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Intervention & Recommendations After Surgery By Best Gynecomastia Surgeon

Like the woman, the man has two mammary glands under the nipples. The swelling of these glands in men, a hypertrophy of the chest, is called gynecomastia. The excessive development of this part of the body is a source of complex and this phenomenon can be complicated to live. To remedy this abnormality of breast enlargement in men, a surgery called gynecomastia cure is sometimes the only solution.

Classifications Made By Best Gynecomastia Surgeon

There are indeed many cases when talking about gynecomastia. Let’s see the different possibilities together.

Unilateral or bilateral

Unilateral gynecomastia in humans is a different pathology and is often the subject of further investigation to understand this asymmetry. Corrections are therefore most often made for bilateral gynecomastia.

Dendritic, nodular or diffuse

In radiology, three forms exist. Nodular gynecomastia is homogeneous and well defined, the dendritic is under a mass of triangular shape. The diffuse type, as the name suggests, is not set.

Glandular or greasy (adipomastia)

The specialist must determine if the cause of the development of the breast is of greasy origin, for example, because of the overweight, or if it is of glandular nature.

Best Gynecomastia Surgeon Informs You About Your Condition

We can ask all the questions we want and look for answers on the internet; nothing should replace a diagnosis made by a doctor.

Balance Sheet Preparation By Gynecomastia Surgeon

The specialist examines the swelling by palpating it and watching whether a liquid is flowing or not. The testicles and the thyroid gland are usually also checked. A consultation with an endocrinologist is necessary to rule out a hormonal imbalance. Sometimes additional tests such as a breast ultrasound or x-ray may be required.

Who is it for?

All age groups can be affected by gynecomastia. However, newborns, teenagers and overweight or under-treated adult men are the most concerned.

Teenagers: puberty in boys
The hormonal changes caused by youth can create so-called typical or physiological gynecomastia in adolescents. Puberty gynecomastia lasts between 6 months and two years.

The adult man
Breast swelling in adults can occur especially after 50 years. Also, men who follow specific treatments are more prone to gynecomastia.

Children: babies
In babies, gynecomastia is considered normal. More than 80% of babies transient swelling.

Results Guaranteed By Best Gynecomastia Surgeon

The result is visible immediately, but it is necessary to wait until the end of the final result, about three months later.
The scars are apparent the first time and will fade after a few months.
Male gynecomastia has definite visual improvement and physical comfort to patients.

Interventions By Best Gynecomastia Surgeon

The operation lasts between 1 and 2 hours, and general anaesthesia is often recommended. Returning home can sometimes be done during the day. Otherwise, a short hospitalisation is required.

The gynecomastia cure consists of removal of the mammary gland through an incision on the lower part of the areola. The second part of the intervention aims to eliminate excess skin in case of excess skin. Finally, liposuction of the breast is often necessary to harmonise the result. Drains are put in place at the end of the procedure. Do you still have some time in front of you? We offer you everything about cosmetic surgeries in general!

Recommendations By Best Gynecomastia Surgeon

After this mammary reduction of the man, it is recommended to avoid as much as possible the vertical movements. The sport can be resumed quietly after about four weeks. The pains felt are moderate and classic analgesics are enough to calm them down. You should also avoid sleeping on your stomach for the first weeks.

Bodybuilding is a sport, and as mentioned above, inner work should be stopped for a minimum of 1 month after an intervention that treats gynecomastia or adipomastia. The doctor will give the green light for the resumption of this activity.

Creams can be used daily after showers and before refitting the compression vest. It will, however, be necessary to wait between 4 and seven days to take the first shower and one month for the first bath. Find out my recommended, Gynexol, gynecomastia cream.

Speaking of supplements, some are also used as a treatment against gynecomastia. They act directly on the fat mass to reduce it. Some of them can stabilise the level of testosterone and thus restore a balance of hormones. Read out my review for Gynexin pills, best gynecomastia supplement.

The compression vest
The compression vest must be worn after surgery for one month, days and nights. By exerting pressure on this zone, one avoids a swelling too prominent.

Natural treatment
Natural solutions exist to treat gynecomastia. Foods like turmeric, fish or green tea reduce the volume of breasts. Some foods are more abundant in estrogen than others and can increase the size of the chest. Some physical exercises are also useful if gynecomastia comes from being overweight.

In conclusion

Finally, it is essential to understand that the only person who can diagnose gynecomastia or adipomastia is a specialist. It is essential to consult and not to diagnose oneself. The checkup and hormonal assessment to find the cause of the swelling are essential before starting a treatment or a surgical procedure. Finally, cosmetic surgery offers a multitude of operations to sublimate different parts of the body, such as the decrease of the ankles. The following OMB’s surgery page will give you complete information about gynecomastia surgery and risks associated with it.


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