If you have read my article on how to cure gynecomastia you will naturally have seen that the root of the problem is a testosterone deficiency and a high level of estrogen. Therefore, the best supplements for male breasts come to be those that contribute to raising your male hormone levels.

In this article you will find the ones that I have tried and I have seen that they really work. Everything here starts from my own experience and I put it to your knowledge in this article, so enjoy it.

Fish Oil pills for male breast reduction

One of my favorites. The one I take is the cod liver oil, which has proven to be a great ally for any man whose goal is to get rid of gynecomastia, because it has the great ability to increase testosterone levels due to several reasons:

Higher concentration of Omega 3 vs Omega 6. It will help you reestablish the balance of your organism which may have been broken by an excessive diet in vegetable oils, processed products, soy, etc.
It is a wonder to increase luteinizing hormone, which helps your body make testosterone optimally.
Cod liver oil as a supplement is a great ally against insulin resistance. Therefore, it will help you to produce your male hormone more effectively.
These are the three main reasons why fish oil is an excellent supplement for gynecomastia, besides not being so expensive.

Boron male breast reduction supplements

This is a supplement that most people do not know but that works wonders. Very few are those who use it, but thanks to this article you now know of its existence. There are many studies that demonstrate the positive and surprising effects of this rare mineral on testosterone levels:

In this study – one of the most compelling – we see how the study subjects were supplied with a load of 10 mg of boron per day. At the end of the study it was possible to see that there was a 28% increase in free testosterone and a radical decrease of 39% in free estrogen levels.
In this other study we see how the subjects obtained an increase of 29.5% in free testosterone with a daily dose of 6m of boron. A percentage very similar to the first study but with a lower dose.

Personally I only limit myself to take 3mg of boron per day. The problem with this mineral is that in large quantities it can be toxic and therefore counterproductive. With a daily load of 3mg you get most of the results and completely distance yourself from the possibility of intoxicating with this compound.

Another great point in Boro’s favor is that it is very cheap. Seriously, you can buy an entire year’s supply for around $ 25 dollars. If you want to feel much better then this is the supplement that you must acquire, it will help you a lot in your goals and I tell you from my own experience, because since I started supplementing with boron, my life has not been the same but THOUSAND TIMES better.

Ashwagandha medication to reduce male breast tissue

The Ashwagandha is another supplement with proven beneficial effects. It is traditionally used in Indian medicine, but now we will use it to help you increase your testosterone levels and eliminate those male boobs.

One of the most curious things about this supplement is that it is defined as an adaptogen. That is, it helps the person to recover a psychological and hormonal balance when it is lost.

You see it? That is why it is very good to supplement with Ashwagandha, because it helps your body recover lost hormone balance, therefore increasing testosterone levels and reducing estrogen levels.

One of the most compelling studies on this supplement is the following. Here we see how the study subjects were given 300mg of Ashwagandha type KSM-66 daily for 60 days. The results were that the subjects experienced a 27% reduction in their cortisol levels, and as we have seen in this article, cortisol is a lethal enemy to your testosterone.

Male breast reduction treatment without surgery

As well as that study there are many others. This article is more than a summary of the three supplements, because for each one I have a specially dedicated article, so you can understand more about its benefits, all supported by firm studies and my own experience.

Uniting Everything: The Three Musketeers Against Gynecomastia.
Now it’s time to unite everything. These three supplements, plus a good diet and a good exercise plan, are more than enough to eliminate excess fat in your chest.

These three musketeers against gynecomastia will be of great help only if you enjoy a good diet and exercise regularly because they are just that: an extra help. Supplements alone will not be able to repair the damage perpetrated by a diet full of processed foods and a sedentary lifestyle.

Supplements for removing male breast tissue

It is vital that you understand this to avoid frustrations and spend money in vain. If you are not determined to change the way you feed and train because the effect of these supplements in the best case will be minimal, but most likely is null.

Therefore, I invite you in the first place to put your diet and exercise plan in order so that you can obtain the maximum benefits of these valuable supplements.

This has been all for this delivery. As you see these 3 supplements can be a formidable help, so I recommend buying and testing them. I have a great time and I am sure that if you follow a good diet like the one I recommend and an excellent exercise plan, you can also enjoy the same benefits as me.