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Options For Gynecomastia Cure With Liposuction & Medicine

The man has a scarce and atrophied breast tissue that does not exert any function, so the male breast usually does not develop. But in some cases there is an abnormal growth in the chest of the man, causing aesthetic problems and self-esteem, seeing a torso far from the ideal of the male body. According to a study, 40% of men are affected in some way by this problem.

For a correct treatment, it is essential to differentiate between Gynecomastia (produced by a development of the mammary gland due to hormonal imbalances) and adipomastia (generated by an excess of fat in the breast tissue). For this, it is essential to perform a clinical examination.

How To Cure Gynecomastia With Medicine

The Gynecomastia is an abnormal breast growth in men due to an imbalance between estrogen (female sex hormones) and androgens (male sex hormones). For various reasons, there is a decrease in androgen levels and an increase in estrogen levels in man. This hormonal imbalance causes the mammary gland to develop excessively, producing hypertrophy or enlargement of the breasts in a man.

This increase in the mammary gland in man can be unilateral (affects only one breast) or bilateral (affects both). Generally, this growth occurs symmetrically, sinus size increasing concentrically from the nipple, but there may also be cases of asymmetry, changing differently to both breasts. In some instances, gynecomastia produces pain and mammary hypersensitivity.

The adipomastia , also known as pseudo-gynecomastia, is an abnormal breast growth in men due to an accumulation of fat in the breast tissue, without the glandular tissue develops. This case is typical in obese men.

Options For Gynecomastia Natural Cure

If the origin of gynecomastia is due to endocrine disease or a drug, it is usually sufficient to treat the underlying cause or withdraw the suspected drug. In cases of gynecomastia in adolescents, it is convenient to wait until hormonal levels are regulated. In the case of presenting an adipomastia, it is necessary to follow an adequate diet and perform a physical exercise to try to reduce the levels of fat present in the chest. However, if the problem does not subside or is insufficient, it must be resolved with simple liposuction or surgery.

How to cure man boobs with liposuction

When there is a predominance of fatty tissue (pseudo-gynecomastia), simple liposuction is usually used to reduce volume. A small incision is usually made in the anterior axillary, axillary or inframammary line at the level of the pseudo-sulcus. Through this, a small cannula connected to a suction pump through which the fat is aspirated is introduced.

How Can Gynecomastia Be Cured Naturally

When there is a breast augmentation due to glandular hypertrophy, alone or together with fatty mammary tissue, it is recommended to perform a breast surgery to remove the epithelial tissue of the breasts and remove excess fat and skin. The incision is made by the areola, in the shape of a half moon. In cases that present accumulation of fat, it is accompanied by little liposuction in the affected area.

It is a straightforward surgical procedure and lasts between an hour and a half and two hours. Generally, it does not require hospital admission, although it requires rest during the first days. One week after the intervention you can return to the usual routine, avoiding large efforts. The postoperative period needs wearing a compression belt during the first month.

Gynecomastia and adipomastia, in addition to causing aesthetic deformities in the chest of the man, cause psychological alterations in the patient, but fortunately, there are simple treatments to return to have a regular appearance of the male thorax. Consult without a commitment to our specialists in breast surgery.

Best Cure For Man Breast

There are various ways to cure your gynecomastia condition, but herbal supplements are always the better option to deal with it. If you want to find out which is the best supplement, you can click here to check out the review page.





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