Ways to lose man boobs


Gynecomastia is turning to a very common issue in most men these days but its not easy for everyone to invest their money in treatments like supplements, gynecomastia creams and surgery. Therefore most of them usually prefer to find a home-based solution to reduce man boobs naturally. Male breast enlargement commonly occur due to hormonal imbalance but sometimes it is due to puberty. If your condition is not serious than it is sure that you will be successful in eliminating man boobs through home remedies. Here in this article we are going to find out 10 natural ways to eliminate man boobs without investing a penny.


Improve your eating habit

Improve your eating habit


Your eating habit also plays an important role in enlarging your male breast. There are some common foods that are regularly included in our daily diet and we love to eat them. But these foods contain excess amount of estrogen that is responsible for increasing the size of male breast. Check out our article to know foods that contain estrogen.


If you want to eliminate your man boobs naturally, the first step is to remove these foods from your diet list and add foods that help in enhancing metabolism to burn down fatty tissues. These foods include fish, ginger, green tea, wheat bran, turmeric, eggs, milk thistle, cabbage, dandelion, ricotta cheese, Epsom salt, coconut, passion flower, shrimp, cordyceps, garlic, flaxseeds and pumpkin seeds.


Include Zinc In Your Diet

Include Zinc In Your Diet


Zinc is commonly referred as libido booster but it not only what it does. Zinc helps in stimulating the testosterone production. Testosterones are male hormones that boost manhood and is also responsible for burning fat in the chest area, reducing the male breast size. Though you can find zinc in the form of supplement but seafood like lobsters also contains zinc in them in high potency.


Avoid Sugar Consumption

Avoid Sugar


Sugar is an important ingredient in our daily diet. Limited consumption of sugar is ok but things get worse when you cross the limit. Sugar stimulates the production of insulin that restricts the production of testosterones. To regulate your sugar consumtion, replace foods like soda, grains, cereals and pasta with vegetables or healthy fats.


Cold Compression

Cold Compression


Mostly man boobs don’t create any pain but in some cases it does and this pain is intolerant. To avoid this pain you need to soothe your nerve cells through cold compress. For this you need to wrap some ice cubes in a napkin or towel and compress your affected area. Remember not to compress with ice cubes directly.


Avoid taking stress

avoid stress


We all know that how stress plays with our health. But stress also affects your male breast. While we are in stress, our body increases the level of cortisol that is responsible for decreasing the testosterone level and we all know how much testosterone is important for us. Therefore to maintain your testosterone level, it is important to avoid taking stress. Have balanced diet, do regular exercises and have enough sleep to avoid stress.


Eat more vegetables and fruits

vegetables and fruits


As I referred it in first point that your diet plays an important role your male breast reduction goal, it is important to include more and more vegetables and fruits in your diet. Vegetables and fruits are rich in fiber and filled with vitamins and minerals. Fiber helps in burning chest fat and so are vitamins and minerals. Fruits and veggies like tomato, celery, spinach, papaya, apple and berries are best gynecomastia vegetables and fruits.


Routine Exercises

Gynecomastia Exercises


No matter what health condition are you facing, there is an exercise for each of them. Exercises are the only technique that are found in solution list of all health problems. As we all know that exercise helps in boosting metabolic process and burning the body fat, there are some specialized chest exercises that are effective in burning the chest fat, ultimately reducing your male breast. Pull ups, pushups, squats and crunches are some common chest exercises effective in eliminating man boobs. 20 minutes in a day, 4 times in a week is enough for you to attack gynecomastia.


Be active in your daily routine

Active routine


Don’t limit yourself due to your enlarged man boobs, be what you are. Most people avoid getting out for extra curriculum activities due to being embarrassed. But it is better to remove that embarrassment from your mind and engage yourself in activities like swimming, cycling, rowing and other outdoor sports. These sports will make your physically active, boosting your metabolism and burning your fat.


Avoid alcohol and drugs

alcohol and drugs


As we know that drugs and alcohol slowdowns our metabolic process, affecting our body to burn excess fat. Excess or regular consumption of alcohol affect our liver by restricting its functionality. Due to this, fatty tissues get space to accommodate in our body increasing the chances to developing male breast.


Wear wisely

Wear wisely


Most men think that wearing tight outfits with compress their male breast and unnoticeable to others but there is no reality in this conception. No outfit can reduce your male breast size rather due to tight outfits, your man boobs capture the attention of others. It is advised to wear lose and dark color outfit that will make your male breast not getting in notice to others. You can also wear tight inner wear and then lose outfit.