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3 Easy & Fastest Way To Lose Man Boobs

Male breasts come from excess fat or glandular tissue on a man’s chest. The medical name of this condition, especially if there are enlarged mammary glands, is gynecomastia. This condition can cause a lot of stress and social discomfort to the men suffering from it. If you also have gynecomastia, read this article to find out how to control it or how to get rid of it.

Quickest Way To Lose Man Boobs #1

1 Reduces visibility in the short term. Buy a tank shirt that looks like a regular shirt but works like a corset. Some sites also sell Chest FX, which is currently best in this area available online.

2 Look at your clothing size. Maybe you don’t currently have the time or money to tackle your gynecomastia permanently. If so, the best solution is to hide it slightly by wearing slightly larger shirts. If you have huge breasts, it doesn’t work, but in most cases wearing a wider shirt is an acceptable short-term solution if, for example, you have a reunion or something else where you have to move between people.

Start by looking at the size of the shirts you have now. You probably know your size, Measure the circumference of your neck with a tape measure. The waist size is usually shown in centimetres or inches. Remember your waist size when shopping. The size of the collar is generally convertible into a dress and goes as follows:

14-15 “/ 35-38 cm: Small
15-16 “/ 38-40 cm: Medium
16-17 “/ 40-43 cm: Large
17-18 “/ 43-45 cm: Extra Large
18-19 “/ 45-48 cm: Extra Extra Large
More than 19 “/ 48 cm: 3XL,
Or special sizes available only in specialized stores.

Also, measure your waist circumference (over your stomach) and the height of your torso. If one of the two numbers is high, you may need clothes for long or fat people in particular. There are special stores (“Big & High stores”) where you can get these types of clothes, but also some big chains sell those kinds of clothes.

3 Buy a shirt with a collar. Choose something that suits you well. The sleeves should be fairly loose, and they should be large enough for easy closure, even if you do not close it. Avoid `work shirts` (those plastic-covered shirts that you can buy at supermarkets and other large chain stores, for example). It is not suitable for wearing and is slightly longer at the back so you can put it in your pants, but looks weird if you don’t put it in your pants. Do not wear shirts with bright prints or striking patterns such as flames, dice or skulls. (The deadheads with flaming dice eyes may be entertaining as a concept, but they have been tough for years.) These shirts don’t make you Hipper unless you wear it, but then you don’t have to buy it either since you already.

Try different colors and patterns and see what suits you. Silk and other soft fabrics will not hide your male breasts – you should wear better stiffeners. But she or something that looks like it is at your own risk. Consider gingham, Scottish checkers, checkered prints, or Hawaiian shirts, choosing something that suits you and doesn’t curse the rest of your wardrobe. 4 Wear your shirt. Don’t knot it, don’t put it in your pants and wear it over a T-shirt. (The T-shirt can be put in your pants or let loose, whatever you want.) The shirt hides you from gynecomastia so that you can participate undisturbed in social activities. If only a shirt is not satisfactory, consider tying your chest. Although it can be uncomfortable, it is an effective way to get rid of your breasts, with a linen bandage or similar lightweight material. By combining binding and wearing a shirt, even serious cases of gynecomastia can be temporarily hidden.

Best Exercises To Lose Man Boobs

1 Start losing weight. If you are overweight and suffer from male breasts, the most practical long-term solution is fat burning and losing weight. Once you start to fall, you lose fat everywhere, even on your chest. It is no guarantee that this will be the gynecomastia, especially if it appears to be a glandular tissue problem rather than a big problem, but it is a lot cheaper than the next solution and anyway you will be a lot safer. feel about yourself.

2 Make a plan. Weight gain and loss are usually caused by calorie intake. If you burn more calories in a day than you eat through food and drink, you will lose weight (and vice versa). It means that every successful weight loss plan should be a combination of a healthy, controlled diet and a lot of exercises. Live sports, such as running, swimming and martial arts, burn more calories per hour than, for example, power training. On the other hand, power training offers strong muscles and the more muscular you are, the faster your calories burn, especially if you are doing cardio training. So make sure you have a combination of cardio and strength training in your plan. Forget about losing weight. Bank prints, prints and similar exercises won’t let you lose fat on your chest. You only lose fat if you burn more calories than you eat and drink. If you concentrate on losing more calories than taking in, the rest will go automatically. Eat varied. The moment you control and reduce your calorie intake, the likelihood of your diet becoming one-sided. The less energy you can get from the food, the more important it is to eat enough nutrients. You can search the internet for the recommended daily amounts of nutrients and adjust your diet accordingly. You can also make an appointment with a dietician to get a customized diet plan

3 Follow your plan. Do not deviate from the routine you have planned yourself. Bad habits suddenly occur, but to make a healthy lifestyle can take several months. Be rigorous to yourself and continue in the difficult initial period, as long as your new lifestyle becomes your second nature. If you become fatter and slimmer, your excess fat will melt, and your breast size will also decrease, which will increase your confidence. Patience. It takes time to get fit. There are no healthy shortcuts. Crash diets lead to a yo-yo effect, so do not opt for short-term solutions; it will probably be worse than it was initially. Work with yourself. It is important that you are strictly against yourself and not deviate from your diet and training schedule. If that happens, don’t get discouraged and don’t give up. Instead, you swear to yourself that it never happens again and you continue where you left off.

Lose Man Boobs Fast With Surgery

1 Consider an operation The most effective and permanent way to get rid of your gynecomastia is through cosmetic (plastic) surgery. In the medical world, surgery to remove male breasts is called mammoplasty. A surgeon cuts open the breast, examines it and removes excess tissue. Unfortunately, gynecomastia is not a life-threatening condition, so the surgery is often not covered by the insurance. Count on about 3500 euros that you have to pay yourself. Contact your doctor or a specialist for the exact amounts.

2 Know the risks. An operation is the only solution for many men with gynecomastia. However, it is important to realize that a breast reduction operation in men, like all operations, poses a risk. Discuss these risks beforehand with a specialist and make sure you know exactly what complications can occur during and after surgery. Follow all the advice the surgeon gives you to reduce the risk.

3 Let yourself work. First, you will become , and then one of the treatments will happen below. Liposuction: If the source of the gynecomastia is predominantly adipose tissue, liposuction is performed to remove the adipose tissue and reduce breast size. Excretion: If the cause of the disease is the glandular tissue, the excess tissue is surgically cut off.

4 Repair and relax. Restoring a breast reduction surgery usually takes a while. The wounds should heal and excess moisture should disappear. However, this operation is not so intense that you have to stay in hospital. The surgeon gives you specific instructions for home repairs. Follow these instructions carefully. You will probably have permanent lesions left over from surgery, especially at the bottom of the chest area. You can also consider gynecomastia supplements like Gynectrol capsules for more effective results.

Vital Tip To Follow To Support Lose Man Boobs

Drink less alcohol. Alcohol can cause a lower testosterone level and a higher estrogen level. Alcohol indirectly ensures the maintenance or reduction of male breasts.


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David Dadson is a health and fitness enthusiast and trainer who has been helping people fight their obesity, fitness and gynecomastia related issues since 2012.

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