of your breasts.
β€’ Even the safest methods of attaching the breasts, gynecomastia braces, and sports bras, can harm when misused. Listen to your body: when you feel pain, stop!
β€’ Use gynecomastia creams like Gynexol to make it easy and simple for you to eliminate man boobs.
β€’ No detailed study associates breast is tightening with breast cancer; the process can create bumps that, however benign, can cause unnecessary health problems.


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David Dadson is a health and fitness enthusiast and trainer who has been helping people fight their obesity, fitness and gynecomastia related issues since 2012.

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david dadson

David Dadson is a health and fitness enthusiast and trainer who has been helping people fight their obesity, fitness and gynecomastia related issuesΒ  since 2012.

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