The question that I often ask is how often you should train the chest muscles a week.

To answer that question, I fall back on my experience as a bodybuilder.

You have different options to begin with.

You can train the chest muscles once, twice or three times a week. But the optimal frequency depends mainly on what your goals are.

Do you want a strong chest? Do you want broad and well-filled chest muscles like Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Are you a beginner in the field of bodybuilding or an experienced rot?

These are important questions that you need to answer for yourself before applying a particular breast training frequency.

It is also important to mention that your muscles need time to recover.

Chest Exercise # 1: Benchpress

Bench press, or bench press, is indispensable for every bodybuilder who values ??his chest muscles.

This basic exercise is perhaps the most important exercise for increasing the muscle mass of the chest muscles.

The bench press is also an important compound exercise. In addition to the chest muscles, the triceps and front shoulder heads are also addressed.

Although it is a very popular exercise, both beginners and experienced bodybuilders, mistakes are often made when carrying out the bench press.

Chest Exercise # 2: Incline Benchpress

Slanted bench presses , also called incline benchpress , is a variation on normal bench presses.

This breast exercise focuses more on developing the upper part of your pectoral muscles (upper pecs). This chest exercise is also a compound exercise where you also address other muscle groups.

Because of the bank’s sloping angle (30 to max. 45 degrees) this chest exercise puts less pressure on your rotator cuff (rotator cuff), which often causes injuries when using the flat bench.

There is, however, a small disadvantage with this incline chest exercise if it is not applied properly.

Chest Exercise # 3: Dumbbell Fly

Another good chest exercise is the dumbbell flyes .

The dumbbell flyes is a typical isolation exercise that only appeals to the chest muscles. This exercise can be performed in different ways.

You can perform it with the arms at a 90 degree angle. This ensures that the exercise is less heavy to perform.

The elbows slightly bent is the normal position when performing the dumbbell fly.

Chest exercise # 4: Cable Crossover

The chest muscles can also be perfectly trained by the use of cables.

The cable crossover is a frequently used and effective insulation exercise. The large chest muscle is trained through this exercise. The height of the cables may vary, so that all parts of the chest muscles are trained.

Chest Exercise # 5: Dipping

The chest dip is a compound exercise that appeals to multiple muscle groups. By focusing on the pectoral muscle, you can increase the mass of this considerably.

Experienced bodybuilders will use the dip rack for this exercise, but you can also use a machine for it.


All 5 described chest exercises ensure that the pectoral muscle eventually becomes larger and thicker in diameter.

Varying in different exercises and progressive training (continuing to build with weights) appears to be the key to success.